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Found 5 results

  1. Hai all, I am trying to get the Bandos, Sara and Arma altars in the Godwars dungeon to refil your prayer like the normal altar does. Where about would I add this code? I think I have to put it in Objecthandler.java but where in there do I add it? Please give me the first few lines of code for the altar if you could. Thanks =) Emily x
  2. this is a quick snippet on changing the instant slayer task/full godwars killcount into a spec restore button **sorry its abit messy, i forgot what i replaced the new coding with** >_> server sided- Clickingbuttons.java replace case 107229 with [CODE]case 107229: if (c.inWild()) c.sendMessage("you cannot restore your spec in the wildy"); else if(c.specAmount < 10.0){ if (c.specRestore > 0) return; c.specRestore = 30; c.specAmount = 10.0; c.getItems().addSpecialBar(c.playerEquipment[c.playerWeapon]); c.sendMessage("Your special attack has been restored, only every 30 seconds."); } break;[/CODE] client.java add [codepublic int specRestore = 0;[/code] and also below [code]if(isDead && respawnTimer == -6) { getPA().applyDead(); }[/code] add [code]if(specRestore > 0) { specRestore --; }[/code] so it looks like this [code]if(isDead && respawnTimer == -6) { getPA().applyDead(); } if(specRestore > 0) { specRestore --; }[/code] client sided- rsinterface.java replace the first 2 lines below [code] public static void extraEquipment(RSFont[] TDA) { RSInterface rsi = addInterface(27620);[/code] with [CODE]AddInterfaceButton(27621, 3, "Interfaces/Equipment/BOX", "Restore special", 27640, 1, 40, 39); addTooltip(27640, "Restore Special");[/CODE] and also below [code]addTooltip(27644, "Teleport to Donator Island!"); addText(27624, "Information:", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 2); addSprite(27634, 0, "Interfaces/Options/LINE");[/code] replace the next 4 lines with this [code]addText(27625, "Restore special attack:", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 2); addText(27647, "Restore your special", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 0); addText(27626, "Attack every 30 seconds", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 0); addText(27627, "as long as your not in wildy..", 0xFF981F, false, true, 52, TDA, 0);[/code] and your done, feel free to post any errors
  3. i have the ::spec command and works perfectly. I also wote the spec cmmand n the quest tab. know all i neeed is to get the spec when i click it. please show me a guide bout this? Also would i be able to mke it that players in a specific area could only use this like in a bolean?
  4. Ok so i want to have a spec restore for donors. it can iether be an objecct.(you click it and u gain spec to 100%) an Object Or a button in a quest tab. Also dont let the player get more than 100 spec. Ok yea so if u hav a guide please post. thanks
  5. ::restorehealth I'm trying to set the playeres health to 100 I tried using p.Health but that didin't work. Some help please?