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Found 1 result

  1. The guide to becoming a respected RuneLocus member! Overview I'm not sure if many of you know me but I manage the content team. I have gotten some private messages from members who have just joined and are asking for a lot of power and sway within the community. When I add someone to the content team I'm not just giving them a user rank, what they do reflects the community is a whole. If someone on the content team does something wrong it reflects all of the content team. The only way you get anywhere on Runelocus, scratch that, the only way you get anywhere in life is becoming respected. Do you think that high up people in this world just demanded to be respected, to be trusted? They usually work there way up. They had to show people that people shouldn't have to respect them but what they did was show people that they are an intelligent person and deserve to be respected. In this guide I'm going to give you a few tips on how you too can become a respected member of the Runelocus community. Show That You Care One of the most important factors of becoming a respected member is showing that you care about other members. Do you think that people get real, genuine respect by trolling people and being disrespectful? If you didn't know this already they don't; you're going to get no where in life by being disrespectful. The more you show people you care about them (or in this case the community) the more respected you will be. For instance.. Jimmy2094 creates a thread asking for help, his question goes the following "How do I create a RSPS?" Now the question is silly as if he would of looked around he probably would of found 20+ threads that outline the process but you can gain the respect of him by creating a nice response and maybe giving him some links to get him started. I see to many members on here being mean and calling him all kinds of names and what not. That's not how you gain respect, if you want to be respected you must treat others with respect as well. Be Active Sure you can show people that you care, but if you log on once every month and post once or twice people aren't going to remember you. In order to become a respected member of the community I'd recommend making at least ten posts a day. This is so members get to see you around the community. The more people see you the more they'll respect you as they realize you're active. The second part of being active is to engage with other members, respond to threads they create, create new threads asking what other people think of a topic. For instance here is some examples. Good thread titles Whats your view on global warming? Has anyone listened to that new song xyz What's your favorite game? Bad thread titles Schools dumb, fuck runelocus! That new movie sucked balls I love chicken As you can see all the good thread titles ask questions, they're designed to engage with people. The bad ones make you seem dumb and boring. Be nice We already covered most of this in the section above but I cannot stress how important it is to be nice. There is a fine line between being nice and sucking up to people. We all know that one person that sucks up and is overly nice and people either think they're annoying or they don't get respect. You need to be nice but not suck up to everyone. Did I miss something? If I missed anything feel free to let us know in the comments (engaging line right there, made to engage you, the reader and hopefully it'll get you to post :P)