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Found 17 results

  1. I just got my rune-evo3 server started (singleplayer for now) and I can't get the monsters to respawn. I have tried multiple (bando, corp, nex) and for some reason they just will not respawn after I kill them once. I went into the GeneralGraardor.java and reset his respawn timer to 6 miliseconds, just to see if it would help. It didn't. Any help?
  2. As the title says, Does anyone know how to change the thieving stall respawn times, because atm the gem stall is on a 180 second.. I'm using the dementhium source if that helps, Thanks ;)
  3. hey guys i just got into java coding about two weeks ago so im a complete noob. Okay so I finally found a source I like for my base and I changed a couple things like the shop spawns, the shops content, a few tele coords, and added some commands like ::home, and ::dzone. As i was testing a couple things out i noticed when players rights = 0 you don't respawn after death you disappear for 15 seconds and still have 0 hp when you reappear. Ive searched google for answer but no luck. I even compared the PlayerAssistant.java of my source to another i have downloaded but they are completely different. If someone could help it would be much appreciated! here's the code for death in my PlayerAssistant.java [CODE]public void applyDead() { this.c.respawnTimer = 15; this.c.isDead = false; if (!this.c.inDuelArena() && !CastleWars.playerIsOnGame(this.c)) { // c.killerId = c.getCombat().getKillerId(c.playerId); this.c.killerId = this.findKiller(); final Client o = (Client) PlayerHandler.players[this.c.killerId]; if (o != null) { if (this.c.killerId != this.c.playerId) { if (!this.c.inFunPk()) { o.sendMessage("You do not recieve any PKP in the FunPk area."); } else { o.kills++; o.pkPoints++; o.getQI().interfaceData(); o.sendMessage("You have defeated " + this.c.playerName + "!"); } } } } if (this.c.npcIndex > 0) { NPCHandler.npcs[this.c.npcIndex].killerId = 0; NPCHandler.npcs[this.c.npcIndex].underAttack = false; } if (this.c.prayerActive[21]) { PrayerEffects.appendRetribution(this.c, false); } c.faceUpdate(0); EventManager.getSingleton().addEvent(new Event() { @Override public void execute(EventContainer b) { c.npcIndex = 0; c.playerIndex = 0; b.stop(); } }, 2500); c.stopMovement(); this.c.deaths++; this.c.getQI().interfaceData(); this.c.npcIndex = 0; this.c.playerIndex = 0; if (this.c.familiarID > 0) { this.c.getPA().sendFrame126(":follower:off", -1); } Summoning.dismissFamiliar(this.c, true, true); this.resetDamageDone(); this.c.specAmount = 10; this.c.getItems().addSpecialBar( this.c.playerEquipment[Player.playerWeapon]); this.c.lastVeng = 0; this.c.vengOn = false; this.resetFollowers(); this.c.isSkulled = false; this.c.attackedPlayers.clear(); this.c.headIconPk = -1; this.c.skullTimer = -1; this.requestUpdates(); this.c.attackTimer = 10; this.refreshAll(); this.removeAllWindows(); this.c.tradeResetNeeded = true; } [/CODE]
  4. hello I am a novice coder I've just started a project but I do not I get something made I hope you can help me, I've had a lot of fun with it My problem is that about 20% of the npc spawnd back and no more He also gives an error, but I do not make it I can not this error indicates that at [CODE]at com.rs.game.EntityList.add(EntityList.java:60) at com.rs.game.EntityList.add(EntityList.java:60) at com.rs.game.EntityList.add(EntityList.java:60) at com.rs.game.EntityList.add(EntityList.java:60) at com.rs.game.EntityList.add(EntityList.java:60) at com.rs.game.EntityList.add(EntityList.java:60) at com.rs.game.EntityList.add(EntityList.java:60) at com.rs.game.EntityList.add(EntityList.java:60) at com.rs.game.EntityList.add(EntityList.java:60) at com.rs.game.EntityList.add(EntityList.java:60)[/CODE] more than 100 times when I kill an npc I hope you can help me thanks
  5. Hai everyone, I am trying to make the King Black Dragon Respawn but for some reason it just won't. I am using 667. In World.java I put this in the import section at the top. [CODE]import com.rs.game.npc.dragons.KingBlackDragon;[/CODE] Still in World.java but further on down I also added this: [CODE]else if (id == 50 || id == 2642) n = new KingBlackDragon(id, tile, mapAreaNameHash, canBeAttackFromOutOfArea, spawned);[/CODE] Now I wen to the KingBlackDragon.java file and added this: [CODE]package com.rs.game.npc.dragons; import java.util.List; import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit; import com.rs.cores.CoresManager; import com.rs.game.Animation; import com.rs.game.Entity; import com.rs.game.Graphics; import com.rs.game.Hit; import com.rs.game.Hit.HitLook; import com.rs.game.World; import com.rs.game.WorldTile; import com.rs.game.npc.NPC; import com.rs.game.npc.combat.NPCCombatDefinitions; import com.rs.game.player.Player; import com.rs.game.tasks.WorldTask; import com.rs.game.tasks.WorldTasksManager; import com.rs.utils.Utils; @SuppressWarnings("serial") public final class KingBlackDragon extends NPC { private boolean[] demonPrayer; private int fixedCombatType; private int[] cachedDamage; private int shieldTimer; private int fixedAmount; private int prayerTimer; public KingBlackDragon(int id, WorldTile tile, int mapAreaNameHash, boolean canBeAttackFromOutOfArea, boolean spawned) { super(id, tile, mapAreaNameHash, canBeAttackFromOutOfArea, spawned); demonPrayer = new boolean[3]; cachedDamage = new int[3]; shieldTimer = 0; switchPrayers(0); } public void switchPrayers(int type) { resetPrayerTimer(); } private void resetPrayerTimer() { prayerTimer = 16; } @Override public void processNPC() { super.processNPC(); if (isDead()) return; if (Utils.getRandom(40) <= 2) sendRandomProjectile(); if (getCombat().process()) {// no point in processing for (int i = 0; i < cachedDamage.length; i++) { if (cachedDamage[i] >= 310) { cachedDamage = new int[3]; } } } for (int i = 0; i < cachedDamage.length; i++) { if (cachedDamage[i] >= 310) { cachedDamage = new int[3]; } } } @Override public void handleIngoingHit(final Hit hit) { int type = 0; super.handleIngoingHit(hit); if (hit.getSource() instanceof Player) {// Armadyl Battlestaff Player player = (Player) hit.getSource(); if ((player.getEquipment().getWeaponId() == 21777 || player .getEquipment().getWeaponId() == 2104) && hit.getLook() == HitLook.MAGIC_DAMAGE && hit.getDamage() > 0) { shieldTimer = 120; player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "This Monster is Weekened by your weapon."); } } if (hit.getLook() == HitLook.MAGIC_DAMAGE) { if (demonPrayer[0]) { hit.setDamage(0); } else { cachedDamage[0] += hit.getDamage(); } } else if (hit.getLook() == HitLook.MELEE_DAMAGE) { type = 1; if (demonPrayer[1]) { hit.setDamage(0); } else { cachedDamage[1] += hit.getDamage(); } } else if (hit.getLook() == HitLook.RANGE_DAMAGE) { type = 2; if (demonPrayer[2]) { hit.setDamage(0); } else { cachedDamage[2] += hit.getDamage(); } } else if (hit.getLook() == HitLook.MISSED) { cachedDamage[type] += 20; } else { cachedDamage[Utils.getRandom(2)] += 20;// random } } @Override public void sendDeath(Entity source) { final NPCCombatDefinitions defs = getCombatDefinitions(); resetWalkSteps(); getCombat().removeTarget(); setNextAnimation(null); shieldTimer = 0; WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { int loop; @Override public void run() { if (loop == 0) { setNextAnimation(new Animation(defs.getDeathEmote())); } else if (loop >= defs.getDeathDelay()) { drop(); reset(); setLocation(getRespawnTile()); finish(); setRespawnTask(); stop(); } loop++; } }, 0, 1); } private void sendRandomProjectile() { WorldTile tile = new WorldTile(getX() + Utils.random(7), getY() + Utils.random(7), getPlane()); setNextAnimation(new Animation(412)); World.sendProjectile(this, tile, 1887, 34, 16, 40, 35, 16, 0); for (int regionId : getMapRegionsIds()) { List<Integer> playerIndexes = World.getRegion(regionId) .getPlayerIndexes(); if (playerIndexes != null) { for (int npcIndex : playerIndexes) { Player player = World.getPlayers().get(npcIndex); if (player == null || player.isDead() || player.hasFinished() || !player.isRunning() || !player.withinDistance(tile, 3)) continue; player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "The monster's magical attack splashes on you."); player.applyHit(new Hit(this, 281, HitLook.MAGIC_DAMAGE, 1)); } } } } @Override public void setRespawnTask() { if (!hasFinished()) { reset(); setLocation(getRespawnTile()); finish(); } final NPC npc = this; CoresManager.slowExecutor.schedule(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { setFinished(false); World.addNPC(npc); npc.setLastRegionId(0); World.updateEntityRegion(npc); loadMapRegions(); checkMultiArea(); shieldTimer = 0; fixedCombatType = 0; fixedAmount = 0; } }, getCombatDefinitions().getRespawnDelay() * 5000, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS); } //Your re-spawn time on them. public static boolean atTD(WorldTile tile) { if ((tile.getX() >= 2560 && tile.getX() <= 2630) && (tile.getY() >= 5710 && tile.getY() <= 5753)) return true; return false; } public int getFixedCombatType() { return fixedCombatType; } public void setFixedCombatType(int fixedCombatType) { this.fixedCombatType = fixedCombatType; } public int getFixedAmount() { return fixedAmount; } public void setFixedAmount(int fixedAmount) { this.fixedAmount = fixedAmount; } }[/CODE] I then compile and run server but after I kill the King Black Dragon it just won't respawn at all :L Does anyone know why? And also what do the coordinates in this mean? [CODE]if ((tile.getX() >= 2560 && tile.getX() <= 2630) && (tile.getY() >= 5710 && tile.getY() <= 5753))[/CODE] (that code is from the KingBlackDragon.java above.)
  6. so i added a respawn time to a zombie in npc.cfg like this npc = 74 Zombie 200 200 43 but it gives me an error when i run the server. so I'm wondering is there only specific respawn numbers that work with certain npcs? because I've added a respawn time to other npcs and it works after i use a few different numbers in the respawn time column.
  7. So i wanted to change to a new home in Varrok. So i changed RESPAWN_X and RESPAWN_Y to the right cords, but i still keep spawning in Edgeville. (the START_LOCATION coords worked perfectly fine). I have searched around in nearly every file looking for a fix to respawn but can't find it. The X coord for the spawn in edge is 3087 and have seached for it everywere. Plz help -Thanks ^.^
  8. Hello everyone, I've come across an issue that I'm not sure how to fix. My NPC's in the 10,000 ID's won't respawn. At all. I am un-sure as to how to fix this. [CODE] public static int maxNPCs = 15000; public static int maxListedNPCs = 15000; public static int maxNPCDrops = 15000;[/CODE] I put them in this for return of 100. [CODE]public int getRespawnTime(final int i) { switch (NPCHandler.npcs[i].npcType) {[/CODE] and still nothing. Yet, all the other NPC'S I have respawn at a timely manner. Any ideas or help would be great. Birdhouse919
  9. Title says it all. How do i make it so my trees when cut down, respawn and so that npcs that are killed respawn? Ive tried using the unpacked spawns list and it doesnt seem to work. Help please!
  10. Where do you set a respawn time? More Info: The frost dragons are correctly added to NPCSpawning.java;however, they do not respawn on death.
  11. madman

    562 hunter problem

    [code] case 6055://Baby imp if(!p.isAnimating()) { p.turnTo(n); p.animate(6605); World.getWorld().registerEvent(new Event(500) { [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void execute() { if(!n.isDead() && p.DoubleXP == false) { n.setDead(true); n.setHidden(true); n.getDefinition().getRespawn(); p.getActionSender().sendMessage("You catch the baby impling!"); p.getInventory().addItem(11238, 1); p.getSkills().addXp(21, 10005); } if(!n.isDead() && p.DoubleXP == true) { n.setDead(true); p.getActionSender().sendMessage("You catch the baby impling!") p.getInventory().addItem(11238, 1); p.getSkills().addXp(21, 20010); } } }); } break; [/code] i cant get the imp to respawn
  12. How do you make it so an NPC won't respawn? I am using a 562 rs2hd source (alhassa-scape) and decided to mess around with barrows. Then i decided i liked how it was so i changed it back, but the barrows brothers all respawn...at home.
  13. Hello runelocus I am in need of assistance of adding a respawn time too Strykewyrms for the Matrix 723 (718/723) iv tryed several different code's and none of them have seemed too work I have just been spammed with error's and I finally have given up and came here in need of assistance. So please if anyone could help me out it would be VERY appreciated. Please and Thank you! :) Heres the code. [CODE] package com.rs.game.npc.slayer; import com.rs.game.Animation; import com.rs.game.WorldTile; import com.rs.game.npc.NPC; import com.rs.game.player.Player; import com.rs.game.tasks.WorldTask; import com.rs.game.tasks.WorldTasksManager; import com.rs.utils.Utils; [MENTION=19271]supp[/MENTION]ressWarnings("serial") public class Strykewyrm extends NPC { private int stompId; public Strykewyrm(int id, WorldTile tile, int mapAreaNameHash, boolean canBeAttackFromOutOfArea) { super(id, tile, mapAreaNameHash, canBeAttackFromOutOfArea, true); stompId = id; } @<a href="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=15855" target="_blank">Over</a>ride public void processNPC() { super.processNPC(); if (isDead()) return; if (getId() != stompId && !isCantInteract() && !isUnderCombat()) { setNextAnimation(new Animation(12796)); setCantInteract(true); WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { @<a href="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=15855" target="_blank">Over</a>ride public void run() { transformIntoNPC(9462); setCantInteract(false); } }); } } @<a href="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=15855" target="_blank">Over</a>ride public void reset() { setNPC(stompId); super.reset(); } public static void handleStomping(final Player player, final NPC npc) { if (npc.isCantInteract()) return; if (!npc.isAtMultiArea() || !player.isAtMultiArea()) { if (player.getAttackedBy() != npc && player.getAttackedByDelay() > Utils.currentTimeMillis()) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "You are already in combat."); return; } if (npc.getAttackedBy() != player && npc.getAttackedByDelay() > Utils.currentTimeMillis()) { if (npc.getAttackedBy() instanceof NPC) { npc.setAttackedBy(player); // changes enemy to player, // player has priority over // npc on single areas } else { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "That npc is already in combat."); return; } } } switch (npc.getId()) { case 9462: if (player.getSkills().getLevel(18) < 93) { player.getPackets() .sendGameMessage( "You need at least a slayer level of 93 to fight this."); return; } break; default: return; } player.setNextAnimation(new Animation(4278)); WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { @<a href="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=15855" target="_blank">Over</a>ride public void run() { npc.setNextAnimation(new Animation(12795)); npc.transformIntoNPC(npc.getId() + 1); npc.setTarget(player); npc.setAttackedBy(player); stop(); } }, 1, 2); } } [/CODE] Can anyone help me add the death animations and respawn time too this? everytime I try I either mess up other code or just get like 100 errors by trying too do it a different way, I am new too coding and need assistance so can anyone please help me?
  14. How do I add a AUTO RESPAWN for NPCs? On a 667 loading 700+
  15. S L U T

    NPC respawn timer

    I'm on a PI 317 and I tried to change the respawn timer for my wildywyrm. I went into NPCHandler.java and added the case and timer to the respawn int, but nothing changes. It still respawns with the automatic respawn timer of 10 seconds or so. Any advice?? :confused::confused::confused:
  16. [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="green"]hey yea its me agin i just wanted to know how i could make my own respawn place like i mean i got a ::funpk i ve made but i cant figure out how to respawn at the funpk when we die . also i mean like if we go to ::funpk and we fight each other then 1 of us dies and goes to edge but i want it to just respawn in the funpk ive made :) thanks[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  17. hey, my PC portals respawn too fast. i wanna make it respawn after 5 mins (so the game will be ended if u didnt kill them in 5 mins) i tryed to change the respawn timer in NPChandler.java but it didnt work ( it still the same time.. [nothing changed] ) this is what i changed in NPCHandler.java [CODE]case 6142: case 6143: case 6144: case 6145: return 10000;[/CODE] i did it 10000 and i tryed alots like 100 and 1000000 (if its too big i tryed a small 1.. (1)) and nothing changed... what i did wrong?? nothing?? and under "return 10000;" there was something like this: [CODE]default: return 25;[/CODE] here is my code for the portals in the PestControl.java (the respawn npc) please tell me what to change that change the time.. [CODE]public void spawnNpcs() { Server.npcHandler.spawnNpc2(6142,2628,2591,0,[COLOR="#FF0000"]0,200,0,0,100[/COLOR]); Server.npcHandler.spawnNpc2(6143,2680,2588,0,[COLOR="#FF0000"]0,200,0,0,100[/COLOR]); Server.npcHandler.spawnNpc2(6144,2669,2570,0,[COLOR="#FF0000"]0,200,0,0,100[/COLOR]); Server.npcHandler.spawnNpc2(6145,2645,2569,0,[COLOR="#FF0000"]0,200,0,0,100[/COLOR]); }[/CODE] what from this read codes i need to change?? (or i dont need to change anything??) please HELP!! Thanks KareemLoser