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Found 14 results

  1. I believe you should add the following:
  2. Keeping it simple, but also there will be a bit of formality involved, Paid staff workers will be paid fortnightly or monthly (negotiable) and positions will be reviewed monthly. Payments (Wages if you want to call it that) will not be reliant on donations as most other servers advertise. [B]Positions Open as of now: [/B] - [B][I]1 Co-Developer:[/I][/B] To work by my side and would obviously have the highest pay of these positions due to the importance of the position. Experience is a must. Good communications between the two of us is also key. - [B][I]1 Community Administrator[/I][/B] (Possibly 2 in the near future) : Admin for short, will deal with any major issues that occur, must be mature and very open to communications. -[B][I]2 Community Moderators[/I][/B]: (Yes, even moderators will be paid) - Maturity, helpfulness and being friendly will help your case. To apply, post your skype or some form of way to contact you below. Also fire me a private message and tell me a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in the position you are applying for. More positions will open up in the future, more information will be given to successful/shortlisted applicants. Revison of server - 718
  3. i already got no-ip and i donee with the class.path and PATH but the client wont start the server starts the client no i dont know what to dololking my skype:sahrtg
  4. Hey guys if this isn't allowed please delete it, but you can make 10$ an hour sent to your paypal then buy RSGP Seriously works.. Only thing you need is a smartphone iPhone or Android. So Basically, you download this app on your phone clicking this link [url]https://featurepoints.com/r/O77HVR[/url] yes its a refferal gives me some extra points haha if you want to be nice or just remove the last part and be greedy >:( The app works like this, download games for points then uninstall them and gain about 10$ an hour. You download the game open it then uninstall it then with the points you buy the 5$ paypal card, 10$ paypal card or 100$ paypal card its easy as 1,2,3 Again if this is not allowed please delete it. I'm up to about 21$ will post screenshot to prove it. Picture proof >.< : [IMG]http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/9862/d3ba0c8f9d204caeb04da52.png[/IMG]
  5. I know how to make max level 50, but how would I make the exp required 50 something different. Say I wanted to make the exp required for 50, 10Mil. How would I do it? And how would i change the scaling of the levels. Like how the exp required progresses to become greater and greater.
  6. I recently got a new source for a project. It is perfect in every way so changing is really not an option. It has a client that goes with it but is missing files including EGUI.java so kinda F'd.. I would like someone to help me fix the source so it doesn't require this client to play. It is a 317 delta, by the way. If you can't explain it in a reply but know how to fix it, please contact me on skype I will be on all day. skype: valzor.rs06
  7. /title I replaced all the required runes for all the spells to 12851 (catalytic runes) and it works, but the spells in the spell book aren't lit up and when I hover over them it doesn't say I have all the required runes. How can I fix this?
  8. I've just started making a simple java chat. I saw that RSPS used apache MINA. So I thought, "let's use that too". I've used the same imports and everything from a random RSPS (562). It gave an error that the package 'org.apache.........' can't be found. However I have referenced the libraries into my project. [url]http://screensnapr.com/v/hzyKSr.png[/url] [url]http://screensnapr.com/v/GqbPLF.png[/url] Any help?
  9. Here's the issue, on Dementhium 639, the sql one, whenever somebody creates an account, it outprints (""+player.getUsername()+" has created a new account!"); Now, when the server is offline and people can't login, it outprints that. Here's a snippet of the code: [CODE]resultSet = database.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM " + PLAYER_TABLE +" WHERE username='" "+player.getUsername() +"' LIMIT 1"); if(resultSet.isClosed()) { return false; } if (resultSet.next()) { player.loadSQL(resultSet); } else { database.checkConnection(); System.err.println(""+player.getProperUsername()+" has created a new account!"); databse.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO `users` (`username`, `password`) VALUES ('" + player.getUsername() +"', '" + player.getPassword() + "');"); }[/CODE] Add [email][email protected][/email] if you can fix this.
  10. How do I change the points required to buy certain items in my Dungeoneering shop? I've looked well and couldn't find a guide. Will give thanks
  11. Hi there! I am needed someone to test to see if my RSPS is online. I need them to have Skype because file transfer is much easier from that. Add Chattingmark - only if you would like to help.
  12. IneedHelp1

    Need Host

    I need a host for my server You will get Admin Requirements -trusted -will be on alot -will be 24/7
  13. Can someone help me on this source, i keep getting tons of errors on my compling and its from the GUI, I got everything else down but I need a pro coder for 562 to fix this, I'm a 508/317 lolz If you got TV, message me and ill tell you my id and pass