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Found 99 results

  1. hi, i'm looking for just a base 317 preferably with newer client
  2. [URL="https://github.com/villermen/rscachetool"]https://github.com/villermen/rscachetool[/URL] Someone can compile this for me i dont know how to compile this. (is a tool can read rs3 cache)
  3. Anyone have a link to a download of the latest version of Project Rainbow, since their website is down for 'Maintenance'
  4. So I'm here to get some information on Splash screens for rsps clients. What I want to know is this... The splash screen tut gives enough info to add an image but has a timer on it for how long its displayed.. instead i just want no timer and it display information/buttons/links on it that can be clicked. Is it possible? Some tips would be nice. here is the concept i've come up with with photoshop and have the .psd file for it. [img]http://i.imgur.com/Mp7M1vr.png[/img] If someone would like to work on this and can prove they have vouches in this area i don't mind if you keep the design for yourself to use.
  5. Hey there, For the past 6-8 hours myself and my players have not been able to vote due to a "400 Bad Request" error upon clicking "Vote" on the toplist. To make it even more odd, every other server on the toplist loads the voting page, but ours does not. Server: Prodigy-X [url]http://gyazo.com/7604c36f9db0ac9c31d1833ee7c86b69[/url] Please look into this, I'd rather not lose a few days of votes whilst other servers voting pages load. Thank you.
  6. Hello, After a short year or 2 away from the RSPS community, a friend and I have decided to start a new project this year. We are the owners of the previously hit RSPS 'Overloadx'. My name is Josh and my friends name is Richie. We've decided to bring our minds together and start on a new project. We're looking for a 600/700+ source, client, and cache package. Our goal is to start fresh with either a blank or a clean 600/700+ server, and add our old Ovlx odds and ends as we go. We don't want to do a lot of skill/glitch fixing. We just want to start with a clean source that already has most of the kinks worked out that our previous 317 did not have. I'm asking for either a link to a release that you think might be helpful or maybe something you personally own and would be willing to only give out to 2 experienced coders. A lot of what is listed below can be coded by myself and Richie, but we'd rather start with a clean fixed source and add the harder things that only Overloadx had before. Thanks to all who chooses to help me out! Needs: Old Interface (not the updated RS 2013+ interfaces, the 2011-2012 interfaces) I would like pretty much every skill to be fully coded and working properly. Dungeoneering isn't too big of a deal to me but I would like the other skills to be fully integrated.) No dupes No major glitches Duel Arena All 90-100% working bosses (I.e QBD, TD, KQ, NEX...) All 100% coded spell books All 100% coded prayer books New Graphics but as I stated above; older interfaces Wants: Basically 2012 Runescape :D Multiple World Inegration Control Panel Compiler that updates without restarting server (I have this somewhere but I seem to have misplaced it.) Thank you for your time.
  7. Hey, I'm Envo and I manage the Runelocus content team. We've just started to create tutorials this week and we're reaching out to the Runelocus community to try to determine what types of tutorials people want. We're going to try to do every request that we get as we want to show the Runelocus community that we care about members. We have a team of 6 people currently that are highly skilled in the RSPS scene we can cover any topics that come our way. If you'd like to request a tutorial please fill out the form? Interested in signing up to be a part of our amazing content team? [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?153-Content-Team-Applications"]Click here[/URL] [CODE]Type of tutorial: Revision (If any): Why is it needed?: Notes: [/CODE]
  8. Hi, could anybody help me get my server online? I can portforward and just need a bit of advice.. WILL ALSO PAY.
  9. I'm wondering if anyone has a mirror of the website release (released here: [url]http://www.****************/programming/website-development/416227-runescape-2006-site-complete.html[/url]). I plan on recreating the programming behind it for learning purposes AND personal use. Thanks in advance.
  10. plz can u tell me which is in your opinion the best runescape +718 files? i know there are a lot, but i want a secure and clear versions with no critical erros, code language only java ? let me know a good one, then i will improve it and make the best server with a lot of players and events and good stuff. Sure I will share and isn't fake! :) (will be one of the soo many private games I'm making!!!Pokemon and Travian almost done soo more coming!!!) thanks simao
  11. Ite so here's the deal, homies. My new PC runs Windows 8, which I don't know jack shit about. I've moved my old 562 from like two years ago to this PC. For some reason, my Run and Compiler batches don't work at all. I've updated the paths so they they are directed to my current java and javac versions and what not, but all I get is nonstop errors. Could I get some help with creating run and compile batches that are compatible with Windows 8? Also, I'm not trying to use an IDE, simply due to personal preference. [COLOR="#696969"]I can post the errors that I get if required.[/COLOR]
  12. If anybody has a copy of the first Tyden 562 Source + Client, I would be greatly appreciative if you were to share. Not trying to leech, but I am trying to use and alter a bit of it's contents. I would download it myself, but the thread's downloads are pretty much 404'd. Thank you in advance?
  13. Hey guys im new to everything here and i was wanting to get a client that has all the npc's, shops, quests, ect. already loaded. I want it to be like how runescape actually is. Thanks!
  14. Hey, does anyone have a copy of rscalifornia > V2 < Must be v2.
  15. Hello runelocus users! I am searching for a 667 Item BonusPacker ... I am searching the hole internet and I didn't find any download link that works! So my request, does any one got a itembonuspacker for me? I'll Thank.
  16. jolte

    [Request] 732 cache

    Im in need of a 732 cache or 734 i have found a few but the links are down anyone have and on [url]https://mega.co.nz//[/url] or another site, thank you!
  17. does anyone have the source rune-z? i'm wanting to rework everything and start up the server again. its the only server i interacted with people over skype. it's been awhile since i've gotten into rsps this will get me motivated i havent seen the source anywhere. Thanks guys
  18. Hey i was wondering if anybody could make a PHP page for me so i can hook it up to my application Form and receive feedback and things from other people.
  19. bitmask

    742 Deob Request

    I searched up Google and all over rune-server. The links were dead and I would need a 742 deob (real 742/742) could anyone re-upload if you have one? Thanks in advance.
  20. I am looking for a member that can make this for me: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?95412-Wilderness-317&p=757427#post757427[/url] Or the following below: Core re-work for great server stability Friendly and active community Perfect item switches for amazing hybridding Flawless combat system A unique Donator zone with many Donator benefits All skills fully working and being worked on every day Daily server and website updates A hard working owner who listens to his players Pk Points for killing players and Voting Points both with amazing reward shops Many bosses to defeat all dropping well rewarding items! Clean and efficient client, small cache size and low memory usage Many mini-games including fully working duel arena with staking Fast combat XP rates so you can get right in and pk Max cape for players who accomplish all 99's Highscores and auto donations With a game frame like: [IMG]http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad28/Tomb1443/102Players_zps3c6a8210.png[/IMG] Yes..you find a blank source and client and add those features....:eek: I am paying up to $200 for this. Files must be sent first. Easy payment using PayPal. My skype: gripper.rl My email: [email][email protected][/email] My username: gripper Thanks!
  21. The links are dead for it, anyone have a new link they can upload please? also no request section so im posting here.
  22. I'm just looking for something to play, As I commonly lose internet. Would like the server to be able to be played. Some basic shops and stuff.. And skills are important. (Please let it be easy to change ranks in a character file.) I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO CHANGE ANY CODE, I JUST WANT TO RUN THE SERVER+CLIENT AND PLAY.
  23. Ok, heres the breakdown, I got the serenity client and source and i got a cache for 718+ and put it in the C:\ and when I change all the environmental settings here is what I got: [ATTACH=CONFIG]9270[/ATTACH] If you get this figured out and help me I will be so thankful!
  24. anyone got an old varrock west bank 525 pvp source and client? cant find any with working links anywhere and just looking to play with my friends