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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, im currently creating a 718 Runescape Private Server. I'm still working on some things but i've run into some problems. I've Jared my client recently but for some reason it won't work this time. I've followed a video on youtube. I've opened JarMaker, I created a folder on my desktop called Webclient and selected that as my output directory. I named my client ServerName.jar. After selecting my output directory I changed the input directory. My input directory was Desktop/Server/Webclient/Bin. My input was my BIN in the webclient folder. After doing these steps I create my Manifest Template. Since the server was 718 I put my Manifest to Loader. I then went into my client and opened Loader.java. I created a NO-IP and changed the ip to my NO-IP address that I created. I checked my port forwarding and everything was done correctly. My port was set to 43594. After doing all of these steps I Jared the client and sent it to a friend through skype. He opened the webclient but all that was there was a screen saying "Checking for updates 0%" and it stayed there and never went up. Someone please reply to this and help me out. I do have skype and a working mic so if you'd like to speak with me I can also do that.
  2. Hey guys i need help with the starter pack..k so i got past the part where you have to download JDK cause i downloaded it and stuff.. okay so i got to part 3 which im pretty sure was portfowarding but i dident wanna do it yet.. so i went to step four which was the tittle of the server host and port.. i typed in the title and typed in for host localhost and port i typed in the number that was listed there.. i clicked save and complie and i then opened the client or whatever.. i tried to log in and it said error connecting to server.. so i tried a different port and it still dident work so i tried my ip in HOST and i tried the port i used first and it still wouldent let me log in.. please help me.. i wanna be able to log in and stuff so if someone can tell me what im doing wrong that would be so so helpful! please reply back or pm me :D thanksss guys -Sheep123
  3. Hey guys, I might seem really noob :/ which i am but i found a starter pack on here and i downloaded all the files and stuff and followed the steps and downloaded JDK and stuff..I then went on the folder client and clicked on run and openend it and the starter pack thing came up where it asked for title,host, and port.. the port i dont think was the problem but i typed in the tittle i wanted the server to be called and then for the host i typed in localhost and for the port i typed in the port number listed there.. and then clicked save and compile and tried to load it but when i tried to sign in it dident work so i tried a different port and tried it again and it dident work and i tried all the ports and put my ip in and stuff and dident work i tried it like 6-7 times and dident work so if you can help me out thankssssssss :D please reply back :D i really dont know what im doing wrong Im pretty noob at this :D just started so yea :D please dont yell Thanks guys -Sheep123
  4. Basically i need help with my port forward and how to add special attacks. If you could please help i will be grateful!
  5. I need help how to Change the Welcome message. If ift can be done the [News] [ATTACH=CONFIG]7116[/ATTACH] I need help how to change the name of the server to my name on friends list. [ATTACH=CONFIG]7117[/ATTACH] I need help how to change the name of the server in the developer's and the actual client. [ATTACH=CONFIG]7118[/ATTACH] I need help on how to add the quest tab in and to make it say that if your a donator and what not etc. [ATTACH=CONFIG]7119[/ATTACH] lolking:eek: HMM
  6. Got a reply regarding the 150M+ Loss of all my shit. [QUOTE]Hey Scott, Thanks for getting back in touch. I have looked into your account and investigate the person that did this, they are no longer in game. As for your wealth etc, at the moment it is not possible for me to put this back on your account. When the wealth was stolen from your account it was passed through many many accounts which makes it near enough impossible for us to track. There also is not a system to replace your items, I honestly wish there was a way I could do it but there isn’t. This may change in the near future, but for now it simply isn’t possible and I am sorry. I know this won’t be the response you will wish to have received, I wish it had been, but I hope you understand. If I can help with anything else, let me know. Kind regards Mod Harriet Anti-Cheating Team[/QUOTE]
  7. I need help Coding Some Stuff Can Someone help [email protected]@[email protected]! REPLY!! please
  8. This community should have a "See Replyed posts" option. Meaning everytime you log in, you could click on this option and see post that people had replyed to instead of wasting your time wonering around searching around the site to see the post you have started days ago...
  9. Hey there people. This is probably a easy to fix thing for most of you but im kind of new to this so sorry. i need help getting my server online so others can play on it. i have portforwarded and ive also got no-ip. I checked on the runelocus status checker and it says the server is online but ive tried getting someone to log in but didnt work. and ive been to canyouseeme.org and it didnt have any problems. so id appreciate any help please and thanks. i have teamviewer if anyone would like to help on there.
  10. Hey everyone, i need help portforwarding. I have no-ip, i have set my fire wall to let the 43594 port through on tcp and utp or whatever that u one was. I been using utorrent for portforwarding but even utorrent wont let any players log on and i have utorrent set on fire wall to come through. I have team viewer if anyone can help than it will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Hi im pretty new at this so dont get frustrated please. Im trying to get my server online but im not sure what else to do. ive put in my no-ip in the clients that im giving to other players but they cant connect to it. I need a straight forward answer and i have TV if anybody is willing to help id be happy to give you co and 25% of all donations made. And if your going to ask for rsgp i dont play so i dont have any. So yeah please dont just read this and not answer id love to get my server up and running as ive been stuck on this part for awhile now. Yes ive portforwarding and ive got my no-ip up. Thanks. [email][email protected][/email]