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Found 25 results

  1. Ziek`


    1. Cart



    2. Ziek`


      This is a 100% real screenshot from MSN days

    3. Ziek`


      I also have


  2. Hey guys, Whoever can Help me this I will rep++ and Give thanks [URL="http://www.****************/runescape-development/rs-503-client-server/snippets/450214-decent-dwarf-cannon.html"]http://www.****************/runescape-development/rs-503-client-server/snippets/450214-decent-dwarf-cannon.html[/URL] You can either private message me here or Post you're skype below I will add you :) [url]http://www.****************/runescape-development/rs-503-client-server/snippets/450214-decent-dwarf-cannon.html[/url]
  3. Hey guys, So I download RuneLove RSPS and when I go in-game and I try to click on any shops/npc/etc... Nothing happens and this is the error I get. Media [IMG]http://i1359.photobucket.com/albums/q785/ranqedrs/848a451a-13e1-4e1f-86fc-e72c7d036cc4_zpsa569445c.png[/IMG]
  4. Hey guys so I downloaded RuneLove 718 rsps source and client. When I run the source (Run.Bat) I get a error. Please help me I will give rep and thanks to who ever helps me. Error: [IMG]http://i1359.photobucket.com/albums/q785/ranqedrs/1767f4bb-5ff8-4212-8576-97f742f50d36_zpsd1cf88b6.jpg[/IMG] Will give rep and thanks for help.
  5. Hey guys, I just used this tutorial as I am current making a pvp server: [url]http://forum.ragezone.com/f365/pi-pvp-system-safe-zones-805081/[/url] I've finished and compiled with no errors but there's one problem. When I log in the PVP sprites constantly flicker. If you can help please let me know
  6. Rsinterface.java -> client-side [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/7WqwYrt.png[/IMG] Help me ? I got [PI] Client.
  7. src\com\rs\cores\WorldThread.java:17: error: '(' expected public final void run { ^ 1 error Press any key to continue . . . Here is the code of WorldThread.java: [url]http://pastebin.com/4e3Le59a[/url] I am using RsCalifornia's Source.
  8. src\com\rs\cores\WorldThread.java:17: error: '(' expected public final void run { ^ 1 error Press any key to continue . . . Here is the code of WorldThread.java: [url]http://pastebin.com/4e3Le59a[/url] I am using RsCalifornia's Source.
  9. can any one tell me what to do here? thanks [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=7]Will REP++[/SIZE][/COLOR] (It wont let me Where items, all items) :( Not sure if this is client sided or server sided. [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/2m2urfp.jpg[/IMG]
  10. If any one can help me fix xlog, because there is a dupe on my server with an xlog. So if you could fix it id rep++ u. IF you can over tv
  11. I'm pretty sure that before I started working on the source it had wilderness working.. But then since that I've done alot of updates to do with different things such as clanwars etc and I never went to the wildy so I didn't know that it wasn't working.. When you go into the wildy you can only see the normal options on other people like follow, trade, req assist but no attack :\ Does anybody know how I could fix it or has anyone else had this problem before and fixed it? Am I missing a method or something? :\ Thanks any help appreciated I'll rep+ you :)
  12. hey, my problem is that i get an error when i run my server, this is because i just added some items to my shop. here's my error. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerErrorCaused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "8839 10 8840 10 8841 10 8842 10"at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(Unknown Source)at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source)at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source)at server.world.ShopHandler.loadShops(ShopHandler.java:143)at server.world.ShopHandler.<init>(ShopHandler.java:45)at server.Server.<clinit>(Server.java:64) please help. i will rep + thanks
  13. hey, basiclly i've been looking for a source and i can never find a one which i want.. i want, stable source with, summoning, dungeoneering and all 24 skills... can anyone help?
  14. Can someone give me a 3D model maker that I can use to make FULLY custom items for use with [PI]? I need it to be able to EDIT already existing models, AND create BRAND NEW ones! Thanks!!! (if the program is good enough there MIGHT (;)) be a reward via paypal or rsgp!!!)
  15. Hey, Ok, so basically the database has a row called donator, when donator = 1 in the database and the user logs into the game, it's supposed to change isDonator to 1, it doesn't seem to be working. Does anyone see any flaws in the code? [code] public static boolean isDonator(Client clientToSave) { try { if (clientToSave.playerName != null) { query("SELECT FROM `users` WHERE donator = '0'"); clientToSave.isDonator = 0; } else if (clientToSave.playerName != null) { query("SELECT FROM `users` WHERE donator = '1'"); clientToSave.isDonator = 1; } } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); return false; } return true; } [/code] Thanks
  16. [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/835/errorfp.png/][IMG]http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/2074/errorfp.png[/IMG][/URL] Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/URL] Please help me out.
  17. Remove
  18. ANYHELP IS APPRECIATED!:] Ok I got a program (cause I cant access my router) for portforwarding.. It has 3 inputs; "Local Port" "Destination IP-Address" "Destination Port" It says this for instructions: [code]When an incomming connection is received on this machine on the specified port it will be redirected to the destination host and port. You must ensure that no other process on this machine is already bound to the port you specify.[/code] ... Alright, so I entered for local port: 43594, destination IP: (my no-ip for my server), destination port: 43594. It seems to work, dosnt have a problem when I added to list. Now I open my source files and click "run.bat" and it says "java.netBindException: Address already in use: bind" HELP? THANKS!
  19. hey guys i was adding this to my rsinterfaces.java [quote name='Rune-World']example: [code]addButtons(15101, 1, "CHAR", "Show Equipment Stats", 15109, 1);[/code] addbutton method: [code] public static void addButtons(int id, int sid, String spriteName, String tooltip, int mOver, int atAction) { RSInterface rsinterface = interfaceCache[id] = new RSInterface(); rsinterface.id = id; rsinterface.parentID = id; rsinterface.type = 5; rsinterface.atActionType = atAction; rsinterface.contentType = 0; rsinterface.aByte254 = (byte)0; rsinterface.mOverInterToTrigger = mOver; rsinterface.sprite1 = imageLoader(sid, spriteName); rsinterface.sprite2 = imageLoader(sid, spriteName); rsinterface.width = rsinterface.sprite1.myWidth; rsinterface.height = rsinterface.sprite2.myHeight; rsinterface.tooltip = tooltip; rsinterface.isMouseoverTriggered = true; }[/code][/QUOTE] and i got this errors [CODE] RSInterface.java:695: cannot find symbol symbol : variable type location: class RSInterface rsinterface.type = 5; ^ RSInterface.java:698: cannot find symbol symbol : variable aByte254 location: class RSInterface rsinterface.aByte254 = (byte)0; ^ RSInterface.java:699: cannot find symbol symbol : variable mOverInterToTrigger location: class RSInterface rsinterface.mOverInterToTrigger = mOver; ^ RSInterface.java:700: cannot find symbol symbol : variable sprite1 location: class RSInterface rsinterface.sprite1 = imageLoader(sid, spriteName) ^ RSInterface.java:701: cannot find symbol symbol : variable sprite2 location: class RSInterface rsinterface.sprite2 = imageLoader(sid, spriteName) ^ RSInterface.java:702: cannot find symbol symbol : variable sprite1 location: class RSInterface rsinterface.width = rsinterface.sprite1.myWidth; ^ RSInterface.java:703: cannot find symbol symbol : variable sprite2 location: class RSInterface rsinterface.height = rsinterface.sprite2.myHeight; ^ RSInterface.java:705: cannot find symbol symbol : variable isMouseoverTriggered location: class RSInterface rsinterface.isMouseoverTriggered = true; ^ Note: client.java uses unchecked or unsafe operations. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details. 8 errors Press any key to continue . . . [/CODE] plz help
  20. Pyro GoD

    Rep System!

    Well, basically I suggest having a rep system, as most forums do and it is very useful. It is an easy way to help you determine if a user is trustworthy. I'd love to see repping implemented. //Discuss
  21. [11/8/11 9:31 PM]: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 [11/8/11 9:31 PM]: at server.model.items.ItemAssistant.bankItem(ItemAssi sta nt.java:1820) [11/8/11 9:31 PM]: at server.model.players.packets.ClickingButtons.proce ssP acket(ClickingButtons.java:402) [11/8/11 9:31 PM]: at server.model.players.PacketHandler.processPacket(P ack etHandler.java:141) [11/8/11 9:31 PM]: at server.model.players.Client.processQueuedPackets(C lie nt.java:1955) [11/8/11 9:31 PM]: at server.model.players.PlayerHandler.process(PlayerH and ler.java:184) [11/8/11 9:31 PM]: at server.Server.main(Server.java:177) i get this error in my cmd , then everybody gets deregistered and they can login again? can someone help me please? I REALLY NEED THIS PLZ SOMEONE!
  22. Hey guys, Im trying to add a Dungeoneering Token shop with the tokens being 10936, which is some sort of Reward Token. I have the Shop in the .cfg file, but the problem is, for example the Chaotic Rapier is set to 1.5k Tokens in the shop, even when you click on value it says "this item is 1.5k tokens", but when you actually go to buy it in the shop, it only replaces the coins for the Reward token. For example, I have 1.5k tokens want to buy a rapier, but it says "you do not have enough tokens" and the shop connects to the prices.txt file in the cfg folder in data, so the real cost is about 1b tokens. I have the case 18349 and the return set to 1500. 22 is the ID of the Reward Shop. This is what I added to ShopAssistant.Java. [CODE] if(c.myShopId == 22) { if (c.playerItemsN[Slot4] >= TotPrice2) { if (c.getItems().freeSlots() > 0) { c.getItems().deleteItem(10936, c.getItems().getItemSlot(10936), TotPrice2); c.getItems().addItem(itemID, 1); Server.shopHandler.ShopItemsN[c.myShopId][fromSlot] -= 1; Server.shopHandler.ShopItemsDelay[c.myShopId][fromSlot] = 0; if (fromSlot + 1 > Server.shopHandler.ShopItemsStandard[c.myShopId]) { Server.shopHandler.ShopItems[c.myShopId][fromSlot] = 0; } } else { c.sendMessage("You don't have enough space in your inventory."); break; } } else { c.sendMessage("You don't have enough dung tokens."); break; } }[/CODE] [CODE] TotPrice2 = (int)Math.floor(getItemShopValue(itemID, 0, fromSlot)); Slot = c.getItems().getItemSlot(995); Slot1 = c.getItems().getItemSlot(6529); Slot3 = c.getItems().getItemSlot(7478); Slot4 = c.getItems().getItemSlot(10936);//this is what i added if (Slot == -1 && c.myShopId != 11 && c.myShopId != 29 && c.myShopId != 30 && c.myShopId != 31 && c.myShopId != 47 && c.myShopId != 22) { c.sendMessage("You don't have enough coins."); break; } if(Slot1 == -1 && c.myShopId == 29 || c.myShopId == 30 || c.myShopId == 31) { c.sendMessage("You don't have enough tokkul."); break; } if(Slot3 == -1 && c.myShopId == 11) { c.sendMessage("You don't have enough donator gold."); break; } if(Slot4 == -1 && c.myShopId == 22) { c.sendMessage("You don't have enough Reward tokens."); break;//this is also what i added }[/CODE]
  23. I am very very very new to Project Insanity servers. I am used to Delta which is much simpler. I need to know how to setup a server.. As in setting IP's in client and source. I have tried but cannot find where to change the IP address in the files of the client and source. If someone could show me where to change the IP's I'll rep++ and thank. Teamviewer would be really nice :) THANKS EVERYONE!
  24. coruption

    Eclipse Rep+

    Hey, does anyone know how to use Eclipse to run a source? If so, could you please give me the direct link to the "version" of eclipse I need for it.. Since there are lots of versions of it.. And also tell me how to use it to run it, I've never used Eclipse before.. - Sorry if this is a stupid question.. But yeah.. I've never used Eclipse before :L Thanks :) Help will be appreciated
  25. Hey, Musicmasta Here. Well, My Problem is I need my Npc's to walk But Idk how to Do that=( I've never had to Worry about this Becuase It's the First Time i've made an Economy Server But I Want it to be the BEST That it can be any1 who helps me with this will Receive Credits in my server:) so heres the problem again I need Npc's To Walk Between A Specific Area I suppose =D Please Help XD Will Rep++ The Revision of my Server is 517 A.K.A 508 Loading 525 Cache The Base is Codeusa. Kind Reguards, ~~~~MมşĺςMāŠŦą™~~~~