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Found 9 results

  1. As the title says I need this lol... I have tried a few times but it only renames all npcs on the server and ive tried via PetManager.java stringing it to commands and how the trollnaming is set but still doesnt wanna go correctly. If anyone has an idea how to go about this id appreciate it! Thanks! ~Baki
  2. entirety

    renaming npc's

    what folder do i go to to change the names on an npc...? im using a trisidiax source&client. for example, [CODE]"horvik" TO "armour shop"[/CODE] thanks c:
  3. Hey all i just wanted to know how to rename the the cache of a server, i know if i rename it the client will give me an error. what do i to do to make the client look for the client with new name?
  4. Hey guys, I was just wondering how I should fix up the models of a few items. The only ones with this problem are rares. I was also wondering how I would rename the "Agility Arena Ticket" to a "2b Coins Ticket". Any and all help will be appreciated. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6614[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]6615[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]6616[/ATTACH]
  5. I am planning on adding a currency type of thing to my server where some tickets would be worth 500m, 1b, and 2b. I was just wondering how I can rename some items such as ecto-tokens and castle wars tickets etc... Thanks!
  6. Tittle says all. i need help with renaming client where do i need to go and how to change.. thanks.
  7. Hey guys i want to rename characters like bob, make-over-mage, stalls, bank booths and stuff and people tell me i need to use a cache editor. So i downloaded Toms Suit Cache editor. I have no idea how to use it or how to load cache and after i load it how do i actually edit something. THANKS FOR ANYBODY WHO HELPED ME! [
  8. This is an easy to follow guide for those who need to change an NPC's name for 317's. This can be great for those who have custom quests or custom mini-games with NPC's, etc. Client Tested: DeltaScape (should work on most 317's) Difficulty: 2/10 -- Step 1: Open Class5.Java. (NOTE: Remember that this is in the client! Not server!) Step 2: Scroll down until you find something similar to this: if(i == 72) { // NPC ID aClass30_Sub2_Sub2_60.anInt1406 = anIntArray72[630]; class5.method165(true, aClass30_Sub2_Sub2_60); // Collect original NPC data class5.aStringArray66 = new String[5]; class5.aStringArray66[1] = "Attack"; class5.anIntArray94 = new int[3]; // Number of models the NPC uses class5.anIntArray94[0] = 10013; // class5.anIntArray94[1] = 10128; // class5.anIntArray94[2] = 10186; // class5.aString65 = "Mithril Dragon"; // NPC name class5.anInt61 = 304; //combat level class5.aByteArray89 = "A scary dragon made of mithril".getBytes(); // NPC description } Step 3: Directly under that last bracket, insert this: if(i == ####) { // NPC ID class5.aString65 = "@@@@@@"; // NPC name class5.anInt61 = ***; // Combat level class5.aByteArray89 = "&&&&&&&&&".getBytes(); // NPC description Step 4: Now we can begin the actual NPC renaming. First, notice: if(i == ####) { // NPC ID #### is the NPC's ID, you can use any ID you need, I recommend finding an NPC that suits what you are looking for. I also recommend not to use an important NPC, such as Make-Over Mage, Bob, etc. Now, notice this: class5.aString65 = "@@@@@@"; // NPC name You can change @@@@@@ whatever you want, this is the NPC's Name. Now, notice this line: class5.anInt61 = ***; //combat level The *** is the NPC's combat level. Change this to whatever you want, it will not effect their stats. Also, you can remove this line if the combat level does not matter. Lastly, notice this line: class5.aByteArray89 = "&&&&&&&&&".getBytes(); // NPC description The &&&&&&&&& is the NPC's description. This is the message you will receive when you examine the NPC. Change it to whatever you need. After you finish, save, and compile, and reopen the client if you already have it up. Spawn the NPC and see if the changes work, the NPC SHOULD have the same look as the previous, just with a different name, and or combat level/description.