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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, I'm looking to partner up with a developer for business related things. You'll need to know a programming language that is capable of making automation tools. Languages like Java, C#, Visual Basic and a few others will be fine. You need to know how to make GUI's and add various elements to the program. There is serious money to be made and if you're interested then let me know via PM or post here. Thanks, Envo
  2. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/sq84CYX.png[/IMG] Reddit URL: [url]http://www.reddit.com/r/learnprogramming/comments/1vgc5t/is_php_and_mysql_still_worth_learning_or_should_i/[/url] Thoughts on what he said? I think it's really accurate and it amazed me how he worded it.
  3. [img]http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/3734/mcdesigncopy.png[/img] Just a design i did in photoshop, purely experimental but it turned out alright, i guess, if anyone wants to buy it just send me a pm :)
  4. Hello, if you have any Java and OOP related questions I'm "here" to help. If anyone else wants to answer the questions posted fell free. Well, ask away.
  5. Ok well hello guys today i decided to start understanding more about making a server from scratch and ive gotten to the point where i really need somone to help me i can pay but not alot :( or a tutorial explaining how the cache works server sided? also im working with a 530 but if its for any revision i guess it can do thnx :D
  6. I updated to JDK7 and Java 6 Update 32 last night, and now a lot of servers I try to play, or ones I did play won't load. I've tried doing some troubleshooting, but come up with nothing... Some games I've played, or other things that use Java work like a charm. I'm in the process of uninstalling JDK7 and such, but is that what is truly my problem behind the servers and such not working?
  7. Pretty easy job in my opinion, I just don't have the time, either dump the Zybez, RuneHQ,Tip.IT or whichever you prefer, make your own CSS make it look nice (RS Based) and I'll give you 20$ we will use a middle man and if the MM wants fee's I'll pay. Also, a nice Calculator Selector drop down menu would be nice. Payment Method: PayPal. You will provide me with screenshots or TeamView me showing me they work. They must look different to the ones you dump (just move shit around.) You can contact me VIA my forums, [url]www.tzhaar.com/community/[/url] and PM "Dave" or you can talk to me on Skype: Kinky-Whip OR Private Message me here. Thanks, Dave.
  8. [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/wwkeix.png[/IMG] [B]Introduction[/B] I've been helping a lot of players out lately with coding and with hosting and portforwarding problems, so I thought why not a service on runelocus. It looks like I recently joined Runelocus but my previous account got deleted after the reset. So basicly I [U]will try to help[/U] you with any problem relating your RSPS. [B]Payment[/B] Since I have no vouches because this account was made recently, I am doing my service before you pay me. (Note: this is cause i like helping players, if you say you are going to pay and then scam me you're sad, most of the time I will be happy to help you for free if you just tell me the problem.) However, for some of the bigger problems I do need some sort of payment that I will decide the price after you told me the problem and the effort I did to help you. Prices will mostly be vouches but after a while 0 - 3 USD. [B]Form[/B] Server base (bulby,pali...): Problem: Will you vouch?: Msn/Skype: [B]Contact (my info)[/B] Email: [email][email protected][/email] skype: owner.styx Will be online: mostly between 3pm till 9pm GMT +1 [B]Note: If you are not interrested in my service, don't leave hatefull comments ;)[/B]