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Found 2 results

  1. I AM CURRENTLY CODING A LOT INTO THIS, IM CHANGING A LOT, IT HAS A LOT OF PROBLEMS I KNOW AND I WANNA AND WILL FIX THEM ALL. PLEASE GUYS, LEAVE OUT THE FLAME...ITS STUPID TO SIT HERE AND BE JELLY AND FLAME...YES I KNOW I GOT DUPES....IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING GOOD TO SAY, PLEASE, SHARE...IF NOT, PLEASE, STFU. You can now play the webclient at: rc-webclient.tk ITS NOW LOADING 604 Welcome to RazenClaw 562's advertisement thread! RazenClaw is a 562 server loading 604. Which means that it has overloads, rocktail, and extreme potions. SIGN UP: You can join the community at razen-claw.tk You can also download the client at: http://www.mediafire.com/?7o1llrq8mkjrg7z or razen-download.tk Features: -colored whips and dark bows -Ice StrykeWorms -Webclient -Working staff of light with bonuses -HD on Windows 7 and all other OS that can run HD! -All skills working! -Great economy and Great pking! -A Great gambling chest to gamble your money for a chance at a high reward! -Great donator benefits! -24/7, hosted on a VPS -A creative home starting place! -Easy to obatain items and level up but also has room for your character to improve beyond the normal player! -Lots of Shops! -GREAT Staff! -Loads of monsters and bosses! Pictures: Ice Strykeworms with correct animation Home: How to get Colored Dark Bows: PKing: Gambling: Potions: Great Shops Trade timer so no cheating! Train Unique way to do barrows: Thanks for checking this thread out, and i hope you hop on RazenClaw and enjoy the server
  2. Hello Everybody and Welcome to the forum post of RazenClaw v2 First off, i'll start by saying that i did have an EPIC fail of a server back in Feb. that got about a constant 30 plays and a decent ammount of donations. Reason i shut it down is due to technically matters. BUT that was when i was just a fail coder. But ive learned a lot since then and ive decided to make RCv2. -If you want to better keep track of my "improvement" id advise you go here... http://www.toodledo.com/views/public.php?id=td4cbf8eb7a7dd4 -Im still not a PRO coder but im a pretty good one, but since im not PRO i need some help with things. I'll take some people (max of 5) to help me with the server. If you want to join just fill out an app: Name: Age: 562 coding experience: msn: Things that i need to do as of 10/26/10: -Donator System -More Shops -Advertise -Npc Drops -Edit economy a little but not much -Website -And a few little things Features So Far Are: -Custom Quest, (thats accually worth doing and isn't just talk to npc from point A to point B) -Extreme potions -Custom edited "gear bonuses" -90% economy -Partial website (me and friend working on it here and there) -Pking with statues -lots of npcs and bosses but hardly any have drops. -soul wars -custom minigame -A nice home -A lot of npcs accually talk to you -item store wanna get on the RC staff? [email protected]