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Found 17 results

  1. Battle614 is an innovative and unique PvP server that offers a variety of content never seen before. Built on our own custom framework, Battle614 will take the 614 scene by storm with its perfected combat system and fluid gameplay. The development team of Battle614 is committed to providing quality and well-balanced content that will surpass any expectations. We pride ourselves on good user experience and we listen to all feedback and suggestions that our community provides. Yoko - Owner & Game Developer Exabyte - Game Developer Bladex- Client Developer Project - Website Developer Marksman - Game Manager
  3. CLICK HERE TO START YOUR ADVENTURE! We are a new Eco / PvP Based server that's willing to impress any player who is looking for a new home! Striving to bring constant updates and listening to input from our community, we are shaping a long lasting economy where you can feel accomplished yet not tethered down by the grind of Old School RuneScape. In terms of making any big updates, we communicate with the players to ensure we are bringing exactly what they want, with no harm to the player experience and staff are online around the clock to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment! Anyway, enough of the introduction... come and see what we're about! USE THE CODE ":referral 1" IN-GAME FOR A FREE DAMAGE + DROP RATE BOOSTING PET PLUS A FREE TURMOIL BOX! NEW BLOODKNIGHT BOSS FULLY WORKING COLLECTION LOG WE HAVE THE MOST FANTASTIC RANGE OF PERFECTLY-WORKING ITEMS, TO BRING YOU THAT NOSTALGIC 07 FEEL Here are some features : * Real 07Scape Stats, Skills and Feel * Full 180 Data * Real Pet Drops * Choice of XP Rates and Ironman Modes * Fantastic Custom Content e.g Home Area, Gear, Interfaces and Raids * THEATRE OF BLOOD, CHAMBERS OF XERIC, THE GAUNTLET, INFERNO, CUSTOM RAIDS 1 + 2 (SHATTERED WORLDS) * ALL WILDERNESS BOSSES * HYDRA, KRAKEN, VORKATH, ZULRAH, SHAMANS, SIRE, CERBERUS, BARRELCHEST, NIGHTMARE, SOLAK * Custom 99 and Max Rewards * Custom PVM and Slayer Rewards * OSRS Achievement Dairy + Custom Achievement Diary * Quick Prayers, Calculated Dharok and Obsidian Effects, working Void Knight Armour * Nex and PVP Armours * Active Community, Discord and Staff/Development Team * Drop Rate % and Participation % Systems COMBAT THE MOST FANTASTIC CUSTOM RAIDS 1 + 2 PLUS THEATRE OF BLOOD AND CHAMBERS OF XERIC 30 + BOSSES TO TAKE ON, INCLUDING BOSSES FROM RS3 SUCH AS SOLAK AND NEWER BOSSES LIKE NIGHTMARE. PERFECT WILDERNESS w/ CUSTOM EDGEVILLE + REV CAVES BRILLIANT SLAYER REWARDS. - PVM REWARDS incl. CUSTOM ACHIEVEMENTS HD CLIENT WITH THE SMOOTHEST TEXTURES YOU'LL EVER SEE ON A 317! FULL ACHIEVEMENT DIARY ARMOURS TOXIC NOXIOUS, SHADOW LORD, PRIMAL, TORVA, JUSTICIAR, SIRENIC, GROTESQUE, VANGUARD, ANCIENT ARMOURS TWISTED BOWS, SCYTHES, BOOGIE BOWS with SKINS SUPREME VOID ARMOUR + ELITE AND NORMAL VARIANTS. OVER 90 PETS TO COLLECT incl. PETS THAT GIVE DROP RATE % STARTER ARMOUR THAT YOU CAN UPGRADE AS YOU GAINS LEVELS CHOICE OF XP MODES - CLASSIC/ELITE/EXTREME/NORMAL IRONMAN MODES - NORMAL, UIM, HCIM + GROUP. BEAUTIFUL INTERFACES incl. TELEPORT MENU / CONTROL PANEL / CUSTOM ACHIEVEMENTS. 99 AND 200M CAPES WITH WORKING TEXTURES + BONUSES \\ FREE GOODIEBAG PICK WHEN YOU JOIN \\ START YOUR ADVENTURE TODAY! TURMOIL
  4. The #1 Economy Experience - Play Now - Website - Discord Group - Instagram - Crazy DAILY RS3/OSRS GP Giveaways! All you have to do to be automatically entered is play 1 hour that day. Join the discord for giveaway winners! View our Instagram to view all our latest updates as well! Stay in touch with us a lot easier with social media. Welcome to Mistex, one of the most well developed Runescape private servers. Hosted by a professional team of developers and experienced staff members, We are keeping all our players satisfied by pushing out updates and organizing server events with beautiful rewards. Train all your skills and earn your max cape. Complete achievements, slay one of the many bosses or battle with others in the wilderness. Play mini-games. There is active gambling and we are always pushing out new content from Custom to OSRS. Play the the game completely free, link above. HD 602 Models Always helpful players online Active Owner with 5+ hours of development, or server betterment a day. (meaning if we're not coding, we're doing something to improve the server - devs, ads, youtubers, forum work, website work, etc) Daily login rewards Theatre of blood Chambers of Xeric Gambling Daily rewards given Alert System for easier notices Auto-Donation Auto-Vote with Top Voter of the Month Forums integration Vorkath Zulrah Cerberus Ironman Group ironman Group Slayer All skills working correctly Loads of Interface Re-work (upfront appearance) Loads of time in development Fixed all player bolts, now useable. (ex: dragon, dragonstone dragon bolts (e) and their effects, etc) Added in likely highly used PvP armours. Spacious home, organized npcs and minimized the amount of data used in just the home area. Client work, lot of client lag reduces Alchemical Hydra ::toggle command, makes it easier to auto-pickup items (caskets, crystal keys, and more.) Crafting & Fletching the new armors & weapons all works properly. No bugs, and complete smoothness. Staff members: Josh, Glabay, Neonmoondust, Chris, Twerkinzerk, Cody1, Tim, Cream Present updates: - Character Model Upgrade, Curses, Staff Rings - Latest Update: - Group Ironman Targeted Updates: - Play Now - Website - Discord Group - Instagram -
  5. RevivalScape™ RevivalScape is a brand new 317 Based Server that loads up to 500+ Revision! Here at RevivalScape there's only two priorities - Keeping the Server up for as long as possible, and Listening to what our Players want to see at RevivalScape! Although we're a small community of around 60-70 players, we're growing by the day and have a skillful development team. RevivalScape is now fully released, come along and join our Discord and enjoy the company of our Community! - FFA Custom Minigame where everyone has the same gear and items, so there is no excuse to death, but bad PK'n - Custom Quests - Custom Minigames - Care packages and Wilderness chest! - Custom Bosses - Zombie graveyard Minigame - Reworked & Improved Slayer: A massive extension to OSRS Slayer system, including superior, group tasks and a lot of new unlockables! - Over 25 bosses, most likely to increase till 30 + - Wilderness EXP Zone (x2 EXP)! - Great Economy, unlike many other servers, we aim to have a good balanced economy. - Daily Updates. - Custom interfaces - Resizable and Fullscreen - Around 100 Achievements! - Loyalty Titles and Loyalty points - Vote, Donation, Energy Fragments, Stardust and many other custom point stores! AND MUCH MUCH MORE Join us today via Discord! ~ https://discord.gg/BQ7GSSU https://discord.gg/BQ7GSSU https://discord.gg/BQ7GSSU https://discord.gg/BQ7GSSU Download link : https://www.revival317.com/files/file/3-revivalscapejar/ https://www.revival317.com/files/file/3-revivalscapejar/ https://www.revival317.com/files/file/3-revivalscapejar/ Forums link : https://www.revival317.com/ https://www.revival317.com/ https://www.revival317.com/
  6. Hello to the RL Community - I am Prestigious, developer of ArriScape. I am here to announce the opening of the beta and pre-development for my server and I'd like for you to participate! Discord | Website | Client Download Here are a list of some of our features! - 24/7 Uptime - - Fully functional PvM & PvP - - Donator Zone - - No lag - - Friendly staff - - Skillcape perks - - Prestige - - Shift-click dropping - - Slayer Bossing - - Vote rewards - - Custom clue scrolls & rewards - - Drop tables for ALL npcs - - Unique walking animations - - Team dungeoneering - - 100% Combat spells - - Boss pets - - Drop logs + Kill Tracker - - Bonus EXP Weekends - - Quick prayers - - Well of Good Will - This server is currently open-beta & Pre-Development, so please do not expect much, but I am working vigorously on lots of changes at the time!
  7. Discord Welcome to our Project Thread! Join our Discord to become a Tester! We are using the 614 deob provided by Sushi. We've built Alacrity from the ground up with the aim of providing a breathtaking and nostalgic RS experience. Our Progress Complete - In Progress - Not Started Media: Updates Log: 08/19/2018 Update 08/25/2018 Update 10/08/2018 Update Thanks for reading! If you like to support Us, Please join our discord. Alacrity Team
  8. There will be NO data reset after the beta. The first player to max will get an Infernal Max Cape, so start now! PLAY NOW AT: https://salve-ps.net/ More media will be posted soon. Credits The Salve-PS Team Salve (former owner) Bartvh (technical support) Kris (technical support)
  9. Website Play Forums Media: It's a new public released server, so don't be afraid to come and check us out! We're an Ecoserverbulding a great community. The advertisements speaks big, but if you want to really feel it, come join in for an hour and see how you like it here, you won't regret it.
  10. Home Forums Play Store Vote Hiscores ☆Working Toxic blowpipe (With charge/uncharge/loading system) ☆Raid items ☆High drop rates ☆Construction ☆Player owned shops ☆Cape customizer ☆Cerberus ☆A few custom items ☆Custom minigame with nice rewards ☆Great combat system ☆20+ Bosses ☆Trivia points/shop ☆Boss points by slaying server bosses ☆Teleport interface ☆Everyday an random event bonus ☆Evil tree ☆Zulrah ☆Kraken ☆Npc Drop Table ☆Kill Log ☆Drop Log https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5GD7FZZbhY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-yI9ekz3h8
  11. Encrypted is PVM based eco server. We have over 20 bosses offering players endless hours of farming and diversity. Join here - Custom Interfaces- All Boss Pets + Customs- Boss Logs System- Item Renting System- Fully working Gambling - Completionist & Max Cape- Cosmetic System- Dominion Tower - Tzhaar Games- Pest Control- Clan Wars- OSRS & RS3 Content- Custom Weapons (Noxious , Ballista)- PoS ( Player Owned Shops )- All 120 Capes- Daily Updates
  12. Hi rune-Locus!! website link: http://everythingps.com "MMORPG" Crown-Rsps: With content to please most, our environment is user friendly to ensure satisfaction in game=play! With 200+ achievements, Scam-proof gambling, duel arena, Many Bosses, Wilderness pvp, Many Minigames and a flawless economy structure, weekly updates. we keep our players occupied and satisfied all year around. Media: Just try us out! you won't be disappointed
  13. This is looking for beta testers. Beta testers will be rewarded with ingame perks and able to get discontinued items. You will also be added to the suggestion team on the forums. This means you will be on the board for suggesting the new updates that the community vote on. Taking all the ideas and making a voting poles if you would like to join the team. Thanks for taking the time to read the post see you in game :) Faldora.com Welcome the Faldora Update blog. If you are reading this off site please visit us at Faldora.com/forums To get started i'm going to list the current things that our server has to offer and also some of our future goals. We are going to mix them together because they are a mixed post. Future Content/ Goals/ Current Content Custom events Custom Eco Special Perks PVM PVP RANKS INGAME CLIENT WORK Forums Advertising Goals Custom events We have a few ffa games on the server where you can do dharock pking pure and brid. How we created this is that when you join the mini-game it make the players stats to the level we want so this makes it so anyone can play the game on a fair playing field. Custom Eco With our current eco that we have we are glad to say so far with our testing that the drop rates have been perfected. There is always going to be some tweaking with the prices but it will be fine. With our eco we have some items that we are going to discontinue after a few weeks of launch. These items will be dropped by monsters and after a while will be removed out of the drop tables. This is sorta like and encouragement to get players to play the server in the first week and continue playing as loyal players Special Perks With the beginning players we have a few perks. So one of them is that construction is a lot cheaper then normal. We are working on the part where you can go to the players houses and use their alters PVM All of our PVM systems are working the only problem is that the zulrah bosses have this small problem with dropping the loot under the players other then that the rest are working just fine :) PVP Our server isn't PVP based except for the mini-games. There is weapons in the game that are really OP with the spec so pvp might be a bad idea. Why we are more eco and pvm Based RANKS INGAME Our current ranks and the youtube rank and the normal donation ranks. You do get a founder rank on the forums if you join the forums within the first three weeks. CLIENT WORK We are building custom interfaces for the client we are looking for players to join the GFX client team what you can do with this is go into the cache dump folder and edit the png files and the community can vote on the client update. So during the weekend we will have the winners stuff as the cache no matter how crazy it is. It just shows how active we are with our community. Advertising Goals With advertising in mind we want to get a good player base so what we want to do is start a small growth with our community. By doing this we can help each other. There is special in game perks for helping us with our advertising campaign
  14. Hello, I'm trying to get more active players on this great server , there are multiple xp rates to choose from, ironman modes. Full of mini-games and Unique Bosses, Full Prestige System, Full Comp Cape & Comp Cape (t), skill visually go to 120 (does not affect hits etc) Full Loyality Shop, much much more come join us! My names Stltoodope Ateria-rsps.com http://ateria-rsps.com/ https://youtu.be/CTyMZTeaZo0
  15. [center][img]http://i.imgur.com/HIkOtM7.png[/img] For people that can't read what's in the thread layout: [URL="http://ps718.cu.cc/images/this ad is powerfulblinds.png"]Here[/URL] [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/9j41t1.jpg[/IMG][URL=http://ps718.cu.cc/]Website[/URL] [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/70xs2a.png[/IMG][URL=http://ps718.cu.cc/PerfectScape.jar]Play now[/URL] [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/gamemodes.png[/img] Vorago with 5 phases and decent combat system [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/vorago.png[/img] Some of the items added [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/items.png[/img][/center] [spoiler=Random Old Media] [center] Grand Exchange [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/ge1.png[/img] [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/ge2.png[/img] [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/ge3.png[/img] D zone [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/donatorzone1.png[/img] [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/dz.png[/img] Some mini-games [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/darkinvasion.png[/img] [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/zombiesminigame.png[/img] [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/trollmini.png[/img] [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/mini.png[/img] Boss Events near home [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/giants.png[/img] [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/mages.png[/img] Some bosses/Pvming [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/sunfreet.png[/img] [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/blink.png[/img] [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/nex.png[/img] [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/glacors.png[/img] [/center] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Random New Media] [center] Our lovely home [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/home.png[/img] Loot Beam [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/lootbeam dia.png[/img] [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/lootbeam loot.png[/img] New anims in D zone [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/animshit.png[/img] Vorago with 5 phases and decent combat system [img]http://www.ps718.cu.cc/images/features/vorago.png[/img] [/center] [/spoiler] [spoiler=About PK Mode] [center][img]http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20081211093738/runescape/images/archive/4/4a/20110813112528!Skull.png[/img][/center] While playing PK mode, you are able to spawn the common items, but you will not be able to interact physically with Economy players, meaning that you can't fight monsters, can't trade Economy players, and the items dropped by a Pker cannot be seen by an Economy player. [/spoiler]
  16. [CENTER][URL="http://devotion3.com"][IMG]http://devotion3.com/LogoSilver.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL="http://devotion3.com/Community"][IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/CommunitySilver.png[/IMG] [/URL] [URL="http://devotion3.com"][IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/HomepageSilver.png[/IMG] [/URL] [URL="http://devotion3.com/Hiscores"][IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/HiscoresSilver.png[/IMG] [/URL] [URL="http://rsps-pay.com/store.php?id=1554&tab=0"][IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/DonateSilver.png[/IMG] [/URL] [URL="http://devotion3.com/Vote"][IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/VoteSilver.png[/IMG][/CENTER][/URL] [CENTER][B][SIZE=2]Hello everyone here at Runelocus! My name is Tyler, Also known as Im That dude. And i want to explain what Devotion3 Is, for those that don't know. Here at Devotion3 our main goal is to create something that players all around the world can enjoy, We strive to be great! We pride ourselves in having one of the best Economy experience's there is In the RSPS Community! We also constantly Update & Change our game, To keep you entertained. So if you like what you see, Make sure to stop by. Hey, Who knows you might like it![/SIZE][/B] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [COLOR="#f5b93a"][B]Developer(s)[/B][/COLOR] [CODE][COLOR="#8a8a8a"]1.)[/COLOR] [COLOR="#f5b93a"]Tyler (Mod Tyler)[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"]2.)[/COLOR] [COLOR="#f5b93a"]Rodney (Mod Beast)[/COLOR] [CENTER][IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [COLOR="#f5b93a"][B]SKills (Some)[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"]Hunter[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]100% Puro Puro[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"]Mining[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]100% Lava Mine[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]100% Living Rrock Cavern[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]Custom Mining Animation[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] Firemaking[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]Bon Fires 100% + Health boost[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]Fire Spirit[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] Smithing[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]Correct Smithing Interface's[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]All armours smithable[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]All weapons smithable[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] Farming[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]99.9% Farming Trees, Herbs, Flowers, Produce.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] Agility[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]Advanced Gnome Agility[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]Wilderness agility course[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"]Advanced Barbarian course[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] Dungeoneering (Custom For Now)[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"] 3 Dungeoneering Locations[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"] Low Level Dungeoneering[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"] Medium Level Dungeoneering[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#f5b93a"] High Level Dungeoneering[/COLOR][/CODE] [CENTER][IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [COLOR="#f5b93a"][B]Features(s)[/B][/COLOR] [CODE][COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Achievement Diary.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Very Clean Economy.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]100% Toolbelt[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]IronMan Modes.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Clue Scrolls.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Full Working Farming (99%).[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Fully Working PuroPuro.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Level Point System (Custom).[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Trivia (Custom).[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]All Skill Dialogues.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Squeal Of Fortune.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]All Agility Courses.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]CompReqs.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Hiscores.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Full GWD.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Falling Stars.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Slayer (90%).[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]All Skills Trainable.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Fully Working Alchemy, Enchanting.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Donator Zone (Custom).[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Working Golden Mining Armour.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]LRC Fully Functional.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]100% Barrows Brothers.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Fully working Charming Imp.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]Stable exp Rates.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#8a8a8a"] - [/COLOR][COLOR="#f5b93a"]100% Warriors Guild[/COLOR][/CODE] [CENTER][IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/MediaSilver.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Rsthread/PlayerManager.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Rsthread/LodeStones.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Rsthread/IronMan.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Rsthread/Farming.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Rsthread/Runecrafting.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Rsthread/SlayerLog.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Rsthread/Toolbelt.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Rsthread/PointsShop.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Rsthread/Shops.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Rsthread/Commands.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://devotion3.com/Images/Splitter.png[/IMG] [/CENTER] [COLOR="#f5b93a"][B]Developer Update Log[/B][/COLOR] [code] *Website Sided Updates* - Added the option to download old client - New logo added - - - *In Game Updates* - Wilderness Agility Fully Functional. - Gnome Agility Reworked. - Barbarian Agility Reworked. - Reworked Xp Rates / Buffed Cash Per Hour. - Reworked Mining Exp. - Added Full Money Pouch With Shop Support. - Patched Farming So it's not As Buggy, Still alot of work to be done. - Added Skilling Teleports - Added PVM Teleports - Added PvP Teleport - Added Full Max / Comp Cape Requirements. - Added Comp cape Hoods. - Fixed Crystal Key Dupe / Glitch :D - Fishing Exp Rates Buffed. - Woodcutting Exp Rates Buffed. - Fixed PikkupStix Shops. - Re-Done Pvm Dialogues. - Fixed All GWD Doors. - Fixed Completionist Cape Requirements. - Added ::compreqs. - Removed MrEx (Pointless Npc). - Fixed Thessalia Dialogue. - Fixed Man's Combat Def's. - Cleaned up home a little more. - Made Some skills more profitable. - Added ::forums. - Added ::highscores. - Added ::report. - Added ::vote (Will work when i add a vote system). - Added ::Commands (With New Interface). - Added Falador Mining Location. - Added Multiple Skilling locations for the following skills (Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing). - Added Low, Medium, High Level Dungeoneering Areas. - Completely Redone Kuradal's Dungeon. - Added A Slayer log, Like runescape. Which tracks all of your slayer monster kills ::Slayerkills (Interface is temporary) - Updated some completionist Cape Requirements. - Added Dialogue To max. - Stayed up till 6 am working on the server FML. - Added Fully Working Squeal of Fortune. - Fixed A Bug Which made adamant give more exp then rune in smithing - Fixed Barrows Spades, You no longer need to bring a spade with you. - Added ALOT more slayer mosters. - Completely Redone Taverly Dungeon. - Made Golden Mining Armour Actually Give Mining Xp Bonus (Must Have Full Set). - Added Dwarf Battlefield (With MultiCombat). - Re-Done alot of monsters drop rates. - Cleaned Up Player Commands. - Cleaned Up Owner Commands. - Cleaned Up Donator Commands. - Added Charm Drops To Every Monster. - Redone & Fixed Slayer Shop. - Cleaned ::Commands - Added a new ::Slayerkills with donator benefits. - Made a new ::commands interface - Fixed Prayer (Now with interface/Dialogue) - Done adding clue scrolls - fixed charm drop issue. - Added clue scrolls. - Added clue scroll to npc drops. - Fixed Fletching Dialogue (Now has "Make All"). - Fully working lodestones (Must activate to use). - Fully working Puro Puro with impling jars. - Fixed Npc slayer level requirements. - Fixed the impling jar Looting. - Fixed Runespan floors, Aswell as buffed the exp. - Added monsters to ganodermix dungeon - COMPLETELY Redone In-Game Ranks. - Cleaned over 500 warnings IE, Unused imports etc. - Got rid of portals completely replaced with a npc. - Added full Alchemy, Enchanting. - Added a well of Fortune (Donate for Bonus XP). - Fixed alot Of Interfaces. - Fixed Some nulled npcc. - Worked on some more dialogue. - Worked on Well of fortune some more. - Fixed a dupe that i created by accident. - Added Lava-Flow Mine. - Added Kalphite Queen. - Added Lava Flow Mine Points. - Added Lava Flow Mine Points Rewards. - Added FUll Player Rewards dialogue. - Updated The Action Tab More. - Added new starter npc Dialogue, Aswell as the items. - Fixed some Owner Debug. - Fixed Gilded Dragon Pickaxe, Now mines. - Fixed the bug where you could click through the new player dialogue, And cancel it. - Fixed another dupe. - Completely redone Squeal of fortune now 100%. - Fixed Money Pouch - Fixed Money pouch depositing - Added money pouch shop support. - Changed some prices of monster drops making them more profitable, Some of these include, Dagannoths, Dragons, Bandos, Arma, Sara, Zammy. - Done with Shooting stars. - Finished Slayer Helmet Recolouring + Dialogue. - Went over alot of npcs dialogue fixed grammar + messy stages etc. - Done redoing crystal key chest rewards. - Finished squeal of fortune rewards + Global message on your reward. - Added spin ticket drops to all monsters. - Added Title Manager, You can now select which titles you want & Reset titles. - Finished adding 99.9% farming. - Full slayer system, With multiple slayer masters. - Done with ancient cavern objects. - Fixed full toolbelt 100% (Thanks to project aka Owner of Project p2p) - Fixed profitability of farming, Thieving, Dragons. Now stable. - Shops completely done (Unless players agree that something should be added) - Redone all 120 capes. - Added custom Skilling Animations to "player Manager". - Fixed moving issue with new accounts (Starter dialogue) - Fixed wilderness drops issue! - Added Random Trivia - Added more items to alot of shops - Updated banker dialogue - Added a new starter Interface - Updated "Commands" Interface - Added an achievements Diary - Added advanced gnome agility course - Fixed the double win bug in the trivia - Wilderness obelisk now works - Added Rollback protection set at every 5 minutes - Added Ice Strykeworms, Daggannoths - Added Recipe For Disaster Minigame - Completely Disabled Dropping (Now Destroys item) - Added Bolt Tip Making - Fixed Spinning Wheel - Added Inferno Adze - Added Birds Nests - Added Fixed Woodcutting speed - Fixed Starter character nulling - Added Player cPanel [/code] [SIZE=4][U][CENTER]Everything is Subject to change, Alot of this is unfinished content. Keep that in mind when commenting.[/CENTER][/U][/SIZE]
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