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Found 170 results

  1. Join best semicustom rsps server now with a 4 new unique skill and smoothest client u seen so far. Huge Giveaways by best youtubers this day! More Info you found at Discord! Discord: https://discord.gg/3Pg2Bg4UUg Releasing on 07.01.2021 +3:00 PM EST
  2. My suggestion for your starter kit is that you upload a complete file. I downloaded it twice and tried to unzip it, and both times winRar told me that it was incomplete/corrupt. I'm sure I can find an appropriate alternative on this forum but it's a bit annoying to waste my time downloading something that I cannot open. This isn't a complaint, just a suggestion that will make you guys look more professional.
  3. On Other Forums My Username Is SkySwordGaming Welcome To My Tutorial On How To Get Your Own RuneScape Private Server Going! Eclipse: Eclipse WinRar: WinRar (32 Bit) Java JDK: Java 7 Update 79 (32 Bit) Okay So Once You Have Downloaded Them Three Programs And Installed Them We Will Need To Get A Client And Source I Recommended Project Insanity Which Is Revision 317 Which Is Good For Starting Off With I Have Gone To The Effort Of Downloading, Cleaning Up And Reorganizing This Release Into One Small .zip File You're Welcome Once You Have Downloaded The .zip File Then Extract It To Somewhere. I Just Put It On My Desktop For Easiness. RuneLuck Starter Pack: http://sh.st/jRKfY Okay The Next Step Is To Open Up Eclipse You Will Be Greeted With The Following Screen Yours Will Look Different I Have Only Customized Mine To My Liking. Click File -> New -> Java Project Then Type Client In Project Name. Untick The Box That Says Use Default Location And Press Browse And Point It To The Client Folder e.g. C:\Users\Cohen243\Documents\RuneLuck Starter Pack\Client After That Press Finish Do The Exact Same With The Server Folder Now Expand The Server Folder -> src -> server And Press On Server.java and Press The Green Play Button. The Server Is Now Running Press The Red Stop Button Just Above The Console To Stop The Server Go Into The Client Folder -> (default package) then click on client.java Press The Little Black Arrow Next To The Green Play Button Then Click On Run Configurations. Now Click On The Arguments Tab And Under Program arguments paste in 10 0 highmem members 32 How Do I Make Myself Owner? Go Into Server\Data\characters And Find Your Character Name And Open With Notepad Then Replace character-rights = 0 With character-rights = 3 Then Save 0 = Player 1 = Moderator 2 = Administrator 3 = Owner You Are Now An Owner of The Server How To Change Start Location? Go Into src\server Folder In Server Folder Then Open Config.java Now Edit public static final int START_LOCATION_X = 3087; public static final int START_LOCATION_Y = 3500; To The Coordinates Of Your Chosen Spawn Location For Coordinates List Refer To http://rs-codes.weebly.com/coords-list.html EXP Rates EXP Rates Are In The Same Config.java Just Go To The Bottom And Edit Accordingly Go To Lines 55 And Line 163 In Config.java To See The Following. public static final int MELEE_EXP_RATE = 500; //Line 55 public static final int RANGE_EXP_RATE = 500; public static final int MAGIC_EXP_RATE = 500; public static final int WOODCUTTING_EXPERIENCE = 40; //Line 163 public static final int MINING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int SMITHING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int FARMING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int FIREMAKING_EXPERIENCE = 50; public static final int HERBLORE_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int FISHING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int AGILITY_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int PRAYER_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int RUNECRAFTING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int CRAFTING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int THIEVING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int SLAYER_EXPERIENCE = 50; public static final int COOKING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int FLETCHING_EXPERIENCE = 40; Make Sure To Run Compile.bat Before Run.bat Changing Client IP Address Go Into Client Folder Then Open client.java And Go To Line 12060 Now Replace With Your Server Address Press The Black Arrow Next To The Green Play Button Again And Press Server Then Press Client To Start Both The Server And The Client. Congratulations You Now Have Setup A RuneScape Private Server!
  4. VastPkz


    The supreme server for any RSPS enthusiast. Play Now Features - Combination of perfect PK adventure and skilling world - Ultimate XP rates - 14+ Bosses - Fully working Minigames - 100+ Achievements - Fun quests - Fully working Grand Exchange - Perfectly Working skills including: Hunter, Slayer, Dungeoneering.. And many more. - Fully working osrs music and sound that will make you nostalgic. Hundreds of more delighting features can be written, why don't you try it yourself? Join Us Now! Media: Coropreal Beast, one of the many bosses: Hunter: Great PK system and all working speical attacks: Agility and a lot more skills: And of course, Home, sweet home:
  5. I have a vision of a 718 server that is better than elveron. One where you can get on and start enjoying yourself right from the get go. Every skill is in need of being redone. Combat, different points stores, setting it up. If your interested my skype is tomwins95. I really need help guys!
  6. Every time I download someone's source and client and then make some changes (add npc's, shops etc) and then try to compile with the compiler given in the folders, I get an error message saying "The system can not find the path specified, press any key to continue" I've edited the compilers according to my version of JDK thinking that would help but it doesn't. Does anyone know of how I could fix this or have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  7. Hi there, I was wondering if it's possible to make certain npc's private and only shows when the player has a, true value in his file. Example of what i mean. [QUOTE]npc 1 = man. if (player.hastruevalue == false) { npc.getAppearence().switchshown(); } else if (player.hastruevalue == true) { npc.getAppearence().switchhidden(); [/QUOTE] Is it possible in one way just like real runescape. if you completed a certain quest, Some npc's will be hidden for the player, While others can, Still interact with them? Same for objects. which will only show, when the player has a certain value enabled or true/false after a quest or interaction. Sorry for the poor explanation. All help is appreciated!
  8. Hey can somebody please help me start a simple rsps please add me on skype or message me on here! Skype - deathreats Will pay paypal for helping :)
  9. Hey all! I'm new to RuneLocus, well private RuneScape servers in general. Lulz. I'm trying to find a private server that is exactly or almost exactly like 2007Scape, with all the original quests, map etc. etc. Also would love it to have a great online community. Thank you in advance for any help. Much obliged :)
  10. Does anyone know of a server close to 2007Scape (Old School RS)? Nothing extremely modified please. Something with a a great community. Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone, i understand I may not be too well known on RuneLocus but I do have quite some experience with RSPS especially with the development of them. I'm been the developer of 2 projects over the last couple of months both ending sadly of course. (due to the owner losing interest). Now that I'm available I'd like to open my services to anyone who would need them, this would include but is not limited to: [LIST] [*]PI Development [*]Hyperion Development [*]Revision 508+ Development [*]Bug Testing / Fixing [*]Dupe Finding / Patching [*]Content Addition [/LIST] I can only offer so much of my work as I never really posted it that much on here, however if you were to search my name on other 'big' RSPS sites, (Mind Games, MicroZoft) you can see more of it. Last Project: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?102584-Project-Extracted[/url] Last Work Done (paid server addition): [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?102829-My-Dungeoneering[/url] Old Content: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?101032-Managing-Miscellania-Conquest-2-0[/url] Drop Log: (progressively got better as I continued to work on it, sadly that post doesn't have the most recent update on it). [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?100389-317-Show-Off-Drop-Log[/url] [B]Payment methods I accept: Paypal[/B] If you are interested, please post below, message me, or add my Skype: Mind..Games Thanks for viewing.
  12. New the community as I'm tired of what I get on ruined-server (just plain rudeness) so maybe RL will be a different story? :p Anyways I'm starting up a server where you login & spend time either pk'ing to get bank or bossing/skilling/whatever is implemented to build your bank up [B]so you can pk[/B] I have a few questions for you guys. How should items like welfare gear be put into the game? (Spawned, shops, etc) How should I implement cosmetic items? What should the main ways to receive cash be? Should an item in PKP store be obtainable any other way? Should all/most bosses be in a PvP area? Should a big a city be turned into a PvP area excluding banks in the area? IE: Varrock Should bosses have a high drop rate, or low drop rate? Should items obtainable from bosses (trident, d2h, tentacle whip) also be in PKP store? What should the use for money be? (there is little use for cash as of right now) Should I add a shop with items from bosses/pkp store that cost a large amount (more than economy worth) IE: AGS for 2000m instead of 800 PKP? Should PvP Armours + Claws + Spirit shields be added? Specify which should/shouldn't. Instead of cash, should I implement a way to transfer PKP (buy tickets worth 5 PKP in shop -- tradable -- sell back for 5 points) Thanks guys, please try to answer at least a few so I can get a nice little idea of what I should do, and what would be most enjoyable. Please give as detailed of an answer as possible, and explain some things that you would enjoy doing/seeing/having in this type of server. Interested in beta testing, developing, or even just giving ideas add my skype: tyler_tassin
  13. [COLOR="#1E7E99"][CENTER][img]http://i.imgur.com/rLkPoWY.png[/img] Chaos Realm is a PKing based server that offers a plethora of content for hours of enjoyment. At Chaos Realm we strive to bring you the best gaming experience possible. Our dedicated Development team spends countless hours working on content for your pleasure. What are you waiting for? You can jump right in and be PKing in under 20 minutes or you can take your time and go for one of our unique 200M skilling passives! Begin your adventure NOW! [B][url="http://www.chaos-realm.com/home/"][COLOR="red"]Chaos Realm[/COLOR][/url] [url="http://www.chaos-realm.com/play/"][COLOR="red"]Play Now[/COLOR][/url] [url="http://www.chaos-realm.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page"][COLOR="Red"]Wiki[/COLOR][/url][/B] [SIZE="4"][B][I][COLOR="#0961A8"]Old School Graphics[/COLOR][/I][/B][/SIZE] Chaos Realm offers players the option to switch from 667 (new) models to 498 (old) models in one swift click! Itching for that old school 'scaper experience? Come start your adventure at Chaos Realm now! [SIZE="4"][B][I][COLOR="#0961A8"]Unique Skilling Passives & Achievements[/COLOR][/I][/B][/SIZE] Are you more of a skiller? Chaos Realm offers a never before seen experience with 200m skilling passives. Unlock your inner beast and gain boosts by obtaining the combat passives or show your sly side by looting the thieving passive. We also have a unique achievement system that gains new achievements regularly. Can you unlock them all and get the coveted Developer's Cape? [SIZE="4"][B][I][COLOR="#0961A8"]Other Features[/COLOR][/I][/B][/SIZE] [I]-NPC based dicing -15+ bosses -20+ skills -Castle Wars -Fight Pits -Max & Completionist Capes -Active & Friendly Staff -Custom Bosses -Hide and Seek -Bounty Hunter -Black Market[/I] [I][SIZE="1"]~Chaos Realm - Your Adventure Begins HERE!~[/SIZE][/I][/CENTER][/color] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/r4FiMvZ.gif[/IMG]
  14. Personally I prefer 317 or 474. What about you guys? What does the majority like?
  15. Hey im new to the forums and today I got the excellent idea to make a RuneScape Private server so now im here tryna learn. If anyone can help me shoot me a skype its xspectruhmz
  16. Hi, I want to learn how to code but I have no idea where to start or what to read. Has anybody made a good guide on coding RSPS that anybody knows of? I'd appreciate it. Thank you!
  17. Hi there, I was wondering. Is it possible to make objects and npc's some of them, Appear only for the player who has completed the required quest or anything you assign. Such as Lighting a lantern for a quest. Lets say we have player L33tkiller and player Fairstone * this is just to show you what i mean* In player.java we have private booleans [CODE] public boolean startedLightLantern = false; public boolean inProgressLightLantern = false; public boolean completedLightLantern = false;[/CODE] Both players can see a npc called, Lantern lighter. Once you talk to him you can start the quest which will make [CODE]public boolean startedLightLantern = true;[/CODE] So lets say. Player l33tkiller started the quest which makes the boolean set true for him. But for player fairstone its still false. So i want for player l33tkiller, If the Boolean is True to spawn certain npc's As example [CODE]World.spawnNPC(133, new WorldTile(3602, 3339, 0), -1, true);[/CODE] So i do not want player Fairstone be able to see it Since he is still on false. Now for an object Such as a lantern. There are lanterns across runescape. Take as example lantern ID 6413. I already got them ready so you can light them. But, i only want the player be able to light them if they are true with the boolean. If you are false with it i want the player fairstone not be able to see nor activate it. And as last. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lets take the fightcaves, The tzhaar fight caves once you start them, takes a certain part. Copy's it to an empty space, And makes it an private space for just the player. So you cant multiplay there. Is it possible to make it for more area's? To make it copy a certain zone/region and make it private in an empty space. Thanks in advance i hope that it was not a bad explanation.
  18. I remember years ago they're was a server status page instead of this. Seems like it only goes by votes now. However that's only have the problem, the other problem is that each slot takes up so much space on the screen for a list. What do you guys think?
  19. Hey guys! im recently very new to creating my own private server and would defiantly love to own one, if someone could please help me it would be much appreciated! :) Yours sincerely Renshawjosh
  20. Now I know what you're thinking "money whore blah blah." But I'm just curious; how much can a runescape private server actually make if it gets big enough?
  21. Hey guys im just looking for some help from an experienced coder. i will also be needing someone to help make a website and webclient. please feel free to discuss with me on skype : brodie1131 cheers
  22. Hey, i need assistance with a way to run a Source and Client on a Macbook Pro. i'm used to window's and i've recently bought a Macbook pro and i'm trying to work on Coding my own server. i cannot get Run.bat or Compile.bat to work on my macbook. i've had past Experience coding but not with a Mac. A source and Client Macbook friendly would be nice if someone could include a link too one or a guide link. Thanks !
  23. shrek3

    06 Private Server

    Hello, I'm new to making private servers, and I really wanted to make a simple 06 private server. I really need help i have a very basic understanding of Java, and i've played alot of Runescape Private Servers. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi, so I used to run a RuneScape private server, and everything went smoothly. I had a reasonable amount of people join in (A community of 150+ accounts that joined regularly), and even donate to me. So I would check daily to make sure my server was working fine, etc. But that was way back in 2008 (Obviously used a different server hosting client). I have decided to resurrect my private server days and make a new one! Although- I am having some problems. I literally followed this tutorial runelocus. com/ tutorials/ make_own_server.html#2 (My first post, I cannot post links directly, Sorry!) exactly, I even double read - and checked - EVERYTHING. The problem I'm having if when I try to compile my server, the following error pops up in a command-prompt box; javac: no source files Usage: javac <options> <source files> use -help for a list of possible options Press any button to continue . . . What the fuck is this. I know my path in "Environment Variables" is correct, and I can't find anything else to do. Also when I just ignore that and to strait into RuneScape, I cannot create an account because it would require me to go to the actual RuneScape website, and might I note this is 2007-2008 style RuneScape, so no emails, which is what my new account uses, and when I hit create account, it says "Error connecting to server.". How would I allow myself, and others, to make an account for my private server when I resolve the previously mentioned error. PLEASE HELP. :confused: