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Found 48 results

  1. Hey guys so today I tried to edit the prices of items on my old rsps. So what I did is changed price of ags to 1B it shows on shop but if you right click on it or wanna buy it. it still says its 75M! [attachment=29:xeb3AxL.jpg] [attachment=30:PCvV0IM.jpg] [attachment=31:9X1jpM6.jpg] Also changed it shop.java The buy/sell price [attachment=32:yYzUFPl.png] Please some1 help me <3 its zenith cache aka matrix
  2. Hi, So I'm using the Chronicscape source by Baki. It's an amazing source but.. butbutbubtut... xD. I can't change the shop prices ;( I've tried everything.. In unpacked shops, It doesn't give me the option to change prices. only Item ID and quantity. I've tried to use Item Def Editor, But that thing wont run for me .. it give me some CMD error. and I've edited the .bat to change the java location to my current java location... :/ This is annoying lol. please help :) thankss
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  4. For example I have Dragon claws in my Donor point shop at a certain price, but i also want them in my pk point shop at a different price but when i change the price of the one in donor point it changes the price of the pk point shop to the same, does anyone know how to do this ?
  5. Hello, i have been looking around and havent found anything that helped me. If i want to make 2 different prices in the shopassistant at public int getSpecialItemValue(int id), for exampel. I want my chaotic rapier that costs 1000 pk points, only to cost 100 donator points. How do i make a seperate list from public int getSpecialItemValue(int id)? Thank you!
  6. So, I've only two things left on a long-ish project to get my first private server going, and i prefer to learn by myself, trail, error and experience and whatnot, but this one issue has me baffled.. I'm trying to put my prices at a reasonable price on my items, however, every time i add new items that are in my server and client but not on my price list, i get an out of bounds exception, and no matter what i do to reverse it, can only fix it by replacing item.txt with the original unedited version of the file.. I've upped the item limit on my server properly (as far as i know, i figured it personally) and all should work, but alas, no luck. Any ideas? only constructive criticism please, I'm trying to learn after all. I wouldn't be posting this if I hadn't exhausted all my knowledge and search abilities :P It's a 317 [CODE]Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 at server.world.ItemHandler.loadItemPrices(ItemHandler.java:321) at server.world.ItemHandler.<init>(ItemHandler.java:35) at server.Server.<clinit>(Server.java:68) Press any key to continue . . .[/CODE]
  7. First off, my server is a 667/711 - I had to add a prefix to post this, anyways... I have went through all the items in shop.java and changed all the prices to what I want. I compiled and ran the server to find that none of these prices have changed. All of the prices are still changed in the file, but are not in the game. What can be the problem here? I'm compiling correctly as everything else changes. :confused:
  8. I made a shop and i can buy and sell at the right prices but the listed price in the shop interface is wrong. Does any one know how i can fix this? [ATTACH=CONFIG]9976[/ATTACH]
  9. Hey can some one please tell me what file i go to too change the prices of my items in my pkp shop eg. D claws are 500 and i want to change them to 300 or something how do i do this? Thanks.
  10. newboy

    [562]Loading prices

    If you know how rs2hd loads prices, then you will under stand what I'm asking. So my question is how do I make another column for another price category? Ex: This is how it loads now [code] Item = 1 2 3 4 [/code] 1 = itemid 2 = buy price 3 = sell price 4 = alch price I want to add another column after 4 This is where it loads prices: [code] package com.rs2hd.content; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.BufferedWriter; import java.io.FileReader; import java.io.FileWriter; import com.rs2hd.util.log.Logger; /** * Item Definition class * @author Graham * */ public class LoadPrices { private final int [] BuyPrice = new int[40000]; private final int [] SellPrice = new int[40000]; private final int [] AlchPrice = new int[40000]; public void DumpData(int Id) { try { BufferedWriter bf = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter("./data/mapdata/special/"+Id+".txt", false)); bf.write("0"); bf.newLine(); bf.flush(); bf.write("0"); bf.newLine(); bf.flush(); bf.write("0"); bf.newLine(); bf.flush(); bf.write("0"); bf.newLine(); bf.flush(); bf.flush(); bf.close(); bf = null; } catch(Exception e) { } } public LoadPrices() { int amt = 0; String line = "", token = "", token2 = "", token2_2 = "", token3[] = new String[10]; BufferedReader list = null; try { list = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("./data/Prices.cfg")); line = list.readLine().trim(); } catch (Exception e) { Logger.getInstance().info("Error loading item list."); } while (line != null) { int spot = line.indexOf("="); if (spot > -1) { token = line.substring(0, spot).trim(); token2 = line.substring(spot + 1).trim(); token2_2 = token2.replaceAll("\t\t", "\t"); token2_2 = token2_2.replaceAll("\t\t", "\t"); token2_2 = token2_2.replaceAll("\t\t", "\t"); token3 = token2_2.split("\t"); if (token.equals("Item")) { amt ++; int ItemId = Integer.parseInt(token3[0]); BuyPrice[ItemId] = Integer.parseInt(token3[1]); SellPrice[ItemId] = Integer.parseInt(token3[2]); AlchPrice[ItemId] = Integer.parseInt(token3[3]); } } else { if (line.equals("[ENDOFPRICELIST]")) { try { LoadObjects(); Logger.getInstance().info("Loaded "+ amt + " item prices."); list.close(); } catch (Exception exception) { } list = null; return; } } try { line = list.readLine().trim(); } catch (Exception exception1) { try { list.close(); } catch (Exception exception) { } list = null; return; } } } public int BuyPrice(int Id) { return BuyPrice[Id]; } public int SellPrice(int Id) { return SellPrice[Id]; } public int AlchPrice(int Id) { return AlchPrice[Id]; } } [/code]
  11. Using Rune-Evo 742 source here, and I'm wondering how I delete items from a shop and how to change their prices. Any help appreciated be noob friendly.
  12. I changed the prices in prices.java and they will not change.
  13. Dear Runelocus members, I [B]really need[/B] help [B]fast[/B] by an expert of 562 RS2HD. It's about prices : everything is at 0 ! The prices.cfg is working normally, as with Shophandler.java and Shops.java. The consequences is that [B]everyone can get everything free in shops[/B]! I have no idea why is it doing it. Please, pm me if you think you know how to solve it so I can show you more. As I said, I really need this help, since I only need to fix it and then I'll release my new server ! If it's needed, I'll pay [B]5M RSGP[/B] for the fix (Still nice amount for only fixing an error). ~Smileypky0u.
  14. newboy

    Prices Problem 562

    I changed some prices in prices.cfg. I made an error something because I cant run the source. Is there a way to find that missing number in that file easily? Or make it so that you can still run the source if your missing a number? Please I really need this fixed
  15. Hello everyone! :P I was wondering if anyone knew how to change the prices for the Grand Exchange. If you don't know what I mean, example: Open G.E Type 'Armadyl Godsword' The default price for it on my source is 139M. I want to change that price. I'm pretty sure it's called the 'Interface Price'? Anyway, could someone tell me how to do it? I opened the Dragon Claws in the item def editor and it said the price was 135k... The G.E price is 65m... so I don't think it's the Item Def Editor. If anyone can tell me, I can upload the Item Def Editor and Cache Editor for 718's in return? Thanks guys! :)
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  17. Can Anyone help me change the prices for my server its all i need left until I can release it.
  18. I've tried adding shop prices for the matrix 718 loading 723 source [quote] case 554: //item id item.getDefinitions().setValue(2500); //buying prices break; case 555: //item id item.getDefinitions().setValue(2500); //buying prices break; [/quote] But this apparently will not work, could I get some help or a tutorial on adding prices to shops for a 718?
  19. hey , i recently added a token shop and added prices but some items not setting the price of the items like in this picture hm? [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/4j8z7.png[/IMG] thanks,
  20. I'm really new to all this coding and I've looked up tutorials on how to do this sort of thing but everytime it always comes up wrong. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6280[/ATTACH] As you can see, these prices are way different from the the code that I put into Shop.java as you can see here: public int getBuyPrice(Item item, int dq) { switch (item.getId()) { case 1127: item.getDefinitions().setValue(30000); break; case 1079: item.getDefinitions().setValue(30000); break; case 4151: item.getDefinitions().setValue(120000); break; case 1712: item.getDefinitions().setValue(30000); break; case 7462: item.getDefinitions().setValue(50000); break; case 10828: item.getDefinitions().setValue(30000); break; case 11732: item.getDefinitions().setValue(30000); break; case 20072: item.getDefinitions().setValue(30000); break; } return item.getDefinitions().getValue(); } public int getSellPrice(Item item, int dq) { switch (item.getId()) { case 1127: item.getDefinitions().setValue(15000); break; case 1079: item.getDefinitions().setValue(15000); break; case 4151: item.getDefinitions().setValue(60000); break; case 1712: item.getDefinitions().setValue(15000); break; case 7462: item.getDefinitions().setValue(25000); break; case 10828: item.getDefinitions().setValue(15000); break; case 11732: item.getDefinitions().setValue(15000); break; case 20072: item.getDefinitions().setValue(15000); break; } return item.getDefinitions().getValue(); } If anyone can tell me what is wrong it would be greatly appreciated. Like I said, I'm new to this and I don't want to make a server online I just want to mess around for now. Thanks. P.S. I can't find the option to put java into code on the forums so help with that would be nice too.
  21. Hi, i need help editing the prices on a 714 server i have, im not used to the source which is zenithscape if that helps. if anyone could help me it would really be appreciated. thanks ildar
  22. Does anyone have the right prices for the items of a 317 server with vesta and stuff like that that you can give me im too lazy to change all the prices cause their is like over 3000+
  23. my question is how can i add item prices @ me tokkul shop tried with displee's cache editor but it just fcked up me cache so is there another way changing shop item prices? redevo,
  24. [code] [2012/07/18 00:37:34] [alhassa-scape]: alhassa-scape framework Exception in thread "alhassa-scape" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at com.rs2hd.Server.<init>(Server.java:71) at com.rs2hd.Main$1.run(Main.java:36) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "53 10" at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source) at com.rs2hd.content.LoadPrices.<init>(LoadPrices.java:73) at com.rs2hd.GameEngine.<clinit>(GameEngine.java:103) ... 3 more Press any key to continue . . . [/code] i checked it out i have no spaces or anything in the code so idk what else it can be...
  25. In eclipse 639 I can use the shopediter to make my own shops and everything but I don't know how to change the prices. Items already have prices when I put them in the store and they are really cheap. If anyone can tell me how to change the prices that would be great! Thanks. Edit: Nvm, I figured out how