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Found 5 results

  1. Hey I really need help stopping people from logging out during trades. Players will send a trade request, right click the logout button, when the other player accepts the trade they will logout and then login to perform the 3 person dupe. I have googled it for days and have been unable to come up with a successful fix. Please help!
  2. I know what i need to do but need some help. I have a cheat client accessing my server i need to make it so only my client can run with my server. I have tried changing the uid code but that did absolutely nothing any suggestions? I found one guide on how to fix this and it does not work.
  3. So I was trying to prevent admins from being able to trade and drop items since they have spawn, but at the same time allow certain accounts with the same rights(2) to be able to trade and drop. The closest I could get with the help of google was sending the message that admins weren't allowed to trade, but it still let them (tl;dr Need to stop admins from trading/dropping but allow owners with same rights to do so) Please and thanks for the help! Ok, so with further investigation, I managed to get it so Admins can't trade or sell to shops, but I can't find a qay to keep them from dropping. [B][I]Only help needed now: Preventing admins from DROPPING items[/I][/B] [B][I][COLOR="#FF0000"]EDIT 2: Got all 3 working, thanks though. Guess trial and error and google does go a long way[/COLOR][/I][/B]
  4. I coded a UID system for people who log on my server with Cheat Clients... But these noobs keep coming back. and they're saying they're just editing my client. How do i make it so they cant edit the client!!!! Pm me on skype or reply to this post Skype: Hamza-ftw
  5. Ok guys, So I have a friend who is wondering about how to prevent ddos attacks on his cpanel X. He basically said he got ddosed, and has no protection/firewalls.. If you could provide me with downloads/plugins to forward to him that would be great. He said he would also pay some rsgp if needed...