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Found 8 results

  1. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Zgk7zka.png[/IMG] [B]About Us[/B] Set and Get is a company that provides premium programming services, our developers deliver a quality code which is easy to use and understand. Besides our premium programming services we also provide premium support to the code we have placed, if you got any questions about our code or if you have problems with it we will repair the code for free. [B]Experience[/B] Set and Get's programmers are mainly Java programmers but also have experience with languages such as; Ruby, PHP, HTML, .NET, C# and C. [B]Revisions[/B] Set and Get is able to provide services for all RSPS revisions, no matter what base. [B]Price[/B] Set and Get works on per-job basis, this means you'll pay per service and not per hour. We always talk/negotiate about the price till we find the perfect price for your service. [B]Contact[/B] Website: [url]http://setandget.com[/url] E-mail: [email][email protected][/email] Skype: Markoza1998 [B]T.O.S.[/B] [spoiler=T.O.S.]SECTION 1 1.1. All payments to Set and Get go through PayPal. 1.2. Once Set and get received the payment, we will start development. 1.3. Set and Get don't refund any payments to Set and Get unless your situation is stated in Section 2. SECTION 2 2.1. If Set and Get isn't able to do your service and you have already sent us a payment, then we will grant you, the customer a full refund. 2.2. If the product doesn't function as described or isn't as described, we will grant you, the customer a full refund. SECTION 3 3.1. Set and Get guarantees, that all the code we place in your source is fully functional as you described it to us. (unless we have negotiated, then the last description of the product counts.) 3.2. We are not responsible for any damages to the code that you, the customer has issued. SECTION 4 4.1. Set and Get holds the right to cancel or decline a service at any time, for any reason. 4.2. Set and Get holds all the rights of the code, any changes that damage our code will cancel our warranty.[/spoiler] [/CENTER]
  2. looking for someone who has battlefield premium for the xbox one to "Game share" has to be the premium addon and not the premium disc. did this a couple of months ago with someone but unfortunately my xbox ended up going out the window so now need to find someone else due to a new xbox, it doesn't effect your premium or account, its part of Microsoft's "game sharing" idea. price - $10 paypal
  3. Hello, I'm not really using this so I decided you all should have it.c: Here's a preview: [SPOILER='Preview'] [IMG]http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l593/neckcuta1/mtq1h_zps1f7995a6.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l593/neckcuta1/ip7Hq_zpsc4a87735.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l593/neckcuta1/6mx5T_zpsbfde249d.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l593/neckcuta1/4LFFr_zpsaf23cad4.png[/IMG] [/SPOILER] DOWNLOAD: removed by Joe Enjoy. c: I'm not sure if these threads are allowed here, if not just delete.
  4. [URL="https://firstchoicehosting.co.uk/index.php"][SIZE=4]First Choice Hosting[/SIZE] [/URL] [B]About us[/B] First Choice Hosting is a company committed to providing the best possible hosting services at an affordable price, this is why many people have joined First Choice Hosting. We started out helping friends with their hosting services earlier this year and ever since we have gradually grown. We now host many websites for many people around the world. [B]Servers and Network[/B] We are only using quality hardware made by Dell to guarantee a 99,9% uptime and an awesome performance. Our servers are located in Los Angeles, Amsterdam,New York,Kent and San Francisco to provide you the best connection wherever you need it. [B]Our Support[/B] We are offering the best support. You can contact us via eMail, ticket or livechat. Everyone of our dedicated staff is able to give you a fast and correct answer whenever you need it. [B]Our offers[/B] [URL="https://firstchoicehosting.co.uk/shared.php"]Shared Hosting[/URL] -Free SSL -Free Domain */** -cPanel -LiteSpeed Webserver -Daily Backups ... and much more! [URL="https://firstchoicehosting.co.uk/virtual.php"]Virtual Private Servers[/URL] -Raid Storage -Dedicated RAM -Enterprise Hardware -100Mbit Connection ... and much more! [B]Payment Methods[/B] -Direct Debit -PayPal [B]Important Links[/B] [URL="https://firstchoicehosting.co.uk/terms.php"]TOS[/URL] [URL="https://firstchoicehosting.co.uk/team.php"]Team[/URL] Contact - [email][email protected][/email] Thank you, Moritz Hupe, Technician and Support. [SIZE=1][email protected] * - Only available on the yearly plan (Starter) ** - Only available on the quarterly and higher terms (Advanced)[/SIZE]
  5. Well I thought I would add these, since it would make premium a little more functional and less programming :) and cleaner ofc. Premium Teleports [CODE]public void dTeleport(int x, int y, int height) { if (c.isDonator == false) { c.sendMessage("You are not premium, you cannot go here."); } else { startTeleport(x, y, height, "modern"); } }[/CODE] For instance if you have a donator tab this would work [CODE]public void dTab(int id, int interfaceId) { if (c.isDonator == false) { c.sendMessage("You cannot use this tab, you are not a premium member."); } else { c.setSidebarInterface(id, interfaceId); } }[/CODE] Ladders for donators if needed [CODE]public void dLadder(int x, int y, int height, int way) { if (c.isDonator == false) { c.sendMessage("Only premium members can access this area."); } else { if (way == 0) { c.startAnimation(828); movePlayer(x, y, height); } else { c.startAnimation(827); movePlayer(x, y, height); } } }[/CODE] Needed: [CODE] isDonator = false, [/CODE] If any requested please ask and I will make them :)
  6. To start off, I am writing this to add a decent premium stystem to your server, so your players aren't donating for nothing and are more interested in contributing to your server if you have one. [b]Why am I doing this?[/b] Players seem to be donating for admin/mod on most servers and I want that to stop, it is no way proffesional and it needs to stop. So this is going to be written for optional features for your premium/golden members and they will hopefully consider contributing more ofter. [b]Explanation:[/b] I want to be more unique than servers, as I always do want to be, but I don't see it being very unique now as I am releasing the feature. Which dosen't bother me because I'm already planning on another unique one that has most definitely not been seen before. The system is not a one time payment, well... it can be but the plan is to get players to contribute more often to help keep your server up and alive, this also will not ruin your economy. I am not going to spoonfeed you 100% on this, I will give you the code of main parts, but there will be some information/coordinates I want you to figure out yourself. I dont want people leaching a server and getting many players/donations for it. I don't like that when that happens ;) Okay well lets start off... First things first you should all know, player.java and declare these ints. [code]public int bronze = 0; public int silver = 0; public int golden = 0; public int platinum = 0; public int premiumRank; [/code] As you can see already, the premium system is based on ranks, which you will learn more about as you read on. now add this void in PlayerAssistant class [code] public void addPremiumRank() { if (c.bronze == 0 && c.silver == 0 && c.golden == 0 && c.platinum == 0) { c.bronze = 1; c.premiumRank = 1; } else if (c.bronze == 1 && c.silver == 0 && c.golden == 0 && c.platinum == 0) { c.bronze = 0; c.silver = 1; c.premiumRank = 2; } else if (c.bronze == 0 && c.silver == 1 && c.golden == 0 && c.platinum == 0) { c.silver = 0; c.golden = 1; c.premiumRank = 3; } else if (c.bronze == 0 && c.silver == 0 && c.golden == 1 && c.platinum == 0) { c.golden = 0; c.platinum = 1; c.premiumRank = 4; } else if (c.bronze == 0 && c.silver == 0 && c.golden == 1 && c.platinum == 0) { c.sendMessage("You're already completely ranked, you cannot rank anymore."); } } [/code] Now that's just a code if you want to add it to a command or something if you wish, well do as you wish with it. now find [code]playerProps.writeByte(combatLevel);[/code] and replace [code]playerProps.writeWord(0);[/code] with [code]playerProps.writeWord(premiumRank);[/code] now go to your client and open client class and declare this method. [code] public String premiumRank(int i){ switch(i){ case 1: return "Bronze"; case 2: return "Silver"; case 3: return "Golden"; case 4: return "Platinum"; } return ""; } [/code] now find [code]private void buildAtPlayerMenu[/code] and you should see [code]s = player.name + " (skill-" + player.skill + ")";[/code] replace that with [code]s = "@[email protected]" + loyaltyRank(player.skill) + "@[email protected] " + player.name + combatDiffColor(myPlayer.combatLevel, player.combatLevel) + " (level-" + player.combatLevel + ")";[/code] Now that is like the loyalty programme... when you right click there name you will either see bronze, silver, golden, platinum or nothing. Now to head on to features... I asked some players and they gave me suggestions... telling me what they would like and I so happened to get them all in for votes for the features. everyone of them voted for this one... this feature is a premium option, it will be updated i havent fully written it yet as I've been kicked out my house and I am writing this all out on notepad at my dads house. silver members and upwards can control a city, only a few citys have been done so far, but you can easily complete it. I will write n interface for you all when I am back in my house, or if my mum lets me. player class [code] public String varrockOwner = ""; public String lumbridgeOwner = ""; [/code] okay well thats time for me to go to my bed, once i get up or atleast tomorow if I am on I will finish this my dad has just told me that its a bit late haha, hope you like it so far and I will complete this eventually updating it ALOT.
  7. [CENTER][IMG]http://i52.tinypic.com/ztujhv.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [spoiler=Services] [LIST] [*]Auto Cache Download [*]Client Jarring [*]mapConfig Fix [*]Run + Compiler Fix [*]Website Installation (MyBB, SMF, vBulletin, Wordpress) [*]Website Plugin Installation [/LIST] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Pricing Information] Auto Cache Download - 2.5M Client Jarring - 500K mapConfig Fix - 1M Run + Compiler Fix - Free Website Installation - 300K + 50K (Plugins) Website Plugin Installation - Included in website installation fees [I]Prices can change at any time, if prices are changed it will be discussed before the transaction. If discount codes are present, please provide it before the transaction; if you present it after it is not valid.[/I] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Terms of Services] [LIST=1] [*]I [b]DON'T[/b] go first [*]I [b]ONLY[/b] accept [b]RSGP[/b] [*]All conversations, trades, etc are recorded [*]I [b]DON'T[/b] use a remote viewer (teamviewer, you must upload and send the approiate files) [*]You pay MM fees [*]All trades are final [/LIST] [I]If files are found un-safe the services will be cancelled immediately and proof will be presented. Note, that I may add terms at any time and I am subjected to change terms, but all changes will be stated before the transaction.[/I] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Buyers Application] Services: MSN/E-Mail Contact: Do you agree with the ToS?: [/spoiler] [spoiler=Discount Codes] Valid until: October 12, 2011 WickSalesOCT [/spoiler] [COLOR="blue"]If you enjoyed using my services, please leave a vouch.[/COLOR] [U]First two people are free :).[/U]
  8. [CENTER][IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/netb49.png[/IMG][/CENTER] - Current Status: [COLOR="#00FF00"]Open[/COLOR]