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Found 13 results

  1. I’m looking for experienced developers in PHP, Javascript, client development, and networking. Add my Skype: alrunic.rsps if you’re interested. Currently the administration team is working on a dodian remake server. Our site: Alrunic.com This is a paid position. During the interview process we will discuss terms and project details. Looking forward to hearing from you, ~ Alrunic
  2. Hello Server Owners, Right now you're probably thinking, what the hell does this guy envo do? Marketing and advertising why do we need that. Well before we get started, lets look at what the Runelocus admin has to say about me. What I do is I build relationships, so many people overlook the power of brand loyalty and I know exactly how to boost the donations, get people more active within the community and lastly get new mature players. [I][CENTER][B]Runelocus Admin: [/B][/CENTER][/I][quote name='Ikiliki']Vouch for Envo! He has done a great job for a club I DJ at. Envo knows a lot about social marketing, so if you're looking for a good marketeer for your RSPS, send him a message ;-)[/QUOTE] Next lets look at some of what i'll be doing. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?92233-The-Importance-Of-Social-Media-For-Your-RSPS[/url] I'll also be making use of many other advertising techniques and methods. Now, with that out of the way, let me tell you all something. Very few RSPS Owners use marketing and advertising, hell even in the rsps industry not many people use social media marketing to advertise. Lets guess who does..? 1. Soulsplit - Top RSPS 2. Runelocus - Top Toplist It is no surprise they use it, they both have very skilled people in top positions and social media marketing is a huge part on why they succeed. It's not luck, they make people want to be on the server and website. Below is a few of the many things I am capable of. [LIST] [*]I can setup targeted advertising campaigns to maximize the results. [*]Manage the social media accounts to engage with players. [*]Set up targeted community events to make the players more dedicated then ever. [*]I can maximize the profits for server, I can boost overall profits. [*]Work with the community to get more players. [*] Deploy many other advertising techniques. [/LIST] These are a few of the many things I can do. Now lets talk about my experience, shall we? It all started when I was around 10, I realized I could make money at school so I would buy gum and other candy off of eBay for dirt cheap prices, in bulk of course and then I would sell it at school for triple the price I bought it for. From this moment on, I knew I wanted to market things. Then I got into internet marketing, I have run a few websites that have come and go, some I have sold and some I have just closed down to lack of interest. Most recently, I have started a service that provides Facebook likes, twitter followers, instagram followers and more. This service has been a huge success. I still want to run the service, but I am also looking to join a team. I have been working alone for to long and I think it's time I start to work with other people to achieve amazing things. I am not sure how much I want to be paid for what I do, but we can discuss all that. Please add my skype "fingerpod" if you're interested. Thanks, Envo
  3. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum here as I'm sure you guys can tell. I've been playing RSPS for about 5 years now and would consider myself a vet. :P However one thing I never learned to do was code or even run a server. It's always been something that I wanted to do and I figure now would be as could of a time as any. I just finished up my first year of college (hold the applause) and I'm looking to pick up this hobby again. I'm sure someone may be worried that after my summer vacation here I'll be back to college and will no longer have time for an RSPS? well, by that time I will be taking my courses online which means I can do that at any time throughout the week which makes me open just about any time of the day or night to run the server. A downside of working with me is that I do not know one lick of coding. I've never made an effort to start a server, don't know the first thing about getting one online, and don't know how to code a website. An upside? I'm an incredible people person, I have some money to get a server up and going, and I really have the drive to keep a server up and running. People tend to like me and I'm thinking they'd really like my server. I'd really like to get one up sooner rather then later but I am going to wait for a coder that I seem to click with because I'm not looking to waste my time. I'm looking for someone who is an experienced coder, isn't ridiculously expensive (remember I make $7.25\hour + tips working in a restaurant) :P, has the drive to keep with the server for a while. In addition to payment you'd get a developer rank on the server and if you're looking to be active on the server, which would be preferable, I'd make you co-owner (actually, you'd make yourself co-owner;)). If anyone is interested and would like to get going on this with me my skype is Logan.RedX and you could also send me a message on the forums. if there's something else I should include on this please do leave a post on what I should add in order to answer some questions. ~Logan EDIT: I have a source I am interested in using. Taking suggestions on sources, looking for 317-564.
  4. Hello, I am offering to be part of the staff team on your server. I am very mature and I know how to handle almost any situation. I am very capable at being a Staff manager and I am not in it for the money. If you need an experienced/dedicated staff/staff manager then please contact me. I also offer Forums construction & Graphics. Please send me a PM via forums if you are interested, Also have minimal coding knowledge, I can do some things but not everything! Best regards, Frost.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a project or a server which has a web dev or gfx artist position vacant. My skype id is omgiamliving My work- [url]www.digitalpkz.elementfx.com[/url] the work is incomplete because the owner said he didnt want new forums anymore. Thank you.
  6. Im coding a Delta 317 rsps (for old time's sake) and I cannot for the life of me remember how to make an item equip as a necklace instead of a weapon. If anyone could point me to the right direction with this, that would be great!
  7. [CENTER][COLOR="#0099ff"]I am currently looking for a position in either an established Private server or one in development. [B]Some of my experience. [/B] [LIST] [*]Developing websites and forums for well over four years. [*] [*]Have plenty of experience in managing, and administrating not just private servers but everyday businesses. [*] [*]Do not code, I used to know some Java but that has eluded my mind. [/LIST] I consider myself a mature individual with reliable and professional expectations. I am currently 17. I'm looking to broaden my knowledge and experience in the administration field to help my studies towards a bachelor in business administration. For more information contact me with a PM. A reply to this post, or on skype: Blackhawksnr1 Thank you. [/COLOR][/CENTER]
  8. i am looking for a mod,admin,or co owner position. I have ran my own servers (but dident work well not up 24/7) i do not cave in to beggers i will report anyone dont matter who it is(unless other staff members) if the break one of the rules that has been set i will not abuse my powers i not gonna be the one who dose ::master or ::xrichie i will work for my stats and money just i think some servers need a mod, admin. co owner on 24/7 well almost that much please contact me at [email][email protected][/email] thanks and hopefully i will be apart of ur team
  9. I am looking for a staff position either mod / admin. I have skills in GFX and am very helpful. i have held a previous moderator experience and an Admin Experience. If you would like me to make a formal Application i would be glad to do so. Thanks
  10. so im still offering $5.00 for someone who can make my hybrid pvp v3 base/ insidiax client into a webclient for me im also offering an admin position on my staff u can choose either or not both
  11. This enables you to get Coordinates no matter what server you are on. Caution, the coordinates given are usually 1-2 spaces off, but it doesn't really matter. This is ALL in the client. Class131_Sub2_Sub30: Search for "sendCommand" Under the "noclip" part, add this: [CODE]if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("locate")) { int x = Class92.regionAbsX+54; int y = Class64.regionAbsY+49; Class131_Sub2_Sub15.sendPainelBoxMessage(-60, ("X: "+x+", Y: "+y)); return; }[/CODE] Bam. Go on a server, open up the commandscreen, and type "locate" to get the coordinates within 1-2 spaces. :D Gonna try and get Animation next :p
  12. hello , how do u choose a direction when u want to make ur play sit down, cause if u look at the picture if he sits down now he will sit on air and i want him to face him so that he sits on the benches , how do u do that? [URL="http://i55.tinypic.com/nzospk.png"]http://i55.tinypic.com/nzospk.png[/URL] Thanks in advance,
  13. i add duel arena but i wanna add now the command so when u telee duel arena what is the position please