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Found 126 results

  1. Im trying to port forward on my normal pc to work on my server with my friends! but its not working at all i tried alot of stuff and cant figure it out i go to the router setting and add a port forward but when i run the server and go to canyouseeme.org it says its offline i have windows 7 and my router is a D-Link DSL 6850U i think its a new model.
  2. need help pf willing to do [B]ANYTHING[/B]
  3. Hello, Dear Moparscapers. I have a very strange issue, I have never ever faced before. I am working on one of the old SoulSplit PI releases. I have been working on it for a while, however, I have been facing this issue, where only one person can login to the server and no one else. We have tried making a jar, same situation. We have checked the IP's and ports and everything seems to be "A ok" Does anyone know what kind of problem I am running into? Where no one can login but only 1 person. When more than one person tries to login, it says: "Connection Lost - please wait attempting to re-establish...." as soon as you login, it goes through until the black screen, then it says: Connection lost..... and logs you out. When you try the second time, it says: "Your account is already logged in, please try again in 60 seconds... " However, the account isn't actually online... Anyways, I hope someone can help here. Thanks.
  4. I've tried everything and rlly don't know why it still doesn't find the port :/ Every attempts to help is welcome. Reply here or add me on skype : nielskeeeeeeeen
  5. Hey, i got a problem, my router has the port 43594 open but canyouseeme.org cannot see my device running. So i only putted port 43594 in settings.java, do i have to put somwhere else also port 43594? Beceause my other server does work, but another one not. Im using 718 revision so do i need to put 43594 in the server somwhere? The client does connect to the server, and port 43594 is OPEN and my server cannot be found by canyouseeme.org But my other server can be found here is proof: This server is succes: [url]http://i.gyazo.com/49fa9a16d519f2b77f17c0a17c6815ca.png[/url] But this server doesn't work: [url]http://i.gyazo.com/25cc1cdf253e918dfb6a29242dccc429.png[/url]
  6. scorpion832

    port forward

    need help with pf skype : bacreator
  7. Should port 3306 be open for working GTLvote? Inbound or outbound? Thanks for response.
  8. Hi, im trying to port forward to my MySQL with Xampp, but canyouseeme.org says: No route to host Here is proof i port forwarded to port 3306: [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/0fc4974be3e97c8dab17e4e416498981.png[/IMG] [URL="http://i.gyazo.com/0fc4974be3e97c8dab17e4e416498981.png"]http://i.gyazo.com/0fc4974be3e97c8dab17e4e416498981.png[/URL] (click here for bigger picture) And my firewall allows port 3306 and is on minimum security. Anyone knows how to port forward correctly to port 3306 without this error? Or add me on skype: Syclonepk - shershah fedrik Thanks for youre answer, very appriciated.
  9. i've portforwarded, put the exception on the firewall, and still to no avail. someone kindly help me out cause i've been attempting this for awhile and haven't found a fix yet. really i just want to know someway to get my server online via port forwarding utorrent anything. thanks.
  10. Edit: Figured it out.
  11. Ehm, I want to open port 43594 in my computer but I can't......................................... I used Utorrent and clicked ctrl+p then putted port 43594 still nothing then went to firewall and made tcp/udp in inbound rules and in outbound rules and still my port 43594 is not open. then I used the cmd method by typing ipconfig and did it then still my 43594 port not on.. If you can help me then please post here or add me in skype: gafer.alkazzaz I have teamviewer if you need :) Thanks for everyone who helps me here :)
  12. Hello, I am a beginner to the runescape private servers and I downloaded the starter pack. I then tried to add but it wouldn't let me. I think it is because of an old port and IP in the client.java textfile and I can't seem to find it. If anyone can show me where to find it I will appreciate it. (also what does the prefix mean when entering a message?)
  13. Using a Netgear WNR2000v3, changed the ports to 43594, made sure everything is correct, checked if my port was open via canyouseeme.org, and changed the new rule under the firewall to check the ports. If anyone can help thanks.
  14. ToySoul


    I have done the portforwarding right and added a new rule on my firewall so it accepts the port 43594... Still the website canyouseeme says it cant see me on the port 43594? any help? Thomson router. Avast antivirus
  15. I have my firewall set for inbound rule at 43594 and is good. Went to my router made an application where it allows 43594. Go to canyouseeme.org and it can't see me on that port any help
  16. Please help PF ,I will give you anything like any rank on my server please ill let u have lvl 138 pk spawn items and stuff. Add me on Skype please : Bacreator
  17. title says it if you can teamview me than I would love the help please I don't want to pay anyone that's just dumb I know that there is someone nice that would be willing to help me I have teamviewer 9 if you want to download it the download takes two seconds and you don't have to sign up for anything that I know of so please help just add my Skype and message me and I will instantly get back to you and give my no-ip etc. guys I really need the help and would love it please. SKYPE: zizema660
  18. Can someone please help me portforward, i did everything, switched the ip with my new no-ip.biz and it still runs as the local host when i run the server.. why is this? any help? or can someone help me
  19. [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=5][CENTER] I noticed that this was posted here: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?5690-Automatic-Port-Forwarding[/url] but you may close this thread or use this as the font and such is a little better. His thread was copied and pasted also, mine was too. One of the many annoyances of running a server is having to open up port 43594 (or whatever port you are using) in your router. Portforward.com has helped make this an easy process, but if you don't know your password to your router, you're out of luck. Luckily, there's a technology called UPnP that can resolve this. Basically, it lets devices on your network discover and talk to each other. One use of this is to find the router, and tell it to add a port forwarding entry. We can use this to automatically port forward for our private server. Note: UPnP has to be enabled in the router for this to work, and in most routers it is. There is a UPnP library written in Java called UPnPLib, and I have packaged it along with a simple class I wrote to add port forwarding entries into this JAR file: [IMG]http://www.allgofree.org/pics/jar.png[/IMG] [URL="http://www.allgofree.org/java/AllGoFreePortForwarding.jar"]AllGoFreePortForwarding.jar[/URL] Step 1: Download the file above, and BACKUP your server before you attempt this. This is a very simple addition, but if you don't know what you've done wrong you will have a hard time fixing it! Step 2: Place the file in the correct location. If you are using a 317 server, place the JAR file in the server's folder with all the source (.java) and class (.class) files. [IMG]http://www.allgofree.org/pics/portforwardtutorial/317placement.png[/IMG] Step 3: Now that we have placed the JAR file in a location where the server can get at it, we need to include it in your server's classpath. The classpath is a list of places for the JVM to look for class files when the server is running. To add the JAR to your server's classpath, open the files you use to compile and run your server. Here is an example picture from a 317 server: [IMG]http://www.allgofree.org/pics/portforwardtutorial/317files1.png[/IMG] The -cp option is used with the compiler and the server to modify the classpath. To add multiple folders/files to the classpath, you separate the paths with a semicolon on Windows (;) and a colon (:) on UNIX-like systems such as Linux or Mac OS X. You must add the JAR file to the classpath of every java or javac command in both of the run and compile files. Follow these steps to do this: 1. If there isn't a -cp option anywhere in the file already, add one after the java/javac command. 317: [IMG]http://www.allgofree.org/pics/portforwardtutorial/317files2.png[/IMG] 2. Add the path to the JAR file to the classpath. Since we placed the JAR file in the same folder as the server code, the path to it is: .\AllGoFreePortForwarding.jar (or ./AllGoFreePortForwarding.jar on UNIX-like systems) If there is already something after the -cp option, add a path separator (the ; character on Windows) after what is already there, and then add the path to the JAR file. 317 (Windows file paths): [IMG]http://www.allgofree.org/pics/portforwardtutorial/317files3b.png[/IMG] Step 4: Test both the compile and run scripts that you just edited. They should work exactly as they did before, if they do not, restore your backup and start over from the beginning or post for help, including the contents of both your run and compile scripts, and what server type you are doing this on. Step 5: If your compile and run scripts are still functioning, then you are almost done! All you have to do is add in the few lines of code that actually do the port forwarding. 317: Open the file "Server.java" or "server.java", and find this: [CODE]public static void main(String[] args)[/CODE] [IMG]http://www.allgofree.org/pics/portforwardtutorial/317code1.png[/IMG] Once you've found it, simple add this code on a new line after the opening bracket of the method: [CODE]try { System.out.println("Automatically port forwarding..."); org.allgofree.upnp.UpnpPortForwarder.INSTANCE.addMapping(43594); System.out.println("Automatic port forwarding complete."); } catch (Exception ex) { System.out.println("Could not automatically port forward, stacktrace:"); ex.printStackTrace(); }[/CODE] [IMG]http://www.allgofree.org/pics/portforwardtutorial/317code2b.png[/IMG] Of course you can change 43594 to whatever port you want to be forwarded, but it should match the port that your server is running on. Step 6: Compile and run your server, and if you get the message "Automatic port forwarding complete.", then your server was successful in opening up the port in your router. Now pat yourself on the back and get back to work! Good luck. Need help? Ask me. I will help you install it for free. Credits to ry60003333 [/CENTER][/SIZE][/FONT]
  20. well i have a port forwarding problem i pf correctly and i go on rspscoding.org and i anna add y server iv added my no-ip and that iv opend my port on firewall and i go to canyouseeme.org and i put 43594 in port and this comes up Error: I could not see your service on My IP on port (43594) Reason: Connection timed out can someone fix this please
  21. So I am currently making/coding a 317 pi private server and I'm stuck while trying to portforward. When I go to my client.java file in my client folder there is no, no-ip or astring5636 to change it to my ip, but there is a 40L8q.png I am using no-ip DUC v4.0.1 to host the server while keeping my ip anonymous. Can anyone provide any help whom has any experience with Port Forwarding?
  22. I need help port forwarding. i have tried and tried and not just today. over the years with different routers. i guess i just cant read a forum and know how i need someone to show me on tv or skype or something. that would be so awesome. thanks.
  23. So i was hosting just fine for the past several years until last night when there was a huge storm that knocked my power out twice... Not sure what it has to do with hosting or anything vs the port but I cannot figure this out... I have all inbound Rules on firewall allowing 43594 as well. My Router however says some odd shit like "Already in use" when there is nothing on my router. I am at a dead end here. I got it to work for like 2 minutes and then it stopped again. I know someone knows how to fix this, but ive spent about 2 and a half hours TRYING to fix this issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  24. im having trouble looking for the router's password , and when i go onto different sites for an arris router/modem password , the tg852g is not on there , please HELP.
  25. hey guys how do you port-forward a bell router for your rsps? can someone either guide me through it or leave me a tutorial? THANKS!