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Found 5 results

  1. As the title says, I was just wondering what revision of Private servers are the most popular and attract the most players now.
  2. [FONT=tahoma][SIZE=4]I've seen most users talk about how RuneLocus is becoming dead and is no longer active when it comes to members. Well, unfortunately, [B]RuneLocus is not becoming dead[/B] and I'm here to explain the reasons why. Its Jagex causing all the problems. Jagex, company that holds the name and contents of RuneScape, has decided to be more concerned about players hosting large RuneScape servers and took more control in shutting them down. As well as RuneScape servers not being as popular as they used too back in 2008. Since RuneScape 3 launched in 2013, I've noticed a lot more players quit RuneScape due to the sudden changes in looks and feel and since then users got bored of the game and decided to switch to something else as to what I think. Soulplay servers such as Soulsplit, Alotic, Torva and others have been the most leading RSPS Community's and its sad to see the team of such a great community shutdown their servers, but I'm proud to see them come this far with success and they move forward in their live and follow their dreams. In my opinion, now that the most leading server has been shutdown, players will be searching for new RuneScape servers to play on which may just populate the RSPS Communities. This thread was created just to inform you that this community is not becoming dead and members aren't active due to the lack of interest in RuneScape and RuneScape servers but there might be a slight chance of the spirit of RSPS coming back to life! If you have any questions, concerns or discussions of this thread, please post below! Wouldn't mind hearing your ideas. Hope this helps the members that wan't to know. Here's a few quotes that will go good with this thread. [/SIZE][/FONT][quote name='Game Master']As far as I'm concerned, RuneLocus has been the most unlively forum in the mainstream RSPS scene. Whereas RuneScape dies, the private servers die along with it. Making the [I]mainstream[/I] sites for it die as well. If you haven't noticed; MoparScape and Rune-Server have both been losing activity. Rune-Server, of course, being of minimal activity loss. I digress, this topic has been discussed before on both of the other popular forums, if I'm not mistaken. I know for a fact it has been on Mopar, though. I disagree with your last paragraph. As RuneScape itself dies, it's natural that the interest of it's servers and what-not will die along with it. However, that won't be for years to come - so there is no need to worry as of yet. Notwithstanding, RuneScape servers will very well potentially not "come back to life", but die as they have been slowly over the current years. With no RuneScape, many will not care for a private server of such. Especially when they continuously play these servers just for them to go down sooner than they'd like.[/QUOTE] [quote name='Arix']If we do not start making progress in the quality of RSPS then yes, it will surely be the end sooner than we think. The fact that Jagex has launched Oldschool RuneScape also plays a role in the decreasing player base for the RSPS scene HOWEVER many people like the freedom of an RSPS and will play one regardless. We cannot say for sure if this dying trend will hold up. It depends on how Jagex plays their cards. Right now, RuneScape is pretty much as it was before RuneScape 3 (game-wise) so I don't really understand why people would not regain interest because this is what they wanted. RuneScape took a pretty big blow and it might be slowly recovering. Normal servers don't have to worry about getting shut down by Jagex as long as they don't do excessively illegal things. You cannot generalize the fate of one server for all the others. It is actually good for the RSPS scene that these big servers shut down. Jagex does allow people to have fun with RSPS. But let's be honest here, Soulsplit was becoming a legitimate company with a very high income. [B]TL;DR[/B]: I believe that if we do not generally improve the content and quality of RSPS we will just keep on deteriorating until nothing is left. Bad quality used to be unimportant because the game was so primitive. However with the higher revisions it is required to be of high quality. Jagex is of no concern but don't step on their toes.[/QUOTE] [quote name='StevenAbraham']Read through the whole thread but all of you are missing a point, jagex isn't very active in trying to become a mainstream game. Around 2008ish RSPS flourished. That when Runescape launched there biggest advertisement campain, when RuneScape videos were on popular networks like Machinima, when RuneScape partnered with leading gaming communities. Nowadays jagex doesn't put much effort into getting new players. If you register an account on OSRS or RS3 you can't find a new player, and if you do I can bet it's there 2nd or 3rd account. Since RSPS gets it's players from RuneScape, when they lack players, our players are soon to be dry. Not only that, but since Runescape is loosing it's larger playerbase, if any RSPS even try to run there own campaign in attempt to attract people outside of the RS niche, jagex will be on there ass in seconds. The death of RSPS is inevitable. The only ones who can save us are jagex if they run a good add campaign to attract people to RuneScape, have them play for a few years, then have them slowly come to RSPS[/QUOTE]
  3. evilguyme

    Popular base?

    hey guys, i wanted to ask what is the most recent popular base that i can work on and is 317? like one that has stuff like 600+ anims and items and overloads and torva? thanks guys :)
  4. Link: [URL="http://abcnews.go.com/m/story?id=10573331"]http://abcnews.go.com/m/story?id=10573331[/URL] Top 10: 1. Lady Gaga 2. Kesha 3. Madonna 4. Beyonce 5. Rihanna 6. Britney Spears 7. Justin Bieber 8. Miley Cyrus 9. Paris Hilton 10. Avril Lavigne... No suprise for me...
  5. If You Make Your Own Server Millions Of People Would Be Playing It Because Rune Locus Is Popular