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Found 7 results

  1. Thorin

    Furnace Id Plox

    Ive been sifting through R-L's Object id list for bout 2 hours, and i was wondering if anyone knew the ID for this furnace? [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/FeP5Wks.png[/IMG] If you do, i will be your best friend :)
  2. heimarken

    Need help Plox

    Hello, i have tryed to make rsps download desktop client with jarmaker, but when i have made the client i cant open it, someone help me pliss ?
  3. Badbeex

    Host Help Plox

    Hey i just got this new computer and im having some issues with the local host thing it wont let me log on to my own server for some reason, here are some images hmk [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/1zcivc.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/zu31g5.png[/IMG] Also it says that my no-ip is online but it wont let me connect to the server with it? I have no clue on what to do so if somone does please help :3 Thanks :)
  4. hey mine i downloaded a server from a site and its 317 and its eco i want to make it spwan/pk can some 1 help me on it thanks alot " add mine skype for more info:skype:nikan1212
  5. golemx

    Plox help?

    Hey guys, im using an allstar scape source, and i want bunny ears to animate them to make me turn into a bunny. If you know how can u reply to me a tutorial or a Link that can help me? Thanks, Add my skype or reply... Skype name keithewewew35
  6. ZoomXL

    problem read plox :/

    i finally got my pvp zone but if i kill a person he loses hes items but they don't drop on the floor :/ its a 317 PI server plox help meh
  7. Okay I have two questions! (Obviously...) Q #1. How do I create a PK shop and add items and what not? I realize how to add a normal shop, but PK shop? =/. Q #2. How do I add new ranks? 1 = Member, 2 = Admin, 3 = Owner, but I can make more? E.g. 4 = Server Owner, 5 = Advanced Admin. Idk... something haha. Thanks in advance! :)