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Found 20 results

  1. So i've been using Alhassa (rs2hd) for the longest time now and just noticed that with a lot of the animations, a weird sound is played that does not match the nature of the animation at all. Does anyone know what might be causing this? My guess is it's in the cache because the cache seems to have some other problems as well but please let me know if you have any idea.
  2. How can let the people show how much people are online on the server. Like you can see on the runescape home page. Is there remote MySQL required? Let me know how it works. Would be appriciated.
  3. Can sombody give me the code and the instructions and the location, for (if) a new player joins a 718+ matrix server he has to play 30 mins before he can perform any actions such as (trading, fighting, commands) thanks would be very appriciated.
  4. I searched this myself and the results tend to say that Runescape uses only a couple megabytes every hour. But I'd like to be positive about it, because I'm not the only one who uses the internet. Alright, so the max bandwidth I have is 8 Gigabytes. At the moment I'm in the state of over the limit so speed is slower than normal so I'm not worried at the moment and I'm actually playing on an RSPS while I type this and it's running surprisingly well but it will be due soon and the speed being reset to go normal. I also read that it's based on the graphics being loaded, I'm playing on a 474 loading 498 I believe. Will that take up a lot of bandwidth?
  5. Alright, so i discovered BigIntegers and that their value is truely unlimited. Unlike Longs and Integers (whose values are definite, and finite), BigInteger can go to an unlimited size without going negative. So i made a command to test a few things, got the lengths and such, and decided to make my ::item command allow you to type over Long.MAX_VALUE and still use Integer.MAX_VALUE as it's maxing point. [code] if (cmd[0].equals("test")) { try { BigInteger inte = new BigInteger(""+cmd[1]+""); int amount = inte.bitLength() > 31 ? Integer.MAX_VALUE : inte.intValue(); System.out.println("(Bit Length: "+inte.bitLength()+") Input: "+inte.toString()+""); System.out.println("Output: "+amount+""); } catch (NumberFormatException e) { player.sendMessage("Amount must be a number!"); } } [/code] That's the command i started with. If you're wondering how i determined the bitLength > 31, i had the command print out the length, and type :;test 2147483647 and got the number. If you go even one digit over, the bitLength will increase by 1. bitLength() of 2,147,483,646 is 30 bitLength() of 2,147,483,647 is 31 bitLength() of 2,147,483,648 is 32 [URL]http://prntscr.com/1xn2qh[/URL] inte.intValue() will then convert the BigInteger into a regular Integer which can then be used for other things. So if the bitLength is greater than 31, the max value of amount will be Integer.MAX_VALUE (2,147,483,647), otherwise it will convert it to a standard int and use the number as typed. If you were to type [B]::test 1000[/B], the output would be [B]Amount: 1000 [/B]If you were to type[B] ::test 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 [/B]the output would be[B] Amount: 2147483647 [SIZE=3]any number over Integer.MAX_VALUE will ALWAYS have a bitLength() > 31[/SIZE] You can even format a BigInteger too! [code] /** * * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m num the BigInteger to format * [MENTION=184045]return[/MENTION] BigInteger as a string, with commas */ public static String formatNumber(BigInteger num) { return NumberFormat.getInstance().format(num); } [/code] [code] Intput: ::test 1999999999999999999999999999999 Output: 1,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 [/code] Post you're snippets here if you made something out of this. Hope this gives someone some ideas for something ^_^ If not, meh, you might've learned something new :D[/B]
  6. My RS career was like this Runescape 2008-2011 Large RSPS (Soulsplit,Near reality and Fatality614) 2011-2011 Runescape 2011-2011 Small RSPS 2012-2012 RSPS Developing 2012-2013 So my golden RS days were in 2008. I joined right before free trade got taken away so I didn't even remember it was every free until they re-released it. Not sure but I think that might be revision 518ish.
  7. Specs: 8Gb Ram - DDr3 - Corsair GPU - Geforce 560Ti CPU - AMD 3.8Ghz x 6 why am i lagging on private servers on HD?
  8. just want to play RS by myself. is there a source where there is complete quests? complete skills.. spawning monsters.. working doors.. just like the old rs thanks!
  9. Im pretty sure I portforwarded right it says I did. But when I play another server i'll download it and play. How do I make a download for people to play? Note: I haven't made a server, I just want to make sure that I can do it so I don't waste my time making a server.
  10. Okay we all know that some people are jerks and put viruses, spyware, malware, etc. in their clients, webclients, sources, or even website. So most people know about anti-spyware, anti-viruses, and anti-malwares, but What ones are the best? If they're free how good can they be? Now don't flame me for making this and saying oh I already knew that well your not everyone so If you came here to flame, I suggest leaving. First you need a free Anti-Virus, but which one is the best? There are several from Panda, to AVG, but the best out there is[B] Avast[/B]. [B]Avast[/B] protects your email, your browsing, pretty much everything. It is easy and user friendly. Click [url=http://download.cnet.com/Avast-Free-Antivirus/3000-2239_4-10019223.html?tag=contentMain;contentBody;1d]here[/url] For more info on the software and the download link. Next we need a Anti-Spyware, the best for our $0 cash budget is [B]Malwarebytes[/B]. Click [url=http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html?tag=mncol;1]here[/url] It tops others such as superantispyware a reputable anti-spyware. Now we got [B]Iobit's Advanced System Care[/B], this software cleans your registry, removes junk files, shortcut fix, quick malware sweep, and privacy sweep. This software has all you need along with a Turbo boost to speed up your system. Click [url=http://download.cnet.com/Advanced-SystemCare/3000-2086_4-10407614.html?tag=mncol;4]here[/url] to read more and to see why its the best for no charge. For another handy tool that acts quick and efficient. [B]CCleaner[/B] cleans out your cookies, any unused files, your trash, this thing literally cleans your computer. [url=http://download.cnet.com/CCleaner/3000-18512_4-10315544.html?tag=mncol;1]here[/url] to see why I recommend this most of all due to its fast scanning, fast cleaning and doesn't cause lag. This Page is mainly for people who aren't to good around computers, and if they can't find the best. [B]Shortcuts[/B] [B]Avast Anti-Virus:[/B] Click [url=http://download.cnet.com/Avast-Free-Antivirus/3000-2239_4-10019223.html?tag=contentMain;contentBody;1d]here[/url] [B]Malwarebytes:[/B] Click [url=http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html?tag=mncol;1]here[/url] [B]Iobit Advanced System Care:[/B] Click [url=http://download.cnet.com/Advanced-SystemCare/3000-2086_4-10407614.html?tag=mncol;4]here[/url] [B]CCleaner:[/B] Click [url=http://download.cnet.com/CCleaner/3000-18512_4-10315544.html?tag=mncol;1]here[/url]
  11. When a player hover his mouse over the chatbox buttons he gets black screen? this happend since i changed the sprite. An idea? an help would be appericated.
  12. [video=youtube;OEDo-wCalps]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEDo-wCalps[/video]
  13. Which console did you start playing Xbox live on Regular Xbox or Xbox 360 i started playing on the regular Xbox.
  14. Hey RL, So recently, I switched to using Linux instead of Windows 7...just to try something new. I am more specifically using Ubuntu. Right now I run Runescape with Wine, starts up and works fine except a bit choppy. Is there anyway to make it less choppy? I know it is not my actual hardware...its fine it used to play RS on high with no problem on Windows 7.
  15. Don't expect these pictures to be crystal clear, I took these from my phone, and he was dancing, so yeah. [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/2is7ggx.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/z7k9c.jpg[/IMG]
  16. i had this crazy amazing idea to possibly put an itunes music file or something in my cache or client folder or somewhere, and have it so when the you open the run.bat or client or w.e it plays the music on the login screen/while it loads until you login. if anyone can help me with this that would be outstanding :D EDIT:I Know there is a way to do this because you can add your own custom sounds into the game with the way i just mentioned, i just dont know how or how to make it play on login screen
  17. i have been ipblocked from playing runescape some1 managed to find out my ip adress and block it from playing runescape cud some1 help me please?
  18. Hey, I have a hamachi server and my friends are in my hamachi network but how do we play my rsps together?
  19. [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/2i7sq55.gif[/IMG] :( sad i keep dying
  20. For all of you whom know how hard this is, be amazed: [video]http://www.videobash.com/video_show/did-he-just-play-a-trance-song-on-a-guitar-16306[/video]