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Found 2 results

  1. [SIZE=5][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR="#0000CD"]I have downloaded the starter kit of runelocus but i think if i do this on my own im just going to get bored and tired, so if anyone would like to help make this rsps with me i will be greatful and here our some of the things i need doing.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE] also im really sorry for the low offers on cash due to not having a jo[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR]b at the moment :l [SIZE=4][FONT=System][COLOR="#FF0000"]DICE BAG 100% with clanchat 1-100 - able to do 1-10 and private/clan rolls. (3$) SOULWARS MINIGAME - soulwars tokens. (2$) GRAND EXCHANGE - does not have to work just area. (1$) CASTLE WARS - tickets rewarded. ($1) CLAN WARS - kill streaks ( 5+ ) = (1)cxp ($3) HELPERS (BLUE CROWN) @ DESKTOP. ($1) ADD YELL COMMAND - ability to mods and helpers ONLY. (free would be nice) ADD SOME MORE TELEPORT PLACES/TABS/COMMANDS E.G ::EDGE (free would also be nice ) FULLY WORKING PARTYROOM ($1) ITEMS WILL DISSAPEER WHEN DROPPED (AFTER PARTROOM ADDED) ($1) -after party room- ADD KILN MINIGAME & KILN CAPE AS REWARD. ($2) add nex armour ($1) change nex armour specials. (free?) ADD KORASI ($1) ADD SOME BOSSES ($1) ADD SUMMONING (depending on how well u do it $1-5) ADD DUNGEONEERING (depending on how well u do it $1-5) ADD PKSHOP + POINTS ($1) ABLE TO HAVE AN NPC AS A BOB "SUMMON" kind of thing ($2.50) ADD A VOTE POINT SHOP ($1) ADD A STAFF & DONATOR ZONE ($1-3) ADD ANTIUQE LAMP = ADDS A CERTAIN AMOUT OF XP. ($1) ADD A MYSTERY BOX = RANDOM GIFT OUT OF CHAOTICS, ($2) ADD CORRUPTED ITEMS (free?) ADD ZARYTE Bow ($1) ADD A BANK VAULT OR AN ITEM TO CARRY OVER MAX CASH. ($2-3) [3 if you fix bugs/dupes] ADD YELL COMMAND ($1) ADD ALERT COMMAND ($1) ADD ::FULLSCREEN ($1) ADD A ::MODTELE2ME, EMERGENCYS ONLY. ($1) add auto vote/donation command ($1) add 4 modes of diffrent xp (kind of like other rsps's) MAKE ANOTHER SERVER - MEMBER ($1) ADD ALL BASIC PLAYER COMMANDS. ($1) ADD A GAMBLE GUY 25% OF WINNING X2 - RECCOMENDED TO DICE WITH TRUSTED PLAYERS- ($1) ADD LOYALTY TITLES "TRUSTED DICER" "RESPECTED PKER" ETC. ($1) ADD ALL WORKING SKILLS 100% (CONSTRUCTION I DON'T NEED). ($3) ADD ALL 714+ MAPS ($1) FIX BUGS/DUPES ($1) each 5 dupes/bugs -theirs a fair amount- HAVING FULLY WORKING HELPER (ONLY ABILITY IS TO YELL) ($1)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE] IF SOMEONE CAN DO ALL OF THIS "ILL PAY $50" and if you don't use the currency "$" just search $ to e.g "£" people who do it for free ill reward you to a donator with credits included (might be open July-ish) or if interested you can be an admin (wont be able to spawn) Just code. [SIZE=5]SKYPE NAME = "LEONWILSON1234", don't post links/guides i need you to do them do download team viewer Not going to give you a link but find it your self its "trusted". [/SIZE] (if i posted this to the wrong forum just tell me where to post , thanks )
  2. All in the title but yeah can someone help me to add drygore to my server? PM me your skype or amessage thanks