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Found 475 results

  1. Im very close to finishing my rsps all i need help with is making it public please someone add my skype "deathreats" Paying paypal to help!
  2. Im very close to finishing my rsps all i need help with is making it public please someone add my skype "deathreats" Paying paypal to help!
  3. hello who can make my client and make it working the game is online , but i need .jar , il pay money pm me , talk to me in skype : james.nichol64
  4. Hellow guys, Its gixx here i started thinking today to make my own rsps again Called Unitscape im searching for a co owner who can help me code and building the server i already got a source but a better source ect always welcome payments what are going to be made on this server will be 50%-50% + a littel bones the first one who can help me get paid right away ! for more info pm me me your skype via pm ! Well This is gonna be a nice project ! hopefully
  5. I've tried it myself but I just can't do it, willing to pay some money for it. add me on skype : mariovrooij
  6. hello all iv been working on a server but do not have time to keep working on it my goal is to have something to play offline by myself when i am bored. i can not find a server that has evrything that i want that doesnt need a butt load of work or work that im not good enough to do so i am loking for someone to do it for me plz inbox me if u are intrested we will talk about what im looking for and your price thanks in advance fastest way to get ahold of me is email [email][email protected][/email]
  7. Come in game and I will show you how the dupe works, then you can tell me if you think you can fix it. Client: dropbox.com/s/9nj1tz0n8b7k2um/VindictivePk.jar?dl=0 Thanks!!
  8. Hey, I need somebody to do a few jobs for me. I will pay you rather well and proof of funds are available. I need: Duel fixing, since the older owner fucked everything up. I need: Kalphite Queen lair fixing (It is all black and you can just see here and a little bit of her lair) I need: Trading / dropping problem fixing (Tells everybody they are trading whilst using the same IP) I need: A few objects at home are misplaced and need to be replaced. Thanks guys!
  9. Hello, I finished almost all of this myself I just need to add in my mp3 music file for the loading sound and adding the button so people can mute it. Looking for someone to do this asap Thanks,
  10. I cant find anywhere admin things or anything else cant make myself admin. im paying for someone who gets me admin.
  11. Hi all, as title says im looking for someone who is interested in making a rsps website for me and earning some money in the process. Message me on this or on skype: isaac.capra
  12. I need a developer to help me with a 614 server with adding a autodownloading cache, voting system, donating system, jaring client, sprite editing and some extras I will be paying with Paypal. This is a one off I will not need you to continue in my project, just need some help. If good may contact again for future help. Do you the work let me preview via skype screenshare or something along those lines and you will get payment. add me on skype- benm.98
  13. Can someone help me to connect to highscores and donations. Can someone help me? I pay 5 dollar for person who helps me. Add me on skype: syclonepk or shershah fedrik Thanks for youre help.
  14. Hi, I have been away from the RSPS community for about 2 years and I have truly forgotten a lot of the basics - if someone could get a server running for me via Teamviewer, 718+ that would be great. I am willing to pay very high amount of $ for help. I will pay via PayPal and I can go first if necessary. I am trusted in the RSPS community and am the founder of RuneCheck, a very infamous RSPS server a couple of years back. Skype: dshtarkyd Please add me or comment - need this done ASAP!!!
  15. If someone can help me get my highscores fully working then I'll pay them. I have done most of the work, just getting something wrong and cant figure it out skype me sam.thomas20
  16. Trying to set up a rsps for my first time and it's getting frustrating. I'm looking to pay someone who is fairly online and willing to answer my noob questions over skype. Please pm me your skype if you can help.
  17. Hay there! My name is YanniickZ , I wanted a RSPS so badly BUT i don't know any about it. How I should run? How I run even. What VPS i use etc etc how I code.. thats why I need a coder / Developer! I will pay the coder every month (if he did something for the server) and get a % of all donations. Contact me on skype for more info please : Yannickje2830
  18. there are three problems i need to fix. each has the price i will pay for it to be completed. 1) client auto-cache dowlnoader not working: $7 2) client not connecting to vps, ports are open and i have changed the ip and copiled $ 10 3) if the others can be done THEN for helping me get auto-vote done: $15 think you can help? message me on skype: tanxx_pure Payment method: Preferably Paypal
  19. Coin

    Coder needed paying

    Hello I recently just picked back up making rsps's. I have a client and source that is over half way done. It's a Runescape remake with a few major difference's. I don't exactly remember what model number it is (666-718). I need a dedicated coder to help me fix a few issues and get the website online I've already paid for a website and I'll pay for any expenses that are needed. I'm about to download skype so just leave your skype info here and your experience with make RSPS's. Last thing I will pay as soon as the game goes online also will give 25% of donations. If you need to know more just ask. And I'm not a coder :/ but I know a few things and how to fix/add them :D
  20. I've finally given up after screwing my server up a few times aswell as my vps to. So I am reaching out to the community to help me install an Auth Code Voting system and get it working and I will pay you a decent amount for the effort. In all honestly its probably something I just missed and am blindly missing. Message me on Skype D.w.101 My name is Dylan And I would like help as fast as possible as my server is up and running and people nagging me to finish it.
  21. Certain client issues, we can discuss privately, and since this is a broad topic which I'm not going to explain on here: Message me on skype! live:nick.odabashan willing to pay PAYPAL, I'll send it as A GIFT meaning that I can't refund- Also, if you're experienced with 718 matrix source, let me know, as I'm looking for someone to fix a problem I can't manage to fix myself.
  22. I am currently frustrated at the errors I been getting and unable to successfully fix fully. I haven't this coding stuff in years, any ways I had it working multiple times and it still works. Its unable to work for everyone at the same time. First my co-owner wasnt able fixed it for him now he has a version he kept that does and he can play so i know the server is online and everything it may just be a simple fix that i am blindly missing(most likely is). 2 other people cant use either. It has the cache updater in it and it works updates and verifys. After the update it stops at "checking version" and doesnt progress any further. I will pay someone to do it. If interested add me on skype d.w.101 Need ASAP
  23. Hi, basically I need a pro coder to fix and add things to my server if you are a professional just send me an inbox with your skype in it and I will add you so we can talk about what to fix/prices etc ... My server is a 718-747 just saying :) thanks
  24. Hi, I need a pro coder to code/fix things in my server I will pay send me an inbox of your skype and I will add you and we will talk about the prices and problems to fix thanks !
  25. Hello! I am the current owner of a private server called DragonEco, I am currently looking for someone who could sell me a full website, including: [B]-Forums (myBB Preferably) -Vote Page/Auto-Voting -Homepage -Anything else needed in a RSPS Website.[/B] Thank you, Please PM me on skype if you wish to assist me! Skype - Ryan-Prayer Thanks, Ryan.