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Found 211 results

  1. Hey im i use to do this stuff java and rsps couple years back but ive forgoten lots wanting someones help to just kick me off and keep server up and running you will get payed 20$ for starting off and if you continue to help i will gladly pay you 50$ on paypal:D please!<3 skype:shaunrocks86
  2. I really really really really want to make a sever, i've tried so many times and it's never worked, i need someone to help me make a server im willling to pay a reasonable price, PM me please.
  3. Plz help we are willing to pay someone. If u can help us add my skype The_Brick3
  4. I am trying to make my rsps public and make it a .jar file and when i open up the jarmaker program it doesnt open up nothing happens! please help add me on skype. "deathreats"
  5. I need help to .jar my rsps files! Skype me "deathreats"
  6. Skype: Arrowzflame101 Or tell me why should I hire you in forums.
  7. Don't worry about nothing I have money to pay people. I just want someone like "Jack" use to run Deadlypkers. That's the best server of all time. If someone can do that I will pay you. Format that you need use so I can tell if I should invite you. Name: Why I should choice you to be my coder? Skype: Have you ever made a RSPS? You ever been a admin or mod before in the past? Do you know java and C++? Can you create a game that people likes if so explain? Are you willing to put time in it? I have the money but do you have the skills I'm looking for? Can you fix bugs easy? Can you create a system that will run great with out getting hacked? Can you make a nice website that will be easy to understand?
  8. Hey Guys i'm new at coding and i wanted to make thieving stalls which give a certain amount of cash and experience, does anyone know where to start. Willing to pay someone to help me add them, message your skype below, or any guides that you think will help, i'm coding on a 317 delta thank you. Ignore the picture sorry.
  9. I'm looking for some 1 who would code my server I have source and client just needs to be coded ect but I also would like some thing added to the server such as a custom owner crown ::di (donator island) ::staff (staff zone) admin power be changed (were they can't spawn items or max, but be able to trade) dragon kite shield lime whip lava whip barrows whip bandos whip dragon whip lime santa hat if you think you can code this stuff send me a private message with a price (please nothing insane), (or can give co- and 60% of donations)
  10. Hello, I am on my final developments of my server and I can not figure out why the server is not registering IP's correctly. This in result is creating a problem because I can not fix the issue with multi logging and add the commands ::mute and ::ipmute. I am looking for someone who is very experienced in developing and would know how to solve this problem. Thanks!
  11. 1. I need help adding Donator Symbols for Donators in chat when they Talk. 2. World Message when New players join and everyone can see. PM ME if you want to help i'll pay $10-15
  12. Hey Runelocus. I'm an owner of a new and upcoming RSPS server, and we're looking for some developers. We need map data and things as well. If you're interested, add me on skype: pullapalooza And yes, I am willing to pay. Thanks!
  13. I will need a developer for a good 2 weeks. At the end of this 2 weeks, I will be paying you between $50-$100, depending on: -How much work you do -How much money is received from donations. We have just placed an ad on Mopar's toplist, ranked [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=4]#4[/URL] & are averaging 10+ players daily. The faster shit gets developer, the more players will be coming in. I am searching for full time developers, you will be paid over the course of two weeks, probably more than this; again, depending on what gets done. Now, if after these two weeks are done & you want to do full time, I would gladly love to have you. My developer is traveling to England for two weeks and I will not hear from him till then, if not, longer. I am trying to find a temp/perm (long term) developer, depending on what you will choose. Now, if you want to be a full time developer now, I will love to have you. As long as you show me your previous works & show me you want to be MY developer, I will gladly have you. You must: -Be committed to the server as I am. -Be able to trust that I will take care of you, and you will take care of me. The only way we will grow as a server is if we trust each other. -Be chilling, love to joke around & get serious when needed. -Show me work that you have done in the past. Please, I need this urgently. Post below or PM me.
  14. my name is aaron, I am deployed in afghanisan and I am returning home in a few days iv spent over 10,000$ usd on private servers for donations to other owners, I got tired of that. what I am looking for now. is someone who has a 317 that's a good and fun server, that needs a co owner, or head admin I am willing to pay a good amount of money, if ur interested add me on Skype or email me Skype : armyatkins93 email : [email][email protected][/email] kind regards, aaron
  15. 1.i it so when u make a new account you can't trade for 15 minutes or drop any items 2.my useitem file isn't working need it working stop working after i added vine whip 3.my drops don't work properly 4.want cursors added i have the corsors just needs adding Skype - ish3zz will pay!
  16. I open my port 5555 on my router and In U torrent, and it says that the port is open, I try to run my server and it says port or adress is in use or something, After that I thinking that its because I have it open on two ports, So I close it on my router and it says the port is not open while its open on utorrent So I TRY to switch it around and open it on my router then leave utorrent closed and it still says its closed Help please?
  17. Ok so, I have a few things i need done. One is that I need items in the donator shop to be a different price as the items in the pk shop, Like dragon claws for example. I want them 500 pkp and then in the donator shop 10 donator tokens. If you can help then please add my skype: adam.122333 We can work out a deal
  18. Add king.hat on Skype for specifications and details
  19. hey guys as it says in the title i need help making a auto cache downloader so when people download my client it auto dl's cache please pm me if your interested!
  20. need npc's adding glacors - [url]http://www.****************/runescape-development/rs2-client/models/411527-glacors.html[/url] i have no idea where to put the files and nex i will try find models etc also need to fix drops Skype - ish3zz doing it liver team viewer
  21. So I recently started to host a server and I thought it would be neat to actually try to make a web client so people don't have to feel obligated to download something to play on my server. I tried following a bunch of tutorials, but I have problems with downloading the cache. If anyone is willing to make a web client for me please reply with an email. I am paying $10 through paypal for this service. Turn the downloadable client into a web client Here is the downloadable Client: [url]http://up.ht/1bnmqUB[/url] Thank you so much :)
  22. not so good client side, need some help fixing errors PM me for Skype, thanks
  23. need help with weblcient will pay need weblcient or website be better with website need it cheap i have a jarred client so just need help with web client Skype - ish3zz
  24. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone would be nice enough to make me a webclient if so add me on skype : ollie.jasinski I will pay. Thanks, Tuybe