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Found 2 results

  1. Sneakyhearts


    this community is pathetic. nothing but a bunch of fucking morons and the staff (aside from Cart) do a terrible job. This community is also extreme inactive compared to Rune-Server, and is nothing but a waste of time. Fuck you all, especially Chad (Ziek` / Sick`) because I thought you were more respectable but it turns out you're a fucking dick too.
  2. [center][b]This is a complaint thread.[/b][/center] I am making this complaint about the members of the staff who were involved in selecting the official tutorial of Runelocus. The reason I am doing this, because in simple terms, the judgement was completely biased. First of all, the members of the staff ruled out all submissions by Mediafire, which is absolutely [B]absurd[/B]. The least you could have done was given a notice to people who submitted via Mediafire, to resubmit their tutorial. But alas, you completely ruled out over 30 hours of people's hard work, to contribute to the community. Not only that, but also, you may not feel this way but I know at least a few members feel this, that the staff picked members who they are friends with, and who they are close to. The winners were Emperor and Slik. Slik I know, is one of Smudge's best friends on the forums, and Emperor is highly respected in the RSPS community. I did not submit one, nor will I, but I am doing this out of how I feel. It is absolutely obsurd that the staff wasted hours of members work on improving this forum, simply based on the fact they did not want to download from Mediafire. [quote name='Smudge']A few people used Mediafire, Megaupload etc, was going through my PM's and it would of taken so much time to PM everyone, get them to post it to Pastebin, would of ended up waiting a while. To be honest, at 3AM + I didn't really think of posting it on the thread for the fact of me being so damn tired.[/QUOTE] This is what Smudge said about the whole thing. He didn't use Mediafire because it would take to long, and he was tired. It just seems like complete disrespect towards anyone who spent long hours doing this work to [B]benefit[/B] the community. [quote name='Smudge']Better start bitching to me then eh? Because I'm the [b]only[/b] person who went through them to decide.[/QUOTE] Just another point I would like to make, if what Smudge says in this is true, the judging was [B]completely[/B] unfair. How can you have [B]one[/B] person to judge over 40 hours of people's work? I cannot even comprehend that.