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Found 34 results

  1. Hey guys. I'm looking for someone to develop my 562, this is a serious project. I am a businessman with resources and money. Not some kid who thinks he can do what he wants. I want someone who knows what they're doing, who is willing to fix all of the edgy 562 bugs, and work on the overall rs2hd framework. I'm a programmer myself, and have been in 562's for a few years. I also have other extensive skills and team members, who are also working on a 317 for our branch RSPS Network. If anyone is interested, please send me a pm with your proposed payment per week, 2 week, monthly schedule, your skills, some proof of your work, along with your skype name. Thank you for your time.
  2. Auto-vote Auto-donation Player count not working ( always says 0 players online) Need my farming fixed up Adding Loyalty Points Adding Skill Points Add me on skype if you can do any/all of these things " LoganG3Powerbot "
  3. Basically I want to pay someone to do a handful of things for me; - Help me find a Source+Client that is 'ready to use'. - Get my server online with the VPS that I will purchase(it's something that I'd rather pay someone to do than figure out myself) - Help my make little changes to make it my own (highscores, move home, etc) - Possibly help me with my website (although I am able to do that for myself mostly) After those are all set I will be looking to hire coders to help me with my server as a paid position, not as a staff spot on the server. We can talk on Skype as to how much you'd be getting paid. Add my on Skype, " LoganG3Powerbot "
  4. You'll be paid monthly. You need to produce frequent updates. You must be active (several days per week, several hours per day). Must have some experience with databases, OOP, Java, RSPS and networking. add me on skype if you're interested: c.fortress The server you'll be working for has existed for several years, we will be picking out applicants who best fit the server's needs.
  5. I’m looking for experienced developers in PHP, Javascript, client development, and networking. Add my Skype: alrunic.rsps if you’re interested. Currently the administration team is working on a dodian remake server. Our site: Alrunic.com This is a paid position. During the interview process we will discuss terms and project details. Looking forward to hearing from you, ~ Alrunic
  6. Hello Server Owners, Right now you're probably thinking, what the hell does this guy envo do? Marketing and advertising why do we need that. Well before we get started, lets look at what the Runelocus admin has to say about me. What I do is I build relationships, so many people overlook the power of brand loyalty and I know exactly how to boost the donations, get people more active within the community and lastly get new mature players. [I][CENTER][B]Runelocus Admin: [/B][/CENTER][/I][quote name='Ikiliki']Vouch for Envo! He has done a great job for a club I DJ at. Envo knows a lot about social marketing, so if you're looking for a good marketeer for your RSPS, send him a message ;-)[/QUOTE] Next lets look at some of what i'll be doing. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?92233-The-Importance-Of-Social-Media-For-Your-RSPS[/url] I'll also be making use of many other advertising techniques and methods. Now, with that out of the way, let me tell you all something. Very few RSPS Owners use marketing and advertising, hell even in the rsps industry not many people use social media marketing to advertise. Lets guess who does..? 1. Soulsplit - Top RSPS 2. Runelocus - Top Toplist It is no surprise they use it, they both have very skilled people in top positions and social media marketing is a huge part on why they succeed. It's not luck, they make people want to be on the server and website. Below is a few of the many things I am capable of. [LIST] [*]I can setup targeted advertising campaigns to maximize the results. [*]Manage the social media accounts to engage with players. [*]Set up targeted community events to make the players more dedicated then ever. [*]I can maximize the profits for server, I can boost overall profits. [*]Work with the community to get more players. [*] Deploy many other advertising techniques. [/LIST] These are a few of the many things I can do. Now lets talk about my experience, shall we? It all started when I was around 10, I realized I could make money at school so I would buy gum and other candy off of eBay for dirt cheap prices, in bulk of course and then I would sell it at school for triple the price I bought it for. From this moment on, I knew I wanted to market things. Then I got into internet marketing, I have run a few websites that have come and go, some I have sold and some I have just closed down to lack of interest. Most recently, I have started a service that provides Facebook likes, twitter followers, instagram followers and more. This service has been a huge success. I still want to run the service, but I am also looking to join a team. I have been working alone for to long and I think it's time I start to work with other people to achieve amazing things. I am not sure how much I want to be paid for what I do, but we can discuss all that. Please add my skype "fingerpod" if you're interested. Thanks, Envo
  7. Hello, this is a serious and high quality project. We are looking for a committed lead developer that has extensive Runescape Private Server experience. The founder and Co-Founder(Me) both have java knowledge and have dealt with private servers before. We also already 2 semi-experienced developers. However, we are looking for a very experienced RSPS developer who will be able to take on some of the more challenging tasks. I have the java knowledge to code anything in game, but not the Private Server knowledge. You must be very committed for the long-term, as this project will not be released for a couple months, but it will be bug free, built with flawless execution. You will be paid with a percentage of the donations, so it is in your and the other developers hands in how much you make, a better server will produce more revenue so more pay for you. If interested, contact me on skype - "Fs-brian"
  8. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum here as I'm sure you guys can tell. I've been playing RSPS for about 5 years now and would consider myself a vet. :P However one thing I never learned to do was code or even run a server. It's always been something that I wanted to do and I figure now would be as could of a time as any. I just finished up my first year of college (hold the applause) and I'm looking to pick up this hobby again. I'm sure someone may be worried that after my summer vacation here I'll be back to college and will no longer have time for an RSPS? well, by that time I will be taking my courses online which means I can do that at any time throughout the week which makes me open just about any time of the day or night to run the server. A downside of working with me is that I do not know one lick of coding. I've never made an effort to start a server, don't know the first thing about getting one online, and don't know how to code a website. An upside? I'm an incredible people person, I have some money to get a server up and going, and I really have the drive to keep a server up and running. People tend to like me and I'm thinking they'd really like my server. I'd really like to get one up sooner rather then later but I am going to wait for a coder that I seem to click with because I'm not looking to waste my time. I'm looking for someone who is an experienced coder, isn't ridiculously expensive (remember I make $7.25\hour + tips working in a restaurant) :P, has the drive to keep with the server for a while. In addition to payment you'd get a developer rank on the server and if you're looking to be active on the server, which would be preferable, I'd make you co-owner (actually, you'd make yourself co-owner;)). If anyone is interested and would like to get going on this with me my skype is Logan.RedX and you could also send me a message on the forums. if there's something else I should include on this please do leave a post on what I should add in order to answer some questions. ~Logan EDIT: I have a source I am interested in using. Taking suggestions on sources, looking for 317-564.
  9. Hello, So i've been playing RSPS for a long time as i'm sure most of us on here have. I've had staff positions on muiltiple servers which have given me a sneak peak of coding here and there. I've finally decided to give making my own server a chance. I plan to purchase a VPS as soon as I have a dedicated Developer and have finished necessary coding. (running off no-ip at the moment). There are just some basic java knowledge that i've been struggling to figure out on my own and after hours and hours of searching, watching tutorials, guess and check, i've become pretty frustrated haha. Anyways, I know what most of you are going to say: "I'm sure a good dedicated developer already has his own server." but maybe not, you never know.I don't just want someone who's going to do everything for me, i'd like someone thats willing to teach me things here and there that I can pass along to help other people. I'm extremely mature, loyal, and dedicated. I know for a fact i'll make a good owner. If you think that you are interested in helping me comment here, or message me on skype at: exctasy13 Thanks For Your Time!
  10. Keeping it simple, but also there will be a bit of formality involved, Paid staff workers will be paid fortnightly or monthly (negotiable) and positions will be reviewed monthly. Payments (Wages if you want to call it that) will not be reliant on donations as most other servers advertise. [B]Positions Open as of now: [/B] - [B][I]1 Co-Developer:[/I][/B] To work by my side and would obviously have the highest pay of these positions due to the importance of the position. Experience is a must. Good communications between the two of us is also key. - [B][I]1 Community Administrator[/I][/B] (Possibly 2 in the near future) : Admin for short, will deal with any major issues that occur, must be mature and very open to communications. -[B][I]2 Community Moderators[/I][/B]: (Yes, even moderators will be paid) - Maturity, helpfulness and being friendly will help your case. To apply, post your skype or some form of way to contact you below. Also fire me a private message and tell me a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in the position you are applying for. More positions will open up in the future, more information will be given to successful/shortlisted applicants. Revison of server - 718
  11. Hey Guys, So where I work I am working with a piece of software called "Salesforce" for those who know what it is you know it requires a lot of coding for certain aspects and the path that I would like to go down is to become a developer. There is a lot of Java, HTML, CSS, Apex code that I must learn to progress. I am looking for someone that can code with me a server and also teach me along the way. I pick up things very quickly and am very keen to learn from someone who knows what they are doing. I am 18, not some little kid who will disrespect you and not listen. I am willing to pay for this service as i know experienced coders are hard to come by. Please list if you would like to join me on this and how much you would like to be paid. Serious offers only. Thanks.
  12. Hello there! I am looking for a modeler and animator, preferably the same person however if you can only do one or the other that's cool as well. This is a paid position and pay will be discussed upfront before work starts. If you are interested, please reply or PM me. You will be responsible for [LIST] [*]Magic skills and animation [*]New bosses & NPC's [*]Items and there animations [*] [/LIST] You will also be responsible for making sure both male and female characters look correct. I currently have 2 developers, they will implement it into the client.
  13. Yo Raw Envy, Did you forget that I paid you $20 dollars. If you are still planning on helping me out then let me know, I have been pm'ing you. If you do not plan on helping me at least just let me know so I can stop wasting my time trying to get up with you.
  14. Tittle says all. I am looking for full set: custom h weens, phats, santas, death cape and d kite. the ints i use: [quote]case 11742: itemDef.actions = new String[5]; itemDef.actions[1] = "Wear"; itemDef.modifiedModelColors = new int[1]; itemDef.originalModelColors = new int [1]; itemDef.modifiedModelColors[0] = 0; itemDef.originalModelColors[0] = 926; itemDef.modelID = 2635; itemDef.modelZoom = 440; itemDef.modelRotation1 = 76; itemDef.modelRotation2 = 1850; itemDef.anInt204 = 0; itemDef.modelOffset1 = 1; itemDef.modelOffset2 = 1; itemDef.maleEquip1 = 187; itemDef.femaleEquip1 = 363; itemDef.name = "Black Partyhat"; itemDef.description = "A Black Party Hat".getBytes(); break;[/quote] contact me here or via skype (rocketsythe)
  15. Hi i need someone to set up my ports so that they are open on my vps. I am willing to pay and the price can be negotiated. I am paying via Paypal
  16. GoNao

    Paid Developer

    Requirements for me to work for you: [LIST] [*]Online and active [*]Averaging 50-80 players a day [*]Advertisements paid for [*]Long term contract that we will both sign [*]Payment for amount of work I do [*]Active server/forum [/LIST] What I can offer to you: [LIST] [*]Experience: I have been in RSPS since 2006 and programming on and off since 2008 [*]Constant updates: I can provide constant updates for the server [*]Maturity: I am 17 years old and can handle any given task [/LIST] If you would like me as a server developer please use this format to apply. Be as professional as possible when applying. [code] Name: Server name: Server base?: Average amount of players daily: How much will you be able to pay weekly: Skype: [/code]
  17. EDIT- sold/close please [MENTION=1573]Cart[/MENTION]
  18. I Am looking for an advanced coder with alot of free time to be the dev for a rsps if your good you could become the permemant dev for the server. This is what i need doing 718 source downloaded and setup You to host the Rsps if possible if not i will host on my cpu I would like A spawn server were you can spawn bandos etc and goliaths but overpowered items like claws ags need to be voted for (vote for op weapons) also goliaths need to be voted for and any armour after bandos bandos is not to be voted for or dh. Then donors can have primal vesta chaotic weapons etc so spawning needs to work. Pk needs to be good and the home is edge with all 3 altars and someone to change your stats like mandrith in bank or a command to change stats and skilling isnt on my mind atm once the pking and spawning is done the home area needs to be done. Then i need a webclient and maybe a downloadable client made for the server that will be put on a forum. This is the idea for my server and if anyone could do this once the server takes off they would recieve a percentage of the profit from the server. Also the website needs a donate button etc if all this was done perfectly you would recieve a higher percentage of profits and if your a good dev i will keep you as a permament dev i will host the server once everything is done it just needs handing over to me to host and as i said you will be greatly rewarded thanks you need alot of free time 4-6+hours aday thanks guys and say below if your interested as i think this is a good idea for a server only problem is i have no java coding experience and if needed i would hire a second dev to help you out and relive the strain thanks! btw the percentage would range from 30-50+ percent depending on the job you do and most medium sized servers earn from 4k-6k a month you do the maths a good investment ;d and once its set up not alot of maintaining to do so something thats will take a long time but once done not much maintaining to do and you get a big cut of the profit
  19. Hello! [B]Description[/B] [URL="http://internalcore.ca"]InternalCore[/URL] is my home town business I own, So going to be using it for this example! Alright, Let's start this off, I will be accepting money via [B]PayPal[/B] or [B]RSGP[/B] that I could later sell for Paypal money. You can view some of my recent work on my website [URL="http://internalcore.ca/portfolio"]InternalCore Portfolio[/URL] don't expect much there as I havent finished a few customers websites yet and they do not want it linked there until it is finished. [B]Prices[/B] It can be anywhere from 10-100$ depending on what you need. (10m-300m) *Prices may vary [B]Support[/B] [spoiler="Supporters"]None yet =/[/spoiler]
  20. [LIST] [*][SIZE=5][B][COLOR="#B22222"]Forum Starter[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [/LIST] [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4]Special offer - it is now only $6 and $10 for premium :) Limited time, While stock lasts[/SIZE][/FONT] Professional IPB[NULLED] or SMF or MYBB forum[[I]note[/I] WE WILL NOT [COLOR="#FF0000"]SHUTDOWN [/COLOR]ANY WEBSITES THAT RECEIVE A DMCA FROM IPB[I][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Guranteed[/COLOR][/I])] - Paid template of your choise & Hundreds of free mods(Store, Chatbox,Donation Tracker) [QUOTE]I support most of the Skins seen in [url=http://www.ipbforumskins.com/premade_ipb3.php]IPBForumSkins.com / Premade IPB Skins[/url][/QUOTE] 1 year subscription on a domain of your choice ending with .com! 6 Month paid Shared hosting! [QUOTE] 10GB Shared Hosting 10GB Space Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited FTP Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Databases Unlimited Sub Domains Unlimited Parked Domains Unlimited Add On Domains "You will also recieve great speeds(Check media for some images)" [/QUOTE] cPanel Pro, [URL="http://x3demob.cpx3demo.com:2082/cpsess6413545794/frontend/x3/index.html?post_login=86730189168617"]see demo[/URL] [SPOILER=Cpanel]Comes with extra apps such as [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/rZdCB.png[/IMG] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Prices]The whole service costs [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=4]$6[/SIZE][/COLOR] for the full service but has some side effects, I have full rights to keep this in the bottom of your forums upgrade to premium to remove this [IMG]http://img580.imageshack.us/img580/979/53a67c42567d47eb81ce33f.png[/IMG] And a maximum of 3 advertisements per page on your forums, Webclient[If i installed], Vote[If I installed it] [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF0000"]Premium service [/COLOR][/SIZE]- $10, this is your permission on removing my advertisements and adding your own. heres an example of my adsense account in a couple of months and traffic to my site is fairly low. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ZjK8F.png[/IMG] $62 is the amount I have earned [/SPOILER] Extra services(Optional) [QUOTE] Webclient - $3 Homepage - $10 AutoDonation + Vote [Both server sided and website sided] - $4 each [/QUOTE] [SPOILER=Media] Here is the average speed that the website loads at [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Qr0RT.png[/IMG] Heres a forum I have set up for a friend [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/x3Ysy.png[/IMG] Here is IPB AdminCp [IMG]http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/93/3bca673445814b07b32ff1e.png[/IMG] Here is vBulletin AdminCp [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/U7FaA.png[/IMG] Webclient [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/TJErK.png[/IMG] Vote Page [IMG]http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/9460/2d1e53cc79504e948e15844.png[/IMG] Auto Donation [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/kC1LM.png[/IMG] Here is one of the orders lengths - [IMG]http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/4287/314673cf48ae4e1dbc13403.png[/IMG] You will be in google aswell - [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/tKx9F.png[/IMG] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Contact]Skype - who_knows68 Or private message me on this forums.[/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Vouches][quote name='ulovecookies']Vouch for mrOright! He made my autovoting & donation! Quick, cheap and efficient service!:)[/QUOTE][/SPOILER]
  21. Hello i am currently starting a remake with a friend and one thing that we are missing is music for the login screen and ingame music, if anybody is a really good client developer and can assist us with this problem for a set price $20-25 that would be great Not most PI 317's have a built in music system so if somebody can add that , that would be great. Please list down your offers, and i should consider them.
  22. I'll pay anyone show me how to learn Java. I'll pay you 200$. Skype:terry.mcguffin
  23. Hello, I know I havent been on in awhile and all the new people might not know me but I may be back, if you dont already know I went to College for Web Design and I feel like making some extra paypal cash on the side for random things haha. Anyway, I dont have much to show but I have a few. We can discuss prices depending from what you want. [spoiler=Websites] [URL="http://lairsconstruction.com"]Website 1[/URL] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Vouches] None :( [/spoiler] Also here is my professional Facebook page. [url]http://www.facebook.com/mike.w.dev[/url]
  24. Hey Guys anyone that buys this webhost for only $0.01 will get paid $10 in return!! Simply go to this link to buy HostGator webhosting for only $0.01! If you sign up and buy this hosting simply leave a reply here or private message me and ill give you $10! [url]https://signup.hostgator.com/hg4/shared-3-1-numberonehost-1[/url]