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  1. Homepage Play Now Welcome to our advertisement thread! We're really glad you've decided to have a look at our advertisement thread. We know you're probably ready to see some pictures (or possibly already have), so we'll keep our explanation of what exactly Alora is short and sweet. We're a brand new server that has been in development for well over a year now and we have paid the closest attention to detail that we can, to provide our amazing community with the best OSRS private server experience possible! Now, you may be asking yourselves what makes this server different from the hundreds of others already out there already? And I welcome your scepticism, providing a brief outline of our goals and the comprehensive experience we aim to provide, something we haven't seen perfected in any other server until now! Server Features: • A perfect balance between PvP and Economy • A realistic feeling in every aspect of the server ranging from combat with accurate formulas, timing and switching to a wilderness target system similar to that of OSRS • The latest OSRS content, with tools designed to help us dump and pack new data with ease, nearly as soon as it is released! • A wide range of dungeons and training areas, including but not limited to: Demonic Gorillas, Lizard Shamans, (Nieve's) Stronghold Slayer Cave and more • All of the Wilderness bosses • Fully functional skills using Oldschool content such as Rooftop Agility courses • An optional High-definition feature on the client, using real OpenGL • Full integration between the website, forum and server • Professional and mature staff team • The first server with full Raids 1 & 2! (Chambers of Xeric & Theatre of Blood) • The most content packed OSRS server to date! Media: FAQ: Staff Team: Omicron - Server Developer & Founder Lowkey - Community Manager
  2. Well as someone is trying to sell my work, I'm just going to release it, nothing much was done besides 133 Data adding, a few npcs adding and weapons. Hope someone makes good use of this, but yeah whatever, hope you enjoy, Me (Aklra and Azeem) have decided to release ourselves as we are moving on in life with a new project. This is Vencillio with 133 data. I have released the version before i started working on Raids npc's, message me if you want the definitions, combat definitions and drop definitions for them. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nnwhj4n8ku...sidus.rar?dl=0 Media: http://forum.runelocus.com/topic/103107-os-xeric-the-1-upcoming-osrs-server/ Enjoy
  3. • 5 Rooftop Agility Courses • Rewritten a majority of the combat including formulas. • Rewritten Game Engine & Packet handling. • Rewritten Clan Chat (Includes; Teleport To Clan Member & Copy Kit) • Item Gambler (Npc) • Ingame Boss Kill Log • Zenyte Jewelry Crafting • Bounty Hunter Skull Icons to determine how much a player on a kill-streak is worth • Ingame npc drop-table • Ingame PK Hiscores board • All OSRS Current Bosses (Except for Skotizo) • Rewritten Slayer (Players can choose between task difficulties depending on Combat Level) • Boss Slayer Tasks • PVP Slayer Tasks • Full Cerberus • Full Demonic Gorillas with Prayer Switching • Full Kraken • Zulrah • Crazy Archaeologist • Scorpia • Chaos Fanatic • 18+ Bosses • Unique Kill-Streak System • All Wilderness Bosses • Rewritten Skills • Full OSRS Bounty Hunter • Help database system • Perfect Combat • Clipped Player & Npc following • Clipped Projectiles • Clipped 121 maps & objects • Pet Insurance • Boss Pets • Newest OSRS Pets • Bank Tabs • Perfect Minigames Credit: 01053 Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?399k9rksramzs39
  4. What is the first thing you think when you login to a server and Edgeville is the home? From the guy who brought you RS-PS (the first ever webclient maker in 2009). The idea is to bring real nostalgia back into the RSPS scene with a custom 317 server. We don't believe in a server having to be 'Economy' or 'PVP' centric. We don't have any problem in finding a happy medium with highly enjoyable but challenging gameplay. It's a demanding ask but we know it's possible. This has been the result of years of thinking and a few months of careful planning. A picture says a thousand words, so here is a high level overview of the server layout: There will be many other gags scattered around the island, to cater for the explorer player type. The teleports will take you to various points on the island. The quests will be highly secretive when they come out and thus the knowledge base will be completely community-driven. There will be various challenging bosses around the island and a real element of risk. Shops will be completely permanent (not reset by server restarts). The server should be released on the 30th of June 2017. We will be investing in banner advertisement spots, sponsored servers and social media promotion. This won't be half-assed. Any suggestions, feedback etc are most welcome. Also, feel free to join our Discord for announcements etc: https://discord.gg/NBWHfku Thanks
  5. PS: This server is re-named from Grinderscape to Etherum. Etherum is the longest active server, over 7 years online offering very high quality content to players, expect to see many unique content available only here at Etherum, because we know what we are doing! The Best of Etherum Trailer Game Modes Select a Game Mode and go straight to the point! Combat System Our combat system was created from scratch in a project that took several months. We do our best effort to offer the most flawless combat experience that you will ever find. Bounty Hunter We have a very sophisticated bounty hunter system that will match you fair fights. Kill your target to advance your rank and global position which is displayed in real time. PK Tournament Show your skills at wild and gain awesome rewards every month! Bank System Our bank system is the most advanced, dynamic and smooth that you will ever see! You can destroy items, resize both ways and even take a screenshot to make others jealous! Presets Our preset system allows you to gear up for a fight in one second! Looting Bag Delay that banking time with the looting bag! Rune Pouch You may save up some inventory space by taking a filled up rune pouch with you! Timers Timers will indicate exactly when a buff will wear off! NPC Kills tracker Track all of your bosses kills and fastest kill time! Game Titles Over 150 available titles to show out your achievements! Item Customizer As many other items that can be customized as you wish, masters skill capes are one of them! Clue Scrolls Our Treasure Trial system is huge we have over 150 tasks available with hundred of unique rewards! The tasks includes Cryptics, Puzzles, Dancing, Scans and more! Live Game Scores With Live Game scores and many categories you have plenty of opportunities to appear on top! Notifications With our notification system you will not miss a thing! Key Binding Configure your key actions exactly as you want! Tasks We have over 80 tasks available! Dicing We offer a very secure and fun way to bet with others! Slayer Slay monsters in hundreds of different assignments for awesome rewards! Boss Pets Slay bosses and get many available cute boss pets! Reaper Collection Recover your untradables lost on death from Grim Reaper! Quick Teleporting Quick teleport accessible through World Map button & Key Binding! Duel Arena We offer the most flawless Duel Arena experience, with no PID and very good anti-scamming systems. Castle Wars Here at Etherum you find the most complete Castle Wars system, with very good rewards! Yell Customizer Choose exactly how you wish your yell message to be! Premium Perk Store Our premium members can purchase many perks! Vote Rewarding We value a lot your vote and you are well rewarded for it! Game Stores We have a lot of interesting stores, take a look! What are you waiting for? Other Media: http://imgur.com/a/hgQce
  6. RevolutionPk Links Desktop Client Website Us here at RevolutionPk want to provide a high quality OSRS experience with a private server twist. We want players to experience a challenging but rewarding experience playing RevolutionPk. Instead we provide many options to achieve those goals easily. Our economy is set up to reward every player despite what game mode they prefer (PvP, PvM, Skilling). There are many markets for you to exploit and succeed here in The RevolutionPk. * Instant PvP * Presets * Perfect Switches * Killing streak system * 5 Rooftop Agility courses * Ingame Npc drop-table * Wilderness target system * All skills working * Most osrs bosses including zulrah/cerberus. * 15+ Bosses * And alot more. Media
  7. PkOwnage Homepage PkOwnage Forum PkOwnage Client Download Vote for PkOwnage PkOwnage Highscores
  8. Welcome to our project thread! Hey, RuneLocus, this is the project we've been working on for a while, so we thought we'd post what we've been doing. This is a OSRS based server, which will have a hard economy, raids npcs and much more. Everyone will start from nothing theoretically and eventually prepare for the end game content. The release date is to be announced soon. Join our discord server which is given below, to stay up to date with the latest information. Update Log: Media: Staff Team: Akira - Owner/ Main Developer Mike - Co-Owner Azeem - Community Manager Alex - Forums Developer Discord:
  9. Greetings, I quit OSRS 11-12 months ago (which is pretty much a year). In case you want to know why I quit, read the spoiler below. You may find the stats below. You may find a screenshot of the Authenticator/Ban Meter in the spoiler below. I have censored a few stats and the chat + my name for safety purposes. I can provide more information such as the quests and such if necessary (I have completed a great amount of quests, at least the important ones as far as I can remember). I have little to no idea how much I should sell my account for, so I am open to reasonable offers. Do not think that I am transparent, I am not completely clueless. Alternatively, I may perhaps trade/swap my account for a Pure / Void Pure account. Do you want to know why? Then read the spoiler below. I accept several Payment Methods. I shall mention a few Payment Methods that I accept: Skrill, Bitcoins, G2A Wallet Cash and OSRS GP (I have a buyer). I am open to suggestions for Payment Methods. I do NOT accept PayPal Payments (I do not use PayPal at all, not to mention that I rather accept GP than PayPal). I also have Skype. Inform me of your Skype-Name and I can add you if you wish. Thank You.
  10. Hey guys, Looking to make a 317 server but in need of a developer,coder to get things going and make this succesful I got many many friends who play rsps. around 50+ who will happily follow me to a server that i own. Looking for a team mate to team up and create something magic. Add My skype> [email protected]
  11. I'm selling an OSRS account. if you're interested, PM me. Accepting ONLY 07 gold/ paupal. Edit: The account has a OSRS themed name, has just over two weeks membership left.
  12. ScapeRune is a very well known RuneScape emulator from the OSRemake Team built from scratch using raw NIO. Our server is the first RSPS in history known to create minimum garbage, which results in steady cycle times (Averaging .4ms) and memory usage under 30MB with 2,000 players (While still loading all data from the cache). It is based on the #462 cache, which dates back to the middle of Summer 2007 (July 4th, 2007). I believe that RuneScape played a very big part in all of our Summers of 2007, and that this era will give players enough content to keep things stirred up while still maintaining that nostalgic feel that's often sought after. We are the first and only #462 server in RSPS history, setting us apart from the rest. For those of you unfamiliar with this era, it is the last revision before items kept on death, while still including the game and interface engine update. It is loaded with lots of memorable features such as Construction, Hunter, Warriors Guild, Stronghold Of Security, Lunar Diplomacy, Barbarian Assault, and many more. Due to Jagex ruining their 2007 servers and letting things get out of hand, it's time to give the real veteran players somewhere they can call home. I bring to you, ScapeRune #462. Youtube Discord Website Player Updating Movement Interaction Clipped Following (Dijkstra's Algorithm) Trading NPC Cache Reading Updating Movement Interaction Clipped Following (Dijkstra's Algorithm) Shopping Objects Cache Reading Animate Construct Destroy Items Cache Reading Container Support Ground Items Melee Ranged Magic Special Attacks Free to Play Cooking Recipes Cakes Pizzas Pies Stews Dough Making Cookables Potato Anchovies Meat Chicken Shrimp Bread Sardines Herring Trout Pike Salmon Tuna Lobster Swordfish Rabbit Mackerel Cod Karambwans Rainbow Fish Cave Eel Bass Lava Eel Monk Fish Shark Sea Turtle Manta Ray Drinks Wines Crafting Armour Spinning Pottery Jewellery Weaving Glass Firemaking Fishing Mining Pickaxe Support Bronze Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe Steel Pickaxe Mithril Pickaxe Adamant Pickaxe Rune Pickaxe Prospecting Mineable Ores Rune Essence Clay Copper Tin Iron Blurite Silver Coal Pure Essence Gold Mithril Adamantite Runite Random Gems Coal Trucks Prayer Runecrafting Smithing Smelting Bronze Blurite Iron Silver Steel Gold Mithril Adamantite Runite Metalwork Bronze Iron Steel Mithril Adamantite Runite Woodcutting Axe Support Bronze Axe Iron Axe Steel Axe Black Axe Mithril Axe Adamant Axe Rune Axe Dragon Axe Vegetation Types Normal Tree Evergreen tree Achey Tree Dead Tree Oak Tree Willow Tree Teak Tree Maple Tree Hollow Tree Mahogany Tree Arctic Tree Yew Tree Magic Tree Bird's Nests Members Fletching Herblore Free to Play Tutorial Island Black Knight's Fortress Cook's Assistant Demon Slayer Doric's Quest Dragon Slayer Ernest the Chicken Goblin Diplomacy Imp Catcher The Knights Sword Pirate's Treasure Prince Ali Rescue The Restless Ghost Romeo & Juliet Rune Mysteries Sheep Shearer Shield of Arrav Vampire Slayer Witch's Potion Members Druidic Ritual Fishing Contest Lost City Merlin's Crystal Scorpion Catcher Witch's House More To Be Announced Warrior's Guild Music Automatic Manual Loop Music By Region Unlocking Music Sounds Skills Combat Misc Guardians Golem River Troll Tree Spirit Shade Zombie Gift Givers Certers Drill Demon Drunken Dwarf Freaky Forester Kiss the Frog Genie Highwayman Jekyll and Hyde Lost Pirate Maze Mime Mysterious Old Man Pirate's Combination Lock Quiz Master Strange Box Strange Plant Security Guard Surprise Exam Dangerous Ent Evil Chicken Exploding Rock Poison Gas Swarm Whirlpool Miscellaneous Evil Bob The Beekeeper Grab The Evil Twin Pinball Gravedigger Candlelight Pillory Prison Pete Sandwich Lady Lost & Found Office Flying Axe Head Flying Pickaxe Head Server Team: thing1 Michael P Hektic Website Team: Looking for developers! Special Thanks To: Richard1992 blakeman8192 Canownueasy Plastic Cup AkZu Whis Jess3 Crusty Rob Viggan
  13. Hello. Ragefire RSPS Is an OSRS/Economy/Custom Server. It has flawless pking & Perfected, addictive PvM'ing system. We also a few customs that are pretty rare to obtain! we have an active gambling and dicing/dueling community too! you should check us out! Link: http://ragefire.org Latest Updates: http://ragefire.org/forum/index.php?/forum/3-updates/ Huge announcement: http://ragefire.org/forum/index.php?/topic/161-huge-important-server-announcement-please-read/ Please spread the word about ragefire! Kind Regards
  14. Game Developers Grant Ali Who are we?We are a 317 loading Mixed data (600+ and OSRS data) RSPS platform. We are a team of professionals who have histories rooting back to 2013 running successful gaming platforms with over 500 players. Some may remember us from 4 months ago, when we finally launched Vanquish. We immediately caught popularity with over 150 players on the first day, 1k+ Forum registers in 1 week, 300+ Online on forums on first day just to grasp on some of the statistics for you! There was a lot of complications as to why we had to say good bye. • One being we never held an actual BETA to be able to assess the bugs and conquer them before the initial release so it caused a lot of unhappy players on first day. • Secondly, we ran into many complications with advertising and web development. Along with some inner staff issues. Over the past month+ that we have been down, we have been working day in and day out to create the smoothest RSPS possible. With the amount of help from our Vanquish release, we were able to diagnose a lot of the issues in the game, and are confident in how our final product is laying out. Thus, we are here, to share our final adventure. The server is based off a successful server we ran back in 2013, ever since it’s been under development and we have around 2.4k+ git commits to date. Known as: • Vanquish 2013 | 500 players. • Argus | 100 players. • Vanquish 2016 | 150 players.Mission StatementOur mission is simple: create a server that is content packed while at the same time enjoyable day in and day out, minus the repetitive features shared amongst all our competitors across the market. If we’re going to do this, we need to look at this from a business perspective. Too often we have seen other servers fail to hold their end of the promise by failing to offer a high end development environment for its players. Or to bring out daily/weekly updates that encompass the players and the communities they stem from. We will not stop the daily updates no matter the number of players we cater for. We work around our players. We strive to make our game top of the chain and competitive by updating and keeping up to date with technologies to offer a smooth all around game-play so that we stay above the competition. As a gaming platform, we grow as our players grow, therefore, we will work hand in hand with our players to create community that will last for years on end. Notable Features Place Holders 4 Toggle-able Gameframes Full Summoning 200+ Achievements Player Owned Shops Full Construction Skotizo Perfected OSRS Combat Formulas Key Binding OSRS Poll Booth System Full Abyssal Sire Soul Wars Ironmen OS Buddy Features Preloading Gear Manager 474/602 Data Toggle 667 Identity Kits Rune Pouch/Runecrafting Pouches OSRS Slayer Interface/Functionality New Raid Prayers
  15. Last update: July 1, 2017 Base: Zions V4 Download: Link removed (Contains virus)
  16. Lord Divine


    Hi there boys and girls! I'm completely new to this site, and i've been wanting to make a RSPS Server for a while now. But i lack the skill which is programming. And i've been trying to download complete Sources and Clients that you people are posting on the forums. But i can't add any new content or make stuff like "teleport mage" or a spellbook that has all the teleports it needs and stuff like that because i don't know how to do it. I would love to have someone to help me with all of this. And of course that person will also get credit and everything along the way if this server goes online! Thanks in advance!
  17. Homepage Play now Server Introduction: Welcome to our official advertisement thread of OS-Reality! You did a right thing to check us out. First of all, we will start with what do we offer you exactly? We offer you a enjoyable oldschool experience that will highly addict you. With a highly dedicated team, we strive torwards providing an exclusive game-play that has not been seen in any other servers until now! Many of you may be thinking that how are we going to make this happen? You can get the answer by checking our frequent updates & special features of this server. Please, keep visiting this thread/ forums for staying up to date with the latest informations! Special Features: - Tons of bosses & wilderness bosses. - Mature & professional Staff team. - A lot of enjoyable mini-games. - Without a fresh economy, we also have an amazing combat system. - All skills working perfectly & all skilling pets. - Player owned shops - Buy and sell items from other players with ease, and merchant items to obtain wealth - Bounty Hunter System with rewards - Fixed, resizable & fullscreen screen options. - 100+ Achievements and tasks to keep you grinding - Correct Drops for each and every Monster/Boss. - RAIDS is in progress! And so much more! Updates Log: Media: Staff Team: Noah - Owner Pfraru - Co-Owner Lee - Server Developer Discord: Join our server discord now!
  18. So i am looking for a perfectly working ready to host old school 2007 Source and Client! I can pay up to $40 if there is proof of pictures and content in it!Comment below or add me on skype via: tautvis.telebamba2
  19. Currently learning to make a RSPS to learn more about coding and also just to play around with. Wanting to make a OSRS or maybe 317 (ish) server. What exactly do i need to achieve this? I apologize if this is vague or annoying because, i'm sure this gets posted often. I know that i need JDK, a source, client and cache. Anything else? Any good videos, tutorials or links to help me get started? Please push me to the right direction. Thanks
  20. Project OldSchoolHello everyone and welcome to Project OldSchool. This will be a project to learn more about the OSRS Protocol and various other aspects of Java Development. I will be updating this project everyday or 2 and posting the updates on here. My main goal for this project aside from learning, is to create a fun and enjoyable gameplay/community for the wonderful people of rune-server (and all across the world of course). I am aiming for this project to go very smoothly and gain alot of interest and hype over the next few months.The Team:Owner/Main Developer - Test Co-Owner/Second Develoepr - Open WebDeveloper - Open Graphics Artist - Open Community Manager - AzeemKey:Red = Not StartedYellow = StartedGreen = CompletedSkills:Attack Strength Defence RangePrayerMagicHitpointsRuneCrafting Construction Agility Herblore Thieving Crafting Fletching Slayer Hunter Minning Smithing Fishing Cooking Firemaking Woodcutting FarmingMinigames:Barrows Duel Arena Fight caves Fight pits Last man standing Pest Control Nightmare Zone Barbarian Assault Castle wars Clan wars Wintertodt Inferno Bosses:King Black DragonObor Kalphite Queen Giant Mole General Graardor Commander Zilyana Kree'Arra K'ril Tsutsaroth Corporeal Beast Kraken Cerberus Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Vet'ion Callisto Chaos Elemental Venenatis Scorpia Crazy Archaeologist Chaos Fanatic Lizardman Shaman Demonic Gorilla Skotizo Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Supreme Dagannoth Prime Zulrah Abyssal Sire Tekton Vespula Mutadile Skeletal Mages Vasa Nistirio Great OlmMisc Contents:Clue Scrolls Pets Fully working EXP CounterBanking Fully up to date Skill information Tabs Npc HP Overlay TeleportingMore to be listed...Game Modes:NormalIronman Ultimate Ironman Hardcore Ironman Media: Some Videos: Thank you, ~Project OldSchool Staff Team.Join our Discord:Credits: Lost Isle Development Team - for the Hp Overlay
  21. website Nasus RS3 is a Runescape private server that is completely free to play and offers some of the most highest quality game-play. We offer high quality, bug-free mini-games, all functional skills, loads of bosses, grand exchange, clue scrolls, veteran capes, loyalty system, dwarf cannons, and much more. Our community is constantly growing, and our staff team is always active and willing to help you through your adventure. We are always improving Nasus RS3, withfrequent game and website updates coming from professional developers. - What are you waiting for? Join our community and become the best! Noticeable Features * Frequent game and website updates * Custom EXP and play-style modes * Stable economy + player based grand exchange * Over a dozen training grounds for quicker leveling * Known for our PvM, with over 20 bosses and counting * A dozen active and rewarding mini-games * All skills fully functional (Including Divination) * Capes of Distinction: Completionists, Max, Veteran * Full clan/friends system, with loot-share and coin-share * World events such as trivia, boss spawns and more * Over 75 clue scrolls implemented * Full banks with tabs, searching, inserting, swapping * Massive donor zone with severaldozens extra features * A Journal which tracks all of your in-game points & monster kills * An In-game scoreboard of onlineusers / pk ranks / dominion factor etc * Automated Weekend EXP bonus * Loads of custom Loyalty titles with a permanent unlock feature * Tons of Pets to buy/achieve/unlock/receive
  22. DotNetwork (.NET) Official GitHub Chat about DotNetwork on Gitter View the README ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Media Installer Setup.msi Installer Prerequisites Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dependencies NuGet OpenRS C# by the incredible Impulser DotNetty a Netty.io C# port SharpZipLib for GZIP and BZIP2 compressing/decompressing Preconditions.NET ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- p.s. programming award otw
  23. Website Forums Play now Server Introduction: Welcome to the Official advertisement thread of OSAres-PS. This is the project we've been working on for the past months now. We'll start with what we aim for and how is this server going to be different from others? Since many of you may be thinking that now. We aim for making a server together where we can provide you features and facilities that has not been seen in any other servers. With a highly dedicated team, we strive towards providing an exclusive game-play that will highly addict you! We will have a loads of updates coming shortly, so be sure to check out the thread/ Forums/ for frequent updates on our progress. Update Log: Media: Development Team Ares - Founder Tim - Head Developer Vanity - Community Manager/Developer What are you waiting for? Join now!
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