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Found 104 results

  1. Hey Guys, i need help here I downloaded the Matrix 830, but i don't know how to use it very well. I'm having this error a hours And i can not solve Can someone help me?
  2. Basyolo

    Searching for a coder

    Dear all, Looking for a coder that can help me out with the server. When the server is complete it will be get online. When its making a profit u get a share of the income.
  3. Hey guys starting out a new RSPS and need some Administrators, Moderators, and Support to help me with things. I also want people to help with the development to make this server unique and fun to play. If interested add my skype : iim4dkill3rii message me and i'll answer shortly. Server will be on VPS right after I find a few people to help me out with monitoring the server itself.
  4. how would i add custom special attack etc and so i want make him op boss and also he eat food etc and but he use mage attack etc
  5. Need help Badly been looking thru forms for a week trying t0 get this to run local on my computer not making it into online just want to play local Matrix 786 Source made by Cjay and Jordan i get this when i load the client comes up runescape 0 percent Error: com.jagex.client.init:7215 sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0 sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke com.jagex.RS3Applet.startClient:118 com.jagex.RS3Applet.main:105 | java.lang.RuntimeException | error_game_js5connect also the source does not run correctly please someone help my skype is [email protected]
  6. Looking for a Auto donation System to be made for my 718+ Runescape server i am willing to pay if needed looking to be able to add many items not just a few want paypal payments only Contact me on here or skype 'OmgRanger99'
  7. zz320

    Weapon's not working right

    After what seemed like weeks I finally got my Custom Weapon to the right attack style. However, it still is attacking with melee even though the animation is for a bow. anyone know where I can find where/what i need to add to fix it? And before you go posting that I need to change it in the CombatAssist.java, I will tell you it does not have the file, i have tried 6 other sources and neither of them have it. I've also searched for specific command lines and those aren't in it either. If you cant help me, please suggest a blank client that has these files if you can, I would be happy to take a look.
  8. I Did Dc

    Dice Bag equipts

    okay so when i use dice in my rsps it works okay until i press clan roll, then the dice equips into my weapon slot instead of rolling anyone know why and how to fix? thanks
  9. hey guys stewie123 i am new to this forums and whant it to ask if there delta coders here i am working on a delta custom server called ritzscape and i need some help coding it before i will make it online if someone whant to help me and become my co owner /coder pm me than on skype at facebook:mark.aalders pic of my souce video of the source /// not this but its the same source/coding
  10. Hello, first off thank you for taking your time to view this thread! I am one of the Owners of Insanity RSPS, we are a new 667 RSPS striving to be the best. Links? Website Homepage http://www.insanityrsps.com/ Forums http://www.insanityrsps.com/forum/ Official YouTube Page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyxTL9GjSnhweybVSN81KwA What do we offer? Unique content, custom minigames, three donator zones, along with a donator minigame and great benefits. Many bosses, all skills. Working bank tabs, total net worth button (bank + invy). Falador home with a 100% working Grand Exchange. Many active players for only being open a week. Top notch VPS with no lag what so ever, DDoS protection, clean paid website\forums. Very nice staff team and community. A very grindable eco (Not pay2win). Prestige, slayer benefits, donator tokens, custom quest tab, new client, clans, unlimited PVM, great PVP system with ranks and titles. Spirit tree with all teleports, and quick commands. IP-Lock security system, rare drop announcer, donator strolls (tradable ranks), donator boxes, mystery boxes, crystal keys, working custom clue scrolls along with donator clue scrolls, non degradable PVP armor, group bossing, and clan pking. Fully working summoning and pets. Low graphics or HD graphics settings, with the fixed, or fullscreen option. Black partyhat, black spirit shield, black santa, nex sets, primal, drygores, max cape, comp cape. Holiday events with items obtainable only on holidays (New years scythe, santa hat, ect...) What are we working on? we are working on adding skilling points, achievements, high scores on website, adding 100% construction (Own house), donator slayer, custom donator bosses, black Torva (Add all nex sets together), fully working bar, and much much more (taking suggestions). What makes us a great server? All of our great content, growing friendly community, helpful active staff team, active friendly owners (Me and Gavin), updates daily, 24/7 support via website\forums. We are striving to be the best and we put all of our time into the server! Media? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Home Spirit Tree Donator Token Shop / Donator Srolls Super Donator Custom Minigame, Dead Themed / Minigame Shop (Ouija Pieces) Quest Tab / Skills / Curses Fully working Grand Exchange buy / sell Website / Client Thank you to everyone who took their time to view / read my thread! I hope to see some of you login and check us out, start your adventure now!
  11. Website Reptilehosting, Performance Web Hosting || █ Web Hosting - Virtual Servers - Managed Servers - Application Hosting █ Reseller Hosting activGuard | End User Support █ LiteSpeed / CloudLinux / Idera Backups / True 24x7 Support / Quick 8 Reasons To Join Reptilehosting 1. Proven track record - We're a fully established hosting company with proven experience and a verifiable track record. 2. Business intelligence comes naturally - we've worked within countless industries in providing fully managed hosting. 3. High end servers - under utilized - we don't overload our servers - Today your website will function at blazing fast speeds, tomorrow as well and 10 years down the line too. It's what consistent service is all about. 4. Fully Loaded Accounts - Everything you need is included with your reseller account to get you started quickly. No other company offers more features than we do. 5. Competent Support - Tired of waiting around for "escalated tickets"? 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  12. Which are the best charities to donate in health sector
  13. TNRLimitless

    How to jar?

    Hello RuneLocus, I'm fairly new into the java coding scene and I'm kind of stuck on something that should be so easy. So let me tell you my problem, I've used JarMaker to Jar my client and I keep getting this error Java.io.FileNotFoundException: .\cache\cache.zip?dl=0 (the filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect) Now I've changed the link in the Client.java of my cache DL, but still doesn't change anything. Any ideas?
  14. spooder

    Need help locating file

    Hello, I have tried to find the files where i can change and add location for objects and npc but i can't find them source here -> http://forum.runelocus.com/topic/102428-lunar-isle/#comment-784029
  15. Look, I don't care if some people think the source is bad, I don't want to leech and release, me and a couple friends from ps4 wanna play an old school rsps. I downloaded mezzyscape, and after spending hours of going hard in nostalgia, I logged off to have my account not save. Can someone please tell me how to fix it, I've been looking through playermanger.java all night.
  16. mattchew

    close please

    close please
  17. Hello! I am getting an error with my source. I think some files are Lambda converted incorrectly or something. I would prefer to discuss the issue over Skype, if anyone is good with 317's and can help me out, please don't hesitate to add me, I really need the help. My Skype name is 'matt.hillock69'. Thank you!
  18. I am close to releasing my 718 RSPS. The staff team that I currently have is very inactive and does not have much experience. Contact me on Skype to discuss your prior experience and which position you are interested in. Skype Name - matt.hillock69 I am currently looking for the following: A Developer (Server Sided) - Need this one the most. I do all of the development and it is too much for just me to do alone. Administrator Moderator Server Support Forum Manager
  19. I am using PI Source and Client from - https://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/downloads/494689-re-upload-project-insanity-317-server-client-re-upload.html I have my Client and Source File both loaded into Eclipse. I have my Path and Classpath set to the right location. When running Server.java I get back - ([11/6/16 12:22 PM]: Launching Project Insanity... [11/6/16 12:22 PM]: Server listening on port However, when I try to do Server > Referenced LIbraries > Build Path > Configure > Add JARS, I see no "xpp" file. Xstream.jar is already in the folder. When I try to run my Client Compiler (!Builder) I get back - ("javac: file not found: src\".java Usage: javac <options> <source files>) When I try to run my Client (!Runner) I get back - ("Error: Could not find or load main class jframe") --- I had this working once before, but ditched to to try a different source (that never worked either), and not I can't get [PI] to work again. I know what I'm doing once I get the server running, I just can't get it to startup.. Every tutorial is really basic because of how "simple" this step is, but for some reason I'm having a serious issue with something that is supposed to be simple. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, I haven't found a single guide that told me anything other that what I've already done and listed here. I've spent over 10 hours just going in circles from guide to guide (half of which contradict each other) I will gladly post pictures of my Eclipse and Source Folders if it will help identify my issues.
  20. Husky

    Looking for help

    Hello guys ! I'm totally new to coding and I was wondering if someone could help me start a server. I have the Project-Succeed source but I cant even get to open it lol. Yea. I have teamspeak/discord/curse , prefer not to use skype. Thank's
  21. Taras

    562 Hit Icons

    So I have a 562 loading 668 server. There is a problem with the hit icons though. I go to armadyl boss, which has the minions added, and all of them use different attack styles: range, mage, melee. If I get hit at the same time by all 3, my client crashes. I did some troubleshooting removed 1 of the different attack styles and my client didnt crash. Is there a way to get it to not crash when you get hit by 3 different attack styles? I dont think my client/source support 3 different hit icons on a player at once.
  22. Hi Runelocus. i am trying to host my RSPS! all my files are ready etc. port forwarded (virgin media hub), as i dont want to use VPS yet and wanna test some stuff out with friends. i used NO-IP (DUC) ip was: myservername.myftp.biz, i entered that in client.java complied etc and said ERROR CONNECTING TO SERVER EVEN THO, i had my source running etc. whats the problem?
  23. I am trying to make my rsps public and make it a .jar file and when i open up the jarmaker program it doesnt open up nothing happens! please help add me on skype. "deathreats"
  24. can anyone help me with the line(s) i need to make a command open a webpage?
  25. Centrax

    614 x2 client open

    So im trying to multi log on a 614 server and when i try to open the second client the screen goes white. then i ask friends if there able to multi log and there able to. so if any one has a answer to this thanks.