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Found 42 results

  1. I can use HTML CSS Javascript if anyoe has picture and info you want in a front in design just message me and we can work something out. No upfront cost. Ill make and if you like I will release all files to you.
  2. Are you looking for a Community Manager? I'm your guy. What does a community manager do? A Community Manager has the roll of keeping the in-game and forum community all in tact, and solving all the major issues within the community. I also help post the updates on the forums, let people know about the updates in-game. A Community Manager also helps choose the staff, and I know how to choose the best staff that will do the best for the server. If you are looking for a Community Manager, just simply reply to this thread. Thanks, Turtle
  3. Hello there! Since I'm not capable to code that means i can't run my own server. But if you want to start hosting your own server and you know how to code, then i could gladly host for you! I will be hosting 24/7 with a lag-free internet connection. If you're intressted, message me on skype. Skype: iLullee
  4. Looking to join a 718 or 317 Project, I don't feel like taking on a server by myself, and its hard to find good staff.. What i can offer for a Developer/Admin position.. Excellent knowledge in JAVA/C#/HTML/CSS.. 24/7 Webhost with IPS 3.4.7 or 4.0 BETA or vBulletin. Dual core 3GHZ CPU 5GB RAM DDR2-800mhz 160GB Storage Unlimited SQL Databases Plesk Panel and more... Any questions.. add my skype gb-rodney
  5. [B][I][COLOR="#FF0000"]I am offering my services for any kind of servers. These are the things I'll be doing - Highscores - Auto donation systems - Auto Voting Please leave your skype or pm me.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
  6. Hello, I'm somehwat experienced in coding on Java. However i mostly code in the .NET enviorment now i still have my old coding skills from way back when i started coding RSPS servers (5-6 years ago). Ahh well i finished my study and im bored so if someone is looking for an old developer just PM me. I didnt code RS in a long time so i might be a little bit :rusty" in the beggining :P -508 -317 only plz.
  7. Hello, My name is Tj. I am a Web/App Developer student 4th class, and I am looking for a fun community to work in. I'm doing this for learning purposes and for the enjoyment. I don't need access to any of your database files. If your interested in working with me contact me per PM. I have programming skills in: PHP HTML(5) CSS(3) ASP.NET MySQL jQuery Javascript I am quite experienced in all programming skills above, I have a good feeling for goodlooking websites. I have coding skills in: Java C#.NET/VB,NET I am not that experienced in Java, my main coding language is C#. Best Regards, Tj
  8. I noticed some people have lack of patience, including myself at times. Although I have questions myself still when it comes to private servers, I am offering my help in exchange for RS3 gold. My Skype is Cjbeforlife, we would be doing it over team viewer, so it would be a learning experience for you as well. We can talk about what you want done and cost over Skype, as I said I still have my own questions so if it is something I cannot do I will notify you prior so you don't waste time or your gold. If this was an inappropriate spot for my post I apologize feel free to remove it. :)
  9. Offering Professional VPS Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting Get dedicated Functionality without expensive competitors Each VPS Comes with: FULL ROOT ACCESS 24/7 SUPPORT Full VPS Management Unlimited IP Addresses DoS Protection QoS Options GUI Network Interface for Network Optimization Supermicro Servers Fully Customized Hardware Specs INTEL QXXXX/CORE SERIES Gigabit uplink with a guaranteed 50mbit connection Fully redundant network with no single point of failure Multiple layers of network security Network Information LAN Connection Type: Ethernet LAN Connection Speed: 1GBPS WAN Connection Type: Fibre Optic WAN Connection Speed: 1GBPS ALL VPS' ARE WINDOWS SERVER 2008 STANDARD VPS Configurations: 1 CPU Cores 2.66Ghz 512MB RAM ECC 50GB HDD Space 500GB BANDWIDTH (First Month 30.95$) Recurring 19.99$ Configuration #2 1 CPU Cores 2.66Ghz 1GB Ram ECC 75GB HDD Space 750GB Bandwidth (First Month 39.95$) Recurring 29.95$ Configuration #3 2 CPU Cores 2.66Ghz 2GB Ram ECC 120GB HDD Space 1TB Bandwidth (First Month 59.95$) Recurring 49.95$ Configuration #4 2 CPU Cores 2.66Ghz 4GB Ram ECC 180GB HDD Space 1.5GB Bandwidth (First Month 79.95$) Recurring 69.95$ Configuration #5 4 CPU Cores 2.66Ghz 4GB Ram ECC 500GB HDD Space 2TB Bandwith (First Month 99.95$ )Recurring 89.95$ Configuration #6 4CPU Cores 2.66Ghz 4GB HDD Space 1TB HDD Space Unlimited Bandwidth (First Month 129.99$) Recurring 119.99$ PM ME FOR MORE DETAILS!!!!
  10. [B][FONT=Arial Black]Background:[/FONT][/B] 19, living in the UK. Recently returned to RSPS after a few years of college/1 year of Uni am hoping to be of a service to someone. [B][U]Experience[/U][/B] I have experience in Java,VB.net,HTML,CSS,Javascript and some MySQL and PHP as well as Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash etc experience. I can provide daily updates if needed, all i ask is you request the updates a day in advance. [B][U]Whats in it for me?[/U][/B] I will only be offering to help with 317's as i prefer to oldschool look and feel, pretty much the only reason i'm returning. All i ask for in return in Admin/Co-owner on said server. [B][U]Contact Me[/U][/B] If interested, PM me, post a comment or add me on skype at : "live:durka990"
  11. Hi, I'm new to coding. I have a few issues with my server. 1; my client won't change the ip to be a public ip so others can access my server 2; my admin doesn't have commands That's all I can think of right now.. Help please !
  12. Hi. Okay, so I'm new to coding. I downloaded The starter package for source/client but I can't read any files.. Feel free to download anything, do what you need. I just re-installed windows 7 so this desktop is strictly server oriented. Could someone help me? Thanks a ton, Inbox for team viewer information Pur3.
  13. Hi everyone!!! im offering you some service for your rsps so if you need help with some thing pm me on runelocus but i do the work for some donation for my rsps.....
  14. Hey, I am a coder offering coding services in a server. Hit me up on skype: omarkarim0.
  15. Hello Everyone,,, I Am currently making a RSPS.. and i need help with fixing the webclient? is there any people that have experience in doing it on .webs.com?? If you do please contact me via skype ''cadbury157'' or pm on ''forums''... I currently have the webclient up on [url]www.aura-scape.webs.com[/url] but it doesn't load.. Can you please help me with loading it.. ''it comes up with a error saying'' ......... ''error CLICK HERE for details''. or contact me via reply on this thread.. Please help
  16. hey, its been a long time since i've been here. but today i bought an vps (only for one month atm) and i totaly got no idea what to do with it. so i tought, i should post it here to help someone out. vps is running ubuntu 12.04 server with quadcore 2.2ghz, 8gb ram, 300gb disk space and over 10TB of bandwidth. and i also wanna play around a little in a server, and maybe help around some things. server is strong enough to host multiple server but i only got 1 ip adress, so its only one server each port. ofcourse i wont do it for totaly free cuz i need a little of my money back. ( if you've got a nice project i would consider something else ) if you are interested please contact me on skype -> tijny4life im not going to get in to direct messaging on the forums here. srry for my el cheapo english. im kinda tired. en voorkeur gaat natuurlijk naar een nederlander :) greetings, martijn
  17. Hello, I am offering Website Developing. You will need to have to pay but not very much... The prices will be below. I do own a web hosting/domain business so you can also order that from me if you do not have it yet. It is pretty cheap for me to create you a website the cost depends on how many pages you want or if u want auto-vote or auto-donate etc.. It also might cost more if I have to create the pictures. If you would like to buy the service from me you can add me on skype my skype name is owner_dak you could also email me at [email][email protected][/email] or you could message me on here.:) I'm offering 2 free so then people trust me more.:D(who ever comes first) Hello, I also offering VPS hosting I do own Voltex Hosting... [URL="http://minecraft.voltexhosting.com/cart/"]http://minecraft.voltexhosting.com/cart/[/URL]We have over 700 customers so you can trust us. Order though the website or just message me on here what package you want (you get a discount if first 5 people since i'm trying to get trusted). [CENTER]VPS Hosting Packages [ATTACH=CONFIG]6797[/ATTACH] Web Hosting Packages [ATTACH=CONFIG]6796[/ATTACH][/CENTER]
  18. Hey RuneLocus, I'm looking for a server/community that is either rapidly growing, has grown or a server that has a high potential for which I can help run/manage, take care of the website and contribute towards the community positively. I do play ingame and have had several years experience with Web Development including running my own small Website (down now) If you want to get in contact with me I suggest you to Skype me at [B][U]jecybuski[/U][/B] AND add me on MSN so we can talk [U][B][email protected][/B][/U] or if need be just PM me on these forums. I don't want to be dealing with someone under the age of 16 as I feel that MOST communities with a young administration generally fail for a number of reasons which I won't say here.. That's all I guess. Just get in contact with me ASAP so I can check things out and we can get started. Thank you.
  19. Hey guys, I would love to partner up with someone and help out anyway I can. I'm not looking for money or power, I would like an internship kind of. Just a way to gain some experience. I'm no scrub though, I know my way around, I just want to expand my horizon. I can also host if that means anything to anyone. Skype is sythe.dre if you wanna HMU. Thanks!
  20. Hello all potential co-workers, I am an old member of the Runescape Private Server community. I have had my fair share of scripting and hosting my own runescape private servers and realized the amount of potential people in need of help getting started with server advertisement. I am offering my services for as cheap as 10% of all income regarding your server + a PERMANENT staff position. Mainly looking for Java scripters that is ready to run a successful server. If you need more information or interested in my offer, please email me at- [email][email protected][/email] Please make sure to include your Full Name, Age and Experience. Anything else you may add.
  21. alright, so my old RuneLocus account is completely gone. i've forgotten all the info to it, haha. <sadface> but i am here to offer to help you code whatever server, whatever base, whatever you want basically, and be a member of the team to help your server grown, be it client sided, server sided, or even forum sided. i'm getting bored with my life again, and need something to pass the time with, so why not help out with something i enjoy? My rules, should you want my assistance. 1) i will not take profits from you. ie: i do not want to get paid for my position. if you feel the need to donate to me forwhatever reason, we'll discuss. i generally dont want to make any real life money;; then it's just another job! 2) i do request for a moderator+ position on 1 account in-game. ** this is so that i can get noticed for my help, as well as be able to 'crowd control' 3) i really just wanna have a good experience. ** so if you would like me on your team, by all means, reply to this thread, or send me a private message. :)
  22. Hello all, long story in short.. I'm offering my web-development services for pretty much anybody who needs it. (With pay obviously) I recently quit XliteRSPS after quite a few months of working with them, so if you want to check out the website, feel free to browse it at [url]http://xlitersps.com[/url] but be warned that since I quit, there's still a few bugs within some portions of the site. Anyway, my Skype is: worldofclayton Feel free to give me a shout.
  23. con 2k

    Offering Help

    I am my help I am not a coder or programmer I am willing to help moderate in game or on the forums and keep them nice and clean just pm me if you would like my help and we can talk, thank you.
  24. Ishana

    Offering my self

    Hello there, For those of you who don't know me, I will introduce my self. First of all, you can call me Ishana, Ish or Soul. I been developing private servers since like 7 years ago or something, I am not sure! I started helping people develop servers 1 or 2 years ago starting from Darkroom (Used to be owned by Joe, the global mod), and then I moved on to XlightcoreX (Used to be owned by Scotticus, the donator), and now here I am looking for another server to develop... I posted a topic because I am looking for a server that is currently online and have a decent amount of players. [B]In short[/B] I am looking for an online server that have a decent amount of players (10 - 15 would be decent), and I am willing to work as a server developer, and maybe even as a community management team.