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Found 84 results

  1. rizalgar

    Add Objects 830+

    As title says, can't seem to figure it out. I've checked ObjectHandler, Manager, UnpackedObjects and all that. I checked to see if there was a PackedObjects file, but was unable to locate one. If anyone could shoot me in the right direction here, that'd be great. Seems a lot easier to do this in Pre-EoC servers lol
  2. I understand how to remove/delete objects. [CODE]public void loadCustomSpawns(Client client) { client.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(-1, 3092, 3513, 1, 10); }[/CODE] i Have deleted a few objects but when i login for about 1 second i can still see the object until it gets removed. How do i completely remove an object so nobody sees it for a second when they login? I made a gif for you guys to understand what's happening: [url]http://gph.is/1MslZYZ[/url] Sorry for the bad quality!
  3. Trying to add objects in the customobjectspawns.java but no new objects will spawn... The objects that were already added to customobjectspawns.java when I donwloaded the source are added but when I try to add new ones the will not spawn in game. I'm coding a zamorak server... not sure if that's the base or not. please help. thanks!
  4. Hi, I need some help with the project I'm working on called [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?105102-BattleSoul-317"]BattleSoul[/URL]. I have repacked the models and map packages, but cannot seem to get it working. I keep on getting black floors and client crashes upon login. I just need someone to add me on Skype and help me with adding the data through Teamviewer or Join me. I can give it a shot with getting a bit of cash to send your way for helping me, like $10 or so, but I ain't making promises. If someone can do it for free, that would be appreciated. I have all the data and readvalues. Skype: g0dzdevine
  5. evilguyme

    Deleting Objects

    Hey guys! so i wanted to make myself a new donor area and the place has some random objects placed around.. is there a way to get rid of these objects? ive checked everywhere and every guide and the best i got is to delete it by getting the objects coords.. which is a super hard task.. is there an easier way? also there is some kind of walls there too which idk how to remove.. the object id doesnt even show up for these walls.. how can i go about this? any help will be greatly appreciated!! thanks :D :D
  6. I am looking for anyone who would know or has a program that can get the data for objects at what model they use for example Mithril seed flowers the objects that pop up after planting are 2980-2988. I would like to know which models they use for my next project.
  7. Hey, Here is what I mean [img]http://i.imgur.com/bMEznNQ.png[/img] Some of the items are really far from the walls and Kalphite queens den is fucked.
  8. Greeting runelocus, i have a few questions. [U]1/ How do i steal mapdata from runescape and import them into my server?[/U] [U]2/ I have placed some objects in my citadel, now i have 2 problems. But i think i know the answer to one of them.[/U] 2.1/I have placed the tree plot but the roots dont seem to be placed really well. (see picture) 2.2/On the tree plot there should be water where the bridge is crossing the land. Well the water isnt there (i assume this is because the mapdata is incorrect) [URL="http://gyazo.com/21c54dacbfaa91297e211e2760aa48a7"]Picture link[/URL] (i am in a runescape clan with clan citadel level 7 i can steal a really nice citadel , but i need some help with it) (I NEED AN OFFLINE DUMPER, i know there was an online dumper but that quited a while ago) Thanks in advance
  9. Hi there, I was wondering. Is it possible to make objects and npc's some of them, Appear only for the player who has completed the required quest or anything you assign. Such as Lighting a lantern for a quest. Lets say we have player L33tkiller and player Fairstone * this is just to show you what i mean* In player.java we have private booleans [CODE] public boolean startedLightLantern = false; public boolean inProgressLightLantern = false; public boolean completedLightLantern = false;[/CODE] Both players can see a npc called, Lantern lighter. Once you talk to him you can start the quest which will make [CODE]public boolean startedLightLantern = true;[/CODE] So lets say. Player l33tkiller started the quest which makes the boolean set true for him. But for player fairstone its still false. So i want for player l33tkiller, If the Boolean is True to spawn certain npc's As example [CODE]World.spawnNPC(133, new WorldTile(3602, 3339, 0), -1, true);[/CODE] So i do not want player Fairstone be able to see it Since he is still on false. Now for an object Such as a lantern. There are lanterns across runescape. Take as example lantern ID 6413. I already got them ready so you can light them. But, i only want the player be able to light them if they are true with the boolean. If you are false with it i want the player fairstone not be able to see nor activate it. And as last. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lets take the fightcaves, The tzhaar fight caves once you start them, takes a certain part. Copy's it to an empty space, And makes it an private space for just the player. So you cant multiplay there. Is it possible to make it for more area's? To make it copy a certain zone/region and make it private in an empty space. Thanks in advance i hope that it was not a bad explanation.
  10. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.minus.com/ibNGEn7dHdvTn.png[/IMG] [/CENTER] This is my first guide getting posted. I have not seen many guides regarding this, so, I figured since I learned to do just this, why not cover it with others for them to know how, as well? I am using a PI base, 317 revision so this shall work for ALL PI bases. [CENTER][U]Step one:[/U] Look for a file called: [U]Open your ObjectManager.Java[/U] [INDENT]You can search it in your folder, or look for it manually: SRC > SERVER>WORLD>ObjectManager[/INDENT] Look for a this code [CODE]public void loadCustomSpawns(Client c) {[/CODE] [U]Step two:[/U] You should see something along the lines of this: [CODE]private int[][] customObjects = {{}}; public void loadCustomSpawns(Client c) { c.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(OBJECT_ID, [B]TELE_X[/B], [B]TELE_Y[/B], [B]HEIGHT[/B], 10);[/CODE] [U]Step Three:[/U] When you have this code: [CODE]public void loadCustomSpawns(Client c) {[/CODE] [CENTER][U]Add the new line anywhere under it:[/U][/CENTER] [CODE]c.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(-1, TELE_X, TELE_Y, 1, 10);[/CODE] Replace coordinates X & Y with the object you are trying to remove. I will show you my example, below. [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/ad666f2bfc3e795efef0c4628a5b08f4.png[/IMG] As you can see, my coordinates are: x- 3348 Y- 3333 Your first coordinate is your[B] X[/B], your second is your [B]Y[/B]. So, the code you will type in (or in this case, the code I will type in) would be: [CODE]c.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(-1, 3348, 3333, 1, 10);[/CODE][/CENTER] [U][CENTER]Step Four: [/CENTER][/U] [CENTER]Save, compile & run! You are all set after that! [/CENTER] If you follow this correctly, you will have NO errors. Stay tuned for the next tutorial! There will be a tutorial on: [B]How to step an NPC and add items into it[/B]. Kind regards & thanks for reading! -Mahdy.
  11. Hi there, i was trying to do is, when a player interacts with a object, then the object will temporary spawns another object. on its place, Then if you use the new object, it turns out into another object temporary. So what i mainly did was i used woodcutting.java as a base. and no i do not want this to receive xp, and not as farming. this was just for trying making objects spawn other objects. [[CODE]package com.rs.game.player.actions; import com.rs.cache.loaders.ItemDefinitions; import com.rs.game.Animation; import com.rs.game.World; import com.rs.game.WorldObject; import com.rs.game.WorldTile; import com.rs.game.player.Player; import com.rs.game.player.Skills; import com.rs.game.ForceTalk; import com.rs.utils.Utils; public final class EvilFarming extends Action { public static enum EvilFarmingDefinitions { SEEDLING1(1, 1800, -1, 20, 5, 11392, 1800, 1), SEEDLING2(1, 1800, -1, 20, 5, 11393, 1800, 2), SEEDLING3(1, 1800, -1, 20, 5, 11394, 1800, 3), SEEDLING4(1, 1800, -1, 20, 5, 11395, 1800, 4), EVILSEED1(1, 1800, -1, 20, 5, 11922, 1800, 5), EVILSEED2(1, 1800, -1, 20, 5, 11923, 1800, 6), EVILSEED3(1, 1800, -1, 20, 5, 11924, 1800, 7), EVILSEED4(1, 1800, -1, 120, 17, 11927, 1800, 1), IVYROCKS(1, 1800, -1, 120, 17, 38443, 1800, 10); private int level; private double xp; private int logsId; private int logBaseTime; private int logRandomTime; private int stumpId; private int respawnDelay; private int randomLifeProbability; private EvilFarmingDefinitions(int level, double xp, int logsId, int logBaseTime, int logRandomTime, int stumpId, int respawnDelay, int randomLifeProbability) { this.level = level; this.xp = xp; this.logsId = logsId; this.logBaseTime = logBaseTime; this.logRandomTime = logRandomTime; this.stumpId = stumpId; this.respawnDelay = respawnDelay; this.randomLifeProbability = randomLifeProbability; } public int getLevel() { return level; } public double getXp() { return xp; } public int getLogsId() { return logsId; } public int getLogBaseTime() { return logBaseTime; } public int getLogRandomTime() { return logRandomTime; } public int getStumpId() { return stumpId; } public int getRespawnDelay() { return respawnDelay; } public int getRandomLifeProbability() { return randomLifeProbability; } } private WorldObject tree; private EvilFarmingDefinitions definitions; private int emoteId; private boolean usingBeaver = false; private int axeTime; public EvilFarming(WorldObject tree, EvilFarmingDefinitions definitions) { this.tree = tree; this.definitions = definitions; } @Override public boolean start(Player player) { if (!checkAll(player)) return false; player.getPackets() .sendGameMessage( usingBeaver ? "Your beaver uses its strong teeth to chop down the tree..." : "You attempt to light the " + (EvilFarmingDefinitions.IVYROCKS == definitions ? "EvilFarming" : "EvilFarming") + "...", true); setActionDelay(player, getWoodcuttingDelay(player)); return true; } private int getWoodcuttingDelay(Player player) { int summoningBonus = player.getFamiliar() != null ? (player .getFamiliar().getId() == 6808 || player.getFamiliar().getId() == 6807) ? 10 : 0 : 0; int wcTimer = definitions.getLogBaseTime() - (player.getSkills().getLevel(8) + summoningBonus) - Utils.getRandom(axeTime); if (wcTimer < 1 + definitions.getLogRandomTime()) wcTimer = 1 + Utils.getRandom(definitions.getLogRandomTime()); wcTimer /= player.getAuraManager().getWoodcuttingAccurayMultiplier(); return wcTimer; } private boolean checkAll(Player player) { if (!setAxe(player)) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You feed the seedling with fear, The seedling gets stronger!"); return false; } if (!hasFiremakingLevel(player)) return false; if (!player.getInventory().hasFreeSlots()) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Not enough space in your inventory."); return false; } return true; } private boolean hasFiremakingLevel(Player player) { if (definitions.getLevel() > player.getSkills().getLevel(8)) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You need a Firemaking level of " + definitions.getLevel() + " to feed this seedling."); return false; } return true; } private boolean setAxe(Player player) { int level = player.getSkills().getLevel(1); int weaponId = player.getEquipment().getWeaponId(); if (weaponId != -1) { switch (weaponId) { case 23014: //Burning Log if (level >= 1) { emoteId = 11971; axeTime = 250; return true; } break; } } if (player.getInventory().containsOneItem(23014)) { if (level >= 1) { //Burning Log emoteId = 16700; axeTime = 13; return true; } } return false; } public static int getAxeAnim(Player player) { int level = player.getSkills().getLevel(8); int weaponId = player.getEquipment().getWeaponId(); if (weaponId != -1) { switch (weaponId) { case 23014: //Logs if (level >= 1) { return 2846; } break; } } if (player.getInventory().containsOneItem(23014)) { if (level >= 1) { return 2846; } } return -1; } private boolean hasAxe(Player player) { if (player.getInventory().containsOneItem(23014)) return true; int weaponId = player.getEquipment().getWeaponId(); if (weaponId == -1) return false; switch (weaponId) { case 23014://Logs return true; default: return false; } } @Override public boolean process(Player player) { player.setNextAnimation(new Animation(usingBeaver ? 1 : emoteId)); return checkTree(player); } private boolean usedDeplateAurora; @Override public int processWithDelay(Player player) { addLog(player); if (!usedDeplateAurora && (1 + Math.random()) < player.getAuraManager() .getChanceNotDepleteMN_WC()) { usedDeplateAurora = true; } else if (Utils.getRandom(definitions.getRandomLifeProbability()) == 0) { long time = definitions.respawnDelay * 600; World.spawnTemporaryObject( new WorldObject(definitions.getStumpId(), tree.getType(), tree.getRotation(), tree.getX(), tree.getY(), tree.getPlane()), time); if (tree.getPlane() < 3 && definitions != EvilFarmingDefinitions.IVYROCKS) { WorldObject object = World.getObject(new WorldTile(tree.getX() - 1, tree.getY() - 1, tree.getPlane() + 1)); if (object == null) { object = World.getObject(new WorldTile(tree.getX(), tree .getY() - 1, tree.getPlane() + 1)); if (object == null) { object = World.getObject(new WorldTile(tree.getX() - 1, tree.getY(), tree.getPlane() + 1)); if (object == null) { object = World.getObject(new WorldTile(tree.getX(), tree.getY(), tree.getPlane() + 1)); } } } if (object != null) World.removeTemporaryObject(object, time, false); } player.setNextAnimation(new Animation(-1)); return -1; } if (!player.getInventory().hasFreeSlots()) { player.setNextAnimation(new Animation(-1)); player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "Not enough space in your inventory."); return -1; } return getWoodcuttingDelay(player); } private void addLog(Player player) { double xpBoost = 1.00; if (!hasFullOutfit(player) && player.getEquipment().getChestId() == 10939) xpBoost += 0.008; if (!hasFullOutfit(player) && player.getEquipment().getLegsId() == 10940) xpBoost += 0.006; if (!hasFullOutfit(player) && player.getEquipment().getHatId() == 10941) xpBoost += 0.004; if (!hasFullOutfit(player) && player.getEquipment().getBootsId() == 10933) xpBoost += 0.002; if (hasFullOutfit(player)) xpBoost += 1.500; if (player.getEquipment().getWeaponId() == 13661 && Utils.random(1000) < 300) { player.sendMessage("Your inferno adze burns the logs instantly."); player.getSkills().addXp(Skills.FIREMAKING, definitions.getXp() * xpBoost); } else { player.getSkills().addXp(Skills.FIREMAKING, definitions.getXp() * xpBoost); } if (definitions == EvilFarmingDefinitions.IVYROCKS) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("The seedling grows as it consumes all the fear.", true); } else { String logName = ItemDefinitions.getItemDefinitions(definitions.getLogsId()).getName().toLowerCase(); player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("The seedling grows as it consumes all the fear.", true); } } public boolean hasFullOutfit(Player player) { if (player.getEquipment().getChestId() == 10939 && player.getEquipment().getLegsId() == 10940 && player.getEquipment().getHatId() == 10941 && player.getEquipment().getBootsId() == 10933) return true; return false; } private boolean checkTree(Player player) { return World.getRegion(tree.getRegionId()).containsObject(tree.getId(), tree); } @Override public void stop(Player player) { setActionDelay(player, 3); } } [/CODE] [CODE] if (object.getId() == 11391) { player.getActionManager().setAction(new EvilFarming(object,EvilFarmingDefinitions.SEEDLING1)); } else if (id == 11392) player.getActionManager().setAction(new EvilFarming(object,EvilFarmingDefinitions.SEEDLING2)); else if (id == 11393) player.getActionManager().setAction(new EvilFarming(object,EvilFarmingDefinitions.SEEDLING3)); else if (id == 11394) player.getActionManager().setAction(new EvilFarming(object,EvilFarmingDefinitions.SEEDLING4)); else if (id == 11395) player.getActionManager().setAction(new EvilFarming(object,EvilFarmingDefinitions.EVILSEED1)); else if (id == 11922) player.getActionManager().setAction(new EvilFarming(object,EvilFarmingDefinitions.EVILSEED2)); else if (id == 11923) player.getActionManager().setAction(new EvilFarming(object,EvilFarmingDefinitions.EVILSEED3)); else if (id == 11924) player.getActionManager().setAction(new EvilFarming(object,EvilFarmingDefinitions.EVILSEED4));[/CODE] the result that i wanted to get was like in this photo. [IMG]https://scontent-a-ams.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/t1.0-9/10462666_474569032687941_578874284207507060_n.jpg[/IMG] so if you used, object 1, it turns out in object 2, then use object 2 then it turns out in object 3. but momently it does not update the curent model to the next ID, when object 11391 turns into object 11392. then i cant use it anymore. But if i spawn object 11392 on another spot. then object 11392 turns into object 11393 after using. So my question was, is there any possible way of making this work? and not only that, is it possible to make objects spawn temporary objects *more then one*. Help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi, how could I delte objects that aren't defined in ActionSender with sendCreateObject? I tryed deleteStaticObject but it didn't work so I think this isn't the right cmd :D Please help me :D Julien (New owner of his own priv server :D [url]www.rs-metalheart.tk[/url])
  13. Solved remove please.
  14. So i'm trying to remove some crates and stuff, clear out buildings to start switching home. I see a file called RemoveObjects.java with codes of already removed items, so i added some with coords and it did not work. CRATES_01(2340, 3688, 0, true), CRATES_02(2340, 3689, 0, true), CRATES_03(2340, 3690, 0, true), LARGE_BARREL01(2340, 3691, 0, true), If anyone knows how to do this, it would be extremely helpful. :)
  15. so i want to make a portal give me a list of places i can teleport and then make each place teleport me there... how?
  16. Olli3


    Hello, My objects are spawned/loaded through MySQL and it works quite well. However, one thing which I only noticed earlier today was that each object I've spawned appears not only on the co-ordinate I've specified, but they also appear on every single [B]+512 x co-ordinate[/B] and every single [B]+ 6400 y co-ordinate.[/B] For example, I could spawn an object at [B]1000 1000[/B] and the same object would appear at [B]1512 7400[/B], then at [B]2024 13800[/B] and so on.. I am aware of the fact that if you're on height 0, trapdoors and dungeon entrances are -6400 y co-ordinates from the entrance of those dungeons or whatever the area is. Appreciate any helpful replies as to how I can go about fixing this. [B]Source and Client:[/B] Project No-Doze by Killamess
  17. I'm trying to make some objects work when pressed. Normally that works, but with some objects I have had problems. For example bank booths doesn't work but deposit boxes does. I think problem may be in object.definitions? or on my cache? Anyway. It just says: "Nothing interesting happens." When I try to use object that's not working. And bank booths and deposit boxes got exactly same code the only difference is [CODE]objectDef.name.toLowerCase()[/CODE]Any advice? I can share the whole ObjectHandler.java if needed and as the title says it's Zenith source
  18. Awkward

    Adding objects

    How do you add objects? I'm using 2006remade, based off 2006scape. I've already tried using fedexers tutorial, which didn't help a bit.
  19. I know u can remove objects but how do u remove them so u can still walk in that area?
  20. Hi there, i hope you guys will understand what i mean, if you watch the picture [ATTACH=CONFIG]9056[/ATTACH] if i am online on my server, and i use a spawn code object 65 -----> 65 = crate wall <------- SO ITS A WALL the object wont appear, if i use object 7 --------> 7 = Cannon Base <-------- its a normal object so its spawnable If i want to see actually what wall a crate wall is, then i need to add the code to objectspawn.java like 65, 3684, 3928, 0, 0, then compile and restart the server........ But doing this takes way to long everytime So thats why i came here with the question, is it actually possible to spawn walls and doors, with ingame code object "ID" so it actually appears in game... instead of having the server to be restarted everytime, soo.. this issue is only with walls and doors all the other objects just work fine.
  21. How can I avoid having walls deleted when putting an object next to it? This: [code]World.spawnObject(new WorldObject(6222, 10, -2, 3099, 3506, 0), true);[/code] Leads to: [ATTACH=CONFIG]8885[/ATTACH]
  22. Is it possible to rotate an object diagonally without being restricted to the 0, -1, -2 and -3 rotations?
  23. Kuhgar

    Global Objects in PI

    Hey, Im trying to add global objects to my PI server. So I went into ObjectManager.java and found: public void loadCustomSpawns(Client client) So I added my object in under there (in this case a bank booth). I added it as: client.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(2213, 3093, 3493, 2, 10); After I saved, compiled and restarted my object was nowhere to be seen. There is also a lack of results when I try to edit the location of preexisting objects. Any help on the topic would be great, thanks! :)
  24. The problem I'm having is whenever I have an object between two players and the distance between them is only separated by that object, and once one of these players attack the other..that player attacks through that object. The image below shows what I mean: [IMG]http://s7.postimg.org/ciji5jknv/Untitled.png[/IMG] A clipping system is already implemented on my server. It is using some sort of collision map system for clipping. Source is PI (Rune-Legacy). I'm just wondering how I can make it so that it checks if there is an object between both players before letting a player attack. Also, another problem is that there are places such as GWD Dungeon in which clipping doesn't work. I'm guessing the collisionmap file loads objects for 317 rev and the following method is done so that a player or an npc cannot walk through these objects? Is there a way where I could add objects to the new collisionmap? I may be wrong on how the clipping system works, but it seems to work as I described. How could I go on about fixing these two problems?
  25. Now hold it. Just because you read the title doesn't mean that you can reply to this topic right away. Anyways, I was curious on how to add objects to my RSPS 317? Now apparently, on my source, there is no commands.java or objectmanager. However, when I searched up makeGlobalObject on my client.java, however, I found a search for it but I have never found a list of objects. However, take a look at this screenshot. I managed to find a file called object.cfg and it was located in a CFG folder.