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Found 8 results

  1. I've been attempting to load the 474 landscape objects in my 498 Arios client/server without much luck. So far, I've tried the following: - Just directly copying map file 382 and 383 (Lumbridge) from the 474 cache using Harlan's Cache Manager * Result: Ground tiles work as expected because there is no XTEA encryption, but all objects fail to load within the affected region, and the console outputs invalid XTEA errors - all other regions work - Copy the 'decryptXtea' function from the 474 client deob into my 498 client, and use the 474 XTEA decrypt code when the 383 file is being processed * Result: Invalid GZIP header error, Invalid XTEA errors, and the rest of the other chunks fail to load their objects, too - GZipped the 383 file before putting it into the 498 cache * Result: When logging in, the loading bar gets to 31% and freezes with null reference errors in the console - Changed XTEAs for region 12850 (Lumbridge) and re-packed the packed.mxk file, but there was no change (These keys could be wrong, they come from a random "474 XTEAs.txt" file I downloaded at some point.) * Result: Same as the first result (no objects appear + invalid XTEA errors) - Tried XTEAs set to 0,0,0,0 for region 12850 in the packed.mxk file * Result: Same as the first result (no objects appear + invalid XTEA errors) - Tested to ensure Harlan's Cache Manager isn't corrupting the files by replacing the 383 file in my 498 cache with itself * Result: The 498 objects for map 383 load without error (so it isn't the cache manager messing it up) I'm not sure what else to try, am I forgetting a vital or obvious step? I could use another revision besides 474, so long as it looks similar to how Runescape looked just before or after the grand exchange was added. My ultimate goal is to re-create Runescape like it was around 2006/2007, but with full screen. I'm trying to match the experience of RS by recording all of the quests + all possible chat dialogues from OSRS, and manually re-creating missing content that the Arios team didn't get to. The landscape content in Arios 498 isn't as old as I'd like RS to look, but I also really like the server structure they already wrote so I'd like to just downscale my Arios 498 landscape to 474 or similar. Thank you for reading.
  2. rizalgar

    Add Objects 830+

    As title says, can't seem to figure it out. I've checked ObjectHandler, Manager, UnpackedObjects and all that. I checked to see if there was a PackedObjects file, but was unable to locate one. If anyone could shoot me in the right direction here, that'd be great. Seems a lot easier to do this in Pre-EoC servers lol
  3. I understand how to remove/delete objects. [CODE]public void loadCustomSpawns(Client client) { client.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(-1, 3092, 3513, 1, 10); }[/CODE] i Have deleted a few objects but when i login for about 1 second i can still see the object until it gets removed. How do i completely remove an object so nobody sees it for a second when they login? I made a gif for you guys to understand what's happening: [url]http://gph.is/1MslZYZ[/url] Sorry for the bad quality!
  4. Trying to add objects in the customobjectspawns.java but no new objects will spawn... The objects that were already added to customobjectspawns.java when I donwloaded the source are added but when I try to add new ones the will not spawn in game. I'm coding a zamorak server... not sure if that's the base or not. please help. thanks!
  5. Hi, I need some help with the project I'm working on called [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?105102-BattleSoul-317"]BattleSoul[/URL]. I have repacked the models and map packages, but cannot seem to get it working. I keep on getting black floors and client crashes upon login. I just need someone to add me on Skype and help me with adding the data through Teamviewer or Join me. I can give it a shot with getting a bit of cash to send your way for helping me, like $10 or so, but I ain't making promises. If someone can do it for free, that would be appreciated. I have all the data and readvalues. Skype: g0dzdevine
  6. Hey guys! so i wanted to make myself a new donor area and the place has some random objects placed around.. is there a way to get rid of these objects? ive checked everywhere and every guide and the best i got is to delete it by getting the objects coords.. which is a super hard task.. is there an easier way? also there is some kind of walls there too which idk how to remove.. the object id doesnt even show up for these walls.. how can i go about this? any help will be greatly appreciated!! thanks :D :D
  7. I am looking for anyone who would know or has a program that can get the data for objects at what model they use for example Mithril seed flowers the objects that pop up after planting are 2980-2988. I would like to know which models they use for my next project.
  8. Hey, Here is what I mean [img]http://i.imgur.com/bMEznNQ.png[/img] Some of the items are really far from the walls and Kalphite queens den is fucked.
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