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Found 1 result

  1. Mattice

    Extreme Novice

    I'm new to RSPS and not experienced with coding at all. So, obviously I may come off as a complete noob. But I need help with my 317 I've been working on. YES, I have followed the "make your own RSPS 317 guide" and am able to play the server on my own PC. The problems lie where I can not get others on the server. 1) When I portforwarded, I opened port 43594 but I'm not sure what IP to foward out TO? (Can't use my router's IP or PC's IP.. I heard I can use IPv4 Address under ipconfig on my PC?) 2) I sent my friend Client folder(including everything for client, NO source). And everytime he opens client and is on the login screen, he gets error connecting to server? --(YES, I have a No-ip setup and have no-ip running with host open, I changed every "server = " inside the client.java and gui.java to MY no-ip host address) 3) I JAR'ed the client folder and sent it to my friend as Play.jar and clicking it does nothing. No client, no command menu, no .txt, nothing. I used JARmaker but apparently something didn't work? 4) My compiler is messed up but least important to me right now.. I can play the server on my PC, but could anyone walk me through what I need to send to others to play my server, and why they can't play? So much thanks to anyone who can help!