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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Runelocus community, haven't made a suggestion in a while but thought of something that should be added today. Basically the suggestion is that whenever anyone quotes a post or thread of yours that it notifies you, so it goes up into the notifications bar. I have seen this on other forums and think its a great idea and has a number of benfits, including: [LIST] [*]Increased activity [*]Less likelyhood of a thread dying out - Simply because sometimes people forget about threads/posts they have made and a lot of the time people quote you and you may never read it again [*]Just simply a nice little feature to have [/LIST] Let me know what you think guys! Cheers
  2. This is simple and even a cave man can do it. I'm using this on a Matrix base as well but you need to rename some things such as Configuration (means Settings) Settings.java [CODE]/** * Messages used world wide. */ public static final String[] RANDOM_WORLD_MESSAGES = { "<col=ff0000>Did you know? You can use the Grand-Exchange to get the items you need.", "<col=00ffff>Did you know? You can buy quest rewards from Mason at home.", "<col=0000FF>Did you know? You can get tasks from Elof by the Grand-Exchange tunnel.", "<col=ff0000>Did you know? You can get around Enso by using the Spirit Tree.", "<col=ff0000>Did you know? You can spend your achievement points by clicking 'My Character' on the tasks tab." };[/CODE] [CODE] /** * Basically can the game send notifications with a given delay? */ public static final boolean WORLD_MESSAGING = true;[/CODE] Now we hop to the World.java and add a new timer task. [CODE]private static void randomMessages() { CoresManager.slowExecutor.scheduleWithFixedDelay(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { for (Player players : World.getPlayers()) { if (players == null) continue; Player player = players; if (!player.isWorldNotifications()) players.getPackets().sendGameMessage(Configuration.RANDOM_WORLD_MESSAGES[Utils.random(Configuration.RANDOM_WORLD_MESSAGES.length - 1)]); } } }, 1, 5, TimeUnit.MINUTES); }[/CODE] Inside init() method go to the last calling method and add [CODE] if (Configuration.WORLD_MESSAGING) randomMessages();[/CODE]
  3. IRoss


    Add a feature which allows users to enable notifications. These are basically just automated messages, for example, when a someone likes your post, you get a message on the screen informing you. Just a small idea, thanks. Ross
  4. Ishana


    Recently after being active on a couple of IPB community forums, I found that they all had that amazing feature [B]Notifications[/B] The user gets a notification when someone quotes one of his posts, reply to topic, receive PM, Thanks a post, etc.. And of course the options to disable and enable any of them.. I think this would make a nice addition to keep things going on faster on the forums, or in short better activity. What do you think?