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Found 6 results

  1. I'm attempting to edit the CombatAssistant.java file in the src that is associated the the "Runelocus Starter Pack" Private server (I think its 317). Basically, I tried removing the 4 item limit to attack other players in the wild (i just deleted the whole if block associated with it). I then compiled the server and ran it. Much to my dismay, my change did nothing. After some digging I realized that there was an identically named classfile in the /bin of my server files. It looks like the server actually references these class files, not the java files from the src. Unfortunately, the contents of the class files are obfuscated or something, as they are completely illegible. It seems like when you compile the server it should turn my java files in src into the obfuscated class files in the bin that the game uses, but that is not happening (it shows the class files as being last modified in 2012) If anyone could help walk me through the process of making a change to the CombatAssistant file (or any file really, I just don't know if the procedure varies depending on the edit) and successfully getting it implemented in game, that would be fantastic.
  2. army cpt sir

    Need a Teacher

    Hey runelocus viewers i am looking for someone who has some good experience with runescape private servers and has made their own. Today i am trying to find anyone who is willing to help make a new and everything. I am a new at coding and everything except hosting. You can give me a shout at my skype account gage.long14 or on Facebook Gage long. Please i would appreciate it if anyone could teach me how to do any of these things.
  3. Hey, I'm new to runelocus and RSPS scripting, but so far I'm kind of getting a hold of it (scripting) and the Runelocus community seems pretty legit... So that being said, I know I might sound like an idiot asking these questions. 1.In the RSPS I've recently started up, I made myself owner and since then I cant execute any commands without using the developer's commands or w/e (` key on under the esc key), I'm trying to use :: to execute commands also, so how would I go about changing that while staying the owner? 2.The RSPS source I based the private serving I'm using doesn't have ::yell, so how would I add that, and how would I make it to where only mods, admins, owners, and people with 4-rights can yell? 3.I've made changes to some things in the private server, but I didn't see any of the changes (ie: I edited the welcome screen, added the crown beside owner name, and some other stuff), so I figured that I was suppose to hit the "compile" batch file, but when I click it I get the message: "Preparing... A subdirectory or file bin already exists. The system cannot find the file specified. The system cannot find the file specified. Compiling core... The system cannot find the path specified. Compiling Loginserver... The system cannot find the path specified. Compiling packet handlers... The system cannot find the path specified. Compiling logging system... The system cannot find the path specified. Complete. The system cannot find the path specified. Complete Press any key to continue..." If this has anything to do with my variables- My User variables are CLASSPATH C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_20\bin PATH C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_20\bin along with 2 other things (I'm guessing those wouldn't be beneficial to include) Then my system variables have the same 2 things with a few other things Thanks so much, Any help [SIZE=3][B][COLOR="#00FF00"]AT ALL[/COLOR][/B] [/SIZE]is [COLOR="#FF0000"]greatly[/COLOR] appreciated!
  4. Incryptic

    How do I. . .

    Ok, here are my problems. On one RSPS, I think I have it working, but I can't log in because I have too many failed log attempts. and I have to reset sever. and IDK how to reset server. :\ On another RSPS I have it set, but It won't let me connect to server. When I made my no-ip, I couldn't do the DUC thing, bc it freezes when authenticating my user/pass. So I cn't make another no-ip basically bc if I do I can't go into the DUC to do whatever anyways... So yeah... Those are my problems. To Contact me, reply on here or. Contacts. Cell -- 910-565-1414 Skype username -- Incryption && also have TeamViewer
  5. redblood

    Adding customs?

    Ok, i've seen plenty tutorials to add customs. But here is my situation... My models are .dat's instead of .gz, and my ints look like this: [CODE]case 9802: class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Equip"; class8.anInt174 = 14007; class8.anInt181 = 1744; class8.anInt190 = 738; class8.anInt198 = 1985; class8.anInt194 = 0; class8.anInt169 = 0; class8.anInt204 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 14008; class8.anInt200 = 14008; class8.aString170 = "Vesta's Longsword"; class8.aByteArray178 = "Vesta's Longsword, a reward from PVP.".getBytes(); break;[/CODE] ...instead of this... [CODE]if(i == 13658) { class8.aStringArray189 = new String[5]; class8.aStringArray189[1] = "Wear"; class8.anInt174 = 14091; class8.anInt181 = 650; class8.anInt190 = 126; class8.anInt198 = 129; class8.anInt204 = 83; class8.anInt169 = 0; class8.anInt194 = 0; class8.anInt165 = 14090; class8.anInt200 = 14090; class8.anInt188 = -1; class8.anInt164 = -1; class8.anInt175 = -1; class8.aString170 = "DC hat"; class8.aByteArray178 = "Nice.".getBytes(); }[/CODE] I use [B]Demise Pk'ing[/B], and I want to add customs. Any help? :confused: PS: I am a newbie. A new newbie.