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Found 35 results

  1. FIXED - I don't know how... just kept spamming run client and it eventually worked and now works 9/10 O.o Title. I've tried no.ip and localhost ( but same error. I've triple checked sub_revision and custom_client_build are the same. All ports are forwarded (443/43594/43595). Tried 4 different clients, still same problem... any help?
  2. FIXED ORIGINAL ISSUE OF CONNECTION REFUSED (had to turn antivirus off when extracting client, dur...) I have a new error, will start a new post.
  3. Hi, i got an error with my MySQL remote, when im putting my ip that im having current my vote works. But it doesn't work on my NO-IP (ip) adress, can someone see here errors? [QUOTE] launcher.java: public static MainLoader vote = new MainLoader("syclonepk.no-ip.org", "syclonep_mib", "*******", "syclonep_mib"); VoteManager.java Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver").newInstance (); String IP="syclonepk.no-ip.org"; String DB="syclonep_mib"; String User="syclonep_mib"; String Pass="*******"; con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://", "syclonep_mib", "*******"); Connect.java Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver").newInstance (); String IP="syclonepk.no-ip.org"; String DB="syclonep_mib"; String User="syclonep_mib"; String Pass="*********"; conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://", "syclonep_mib", "*********"); String IP="syclonepk.no-ip.org"; String DB="syclonep_mib"; String User="syclonep_mib"; String Pass="*********"; return conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://", "syclonep_mib", "*********"); MainLoader.java host = "syclonepk.com"; pass = "********"; user = "syclonep_mib"; db = "syclonep_mib"; [/QUOTE] Thanks, for youre response.
  4. Okay, well some of you probably don't like using your actual Ip address for your RSPS. So to save you time and to save you releasing (possible personal information) I am going to make this guide [B]just for you![/B] [B]Step 1:[/B] First you are going to need to make a no-ip username/password. You can do this here via: [url]http://www.noip.com/[/url] Now once you complete your process on making an account, please login: [img]http://i.imgur.com/cTDV1fJ.png[/img] [B]Step 2:[/B] After you have logged in, click [B]Hosts/Redirects[/B] at the top left of the page. [img]http://i.imgur.com/XFzBYZ4.png[/img] [B]Step 3:[/B] Now you are going to want to add a host, you can do this via clicking [B]Add Host[/B], as seen here: [img]http://i.imgur.com/H5hYPpE.png[/img] [B]Step 4:[/B] Now type in anything under [B]hostname[/B] (usually it's your server name): [img]http://i.imgur.com/E6ykCW1.png[/img] Note: I changed the end of the domain to [B]no-ip.org[/B] because I have always used that, you can always use any of the free domains as you wish. [B]Step 5:[/B] Now since you have everything done via website, click [B]Add Host[/B] in the bottom right: [img]http://i.imgur.com/RWlJ5VX.png[/img] [B]Step 6:[/B] Now you are going to download the no-ip client to your computer/vps. Here is the link to do so: [url]https://www.noip.com/download?page=win[/url] [B]Step 7:[/B] Once done downloading and installing your going to wait to launch No-Ip via desktop and login when it pops up: [img]http://i.imgur.com/8aYhNuW.png[/img] Once logged in, click [B]edit hosts[/B]: [img]http://i.imgur.com/w7t9FbR.png[/img] Now simply click the box beside your host name then click save! [img]http://i.imgur.com/1wfSOeV.png[/img] [B]Step 8:[/B] Once you have clicked save just re-name your [B]server ip to whatever ip you checked in your no-ip client.[/B] If you have any questions please comment below and I will be happy to answer them.
  5. Can someone help me be able to let my fiends join my server? Dont kno if i need my ip in the client or the noip.biz or what?
  6. L2rUN FOR ME

    No-IP Help

    When i run my server the ip thing thing that gets your ip, has a red check mark by it and says to many updates? But when I dont run my server it doesn't do it, its all good.
  7. Need help on how I can use uTorrent and No-Ip together to run my server online, rather than portforward. I have used many guides, but they seem to bring up errors. I use eclipse with a 718 server and 742 cache (Citellum) I will use Skype, and sharescreens, much appreciated.
  8. title says it if you can teamview me than I would love the help please I don't want to pay anyone that's just dumb I know that there is someone nice that would be willing to help me I have teamviewer 9 if you want to download it the download takes two seconds and you don't have to sign up for anything that I know of so please help just add my Skype and message me and I will instantly get back to you and give my no-ip etc. guys I really need the help and would love it please. SKYPE: zizema660
  9. Im trying to launch a beta server me and my friend have currectly portforwarded and everything with hamatchi we can host no problem with our client i made from jaring and signing. When we switch to no-ip it doesn't load any help? Please add me on skype I am on right now with my co-owner skype name: Runescape_duc
  10. Does no-ip take place of a VPS or do you just enter your vps's info when setting up no-ip. Also Do I even need to have a vps? Can I just use no-ip and start hosting right away off my pc? Also, if I have a spare pc lying around can I install windows server 08 or RHEL on there and just use that as a VPS. And if I did this would I still need to open the server on my existing pc like I do currently to play locally, or would i open it on the server pc. Thank you.
  11. larry666

    Help with no-ip

    Will someone help me getting my no-ip setup and get me logged onto my server PLEASE HELP!
  12. Emil Englund


    Can anybody help me.... How am i going to make my rsps 317 online with no-ip :confused:
  13. pyrepk

    do i need no-ip

    do i need a no-ip for my vps to run my server or is the vps ip adress enough to get it running?
  14. I put my no-ip in every spot on client.java When i try to log in i can but if my friends/me try to on another IP it says error connecting to server.... no-ip DUC is open the server is ON and I port forwarded perfectly and when i check to see if the server is online at Runelocus it says it is.... What am I doing wrong?! I've been at this for 7 hours now EDIT: Do i change client.java in the server folder?? Also do i change anything else in the client folder besides the client.java..? Can someone please help me? I've tried everything I could think of and then some..Im about to give up this is so annoying... Just deleted everything i've been working on all night i guess ill stick to minecraft server since im to retarded to even get a RSPS online FML Also ignore that thumbnail its from my old post on this thread but i changed my source/client and i dont know how to remove that thumbnail so IGNORE IT thanks :)
  15. Hello I cant seem to connect to my server using no-ip ive set everything to my no-ip address in my server folder and compiled. and i also have done it for the client I have port forward 43594 correctly (my ports are open) I don't know what the problem is. Sorry if this is an noob question im just new to this. thanks
  16. Ok, I have an issue portforwarding, and it doesn't seem to work when I try to do it, and if anybody is willing to help me get it "portforwarded" then I will gladly pay 1m RSGP, but if can't do it, I won't pay, I will also not go first, and if you think i'm not legit, i'll post on this thread after anybody has helped me do this. Also, I think it has to do with my firewall blocking the port, i've tried everything, even turned my firewall off for about 5 minutes, but it still says that it's blocking a port, and that's all. PM me if you decide to help me, and I will give you my TV info. Thank you
  17. i cant log on my server at all or set it right in "cmd" it tell's me to type ipconfig but it doesnt work because im useing arris router can someone give me arris router ? so i can go on to my next step or can someone do it for me. "many thanks"
  18. glad 2 own

    Help with no-ip

    Ok when im hosing my server with no-ip anyone can just ping my no-ip and get my real ip how do i completely hide my real ip
  19. Pm me and ill send u tv info
  20. Using in my client.java gets me the message "No response from server". But my no-ip gets me the message "Error connecting to server". Why should the messages differ?
  21. [CENTER][SIZE=5]Hosting a Free Website off of your Computer[/SIZE] What we will do in this Tutorial: -Setting up Xampp -Setting up No-IP -Port Forwarding -Adding Files to website [SIZE=4]Setting Up Xampp[/SIZE] [URL="http://xampp.en.softonic.com/"]Download Xampp[/URL] When you get to this menu make sure it has Apache and Mysql Checked: [ATTACH=CONFIG]2954[/ATTACH] So Once you do all of that this screen should come up: [ATTACH=CONFIG]2955[/ATTACH] If it looks right, Then Continue, if it does not look right, redo the above steps Now Click the Link Below to setup your MySql Password [URL="http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php"]Click Here[/URL] Unless you are using Google Chrome, the page will be in German. Here is a translation if you do not use Google Chrome: [I]Akuelles Passwort = Current Password Neues Passwort = New Password Wiederhole neues Passwort = Confirm Password Passwort Andern = Change Password [/I] After you do this click the First Button which is the submit button, Dont worry about the stuff at the bottom half of the page Congratulations, you have now setup Xampp and it is ready to be used! We will talk about how to use it later. [SIZE=4]Setting Up No-IP[/SIZE] [I][SIZE=1]If you already Have No-IP, you can skip to the next section[/SIZE][/I] Now we need to download No-Ip, which will be hosting your website pretty much. [URL="http://www.no-ip.com"]No-IP Website[/URL] Now you need to sign up by clicking "Create Account" Under the login form. Make sure you sign up with details that you can remember After you are finished signing up click on "Host/Redirects" in the Upper Left Corner After doing that Click "Add Host" For the Host Name put the name of your website or your servername then click "Create Host" Now after you create the host you need to download the No-IP client [URL="https://www.no-ip.com/downloads.php"]Download Client Here[/URL] After clicking the link just follow the onscreen instructions, it is very simple Once it is downloaded, go to your start menu and Launch "No-IP DUC" A screen will popup with a login form, enter your Email/Password your created on the website Once you login click "Select Hosts" and Check the Box next to the name you created Well Done! No-IP Is now setup and ready to be used. [SIZE=4]Port-Forwarding[/SIZE] Now we need to Port Forward so that others can see your website Go to your Routers IP Address(Normally it is <--Just Type that number into the Box you type the website in) You will need to login before you can use the panel, if you have not setup a User/Pass your username and password is most likely Admin and Password After you are signed in go to Port Forwarding/Port Triggering Select "Add Custom Service" Now a page with some Boxes comes up, one should say service name and two should say Port You can make the name whatever you like, but the Port Boxes must both say "80" For Server IP Address you need to enter your Router IP Address You can find this by opening your CMD Prompt and typing [I]ipconfig[/I] and hitting enter After you enter that info click finish and you are done with Port Forwarding! [SIZE=4]Uploading the Website[/SIZE] Ok, Now we are going to use Xampp and upload the website First, Go to this location: [I]C:/Xampp/htdocs[/I] Once you get there, Delete ALL of the files Now This folder is the folder that contains all of your website Files. If you do not know how to make a Website, I will be making some tutorials that will teach you how to create a simple website. [SIZE=4]Finished[/SIZE] Now type the name you typed in at No-IP.com into the address bar and your website should come up. You can also use localhost, which only you can use If you have any problems feel free to ask me or [EMAIL="[email protected]"]email me[/EMAIL] [/CENTER] [COLOR=#ff0000]I Do not suggest using this to host a Website. It is a [u]huge[/u] Security Risk to your computer.[/COLOR]
  22. am i supose to select DNS Host (A) or Port 80 Redirect?... and im portforwarding with a belkin router. and i check on canyouseeme.org and it said " Error: I could not see your service on "blah blah blah" on port (43594) Reason: Connection timed out" help please?
  23. If anyone can add me on MSN or Skype and explain how to do this it would be great, I already have my source and client ready to go, as well as a CobraHost VPS and no-ip, it just doesnt work.
  24. whiteghost


    My no-ip isn't working. Can somebody please watch this video and try to help me out? [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwt67KPnIOw[/url]
  25. Ok so i have setup everything the only problem I have is putting it on a No-Ip which I dont know how to do I made the no ip acc and I made the site all i have to do now is make it so that when people go on the site they can connect to my server. Help on teamviewer would be much appreciated. I have a skype and msn also.