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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome, thank you taking a look at my Advertisement thread. I've been messing around with a 718 server and creating it to my own liking and adding some cool content that some other servers don't have. I'm creating a free to play server no microtransaction no donating none of that bullshit. Why? Because every server I see on here always has something related to donating for better items memberzone ect ect ect.... I was trying to create a 317 but I just didn't feel it was right... So I switched back to 718s I feel like there needs to be a bigger community torwards 718s that aren't just download and host. I've been putting work into this and I've been learning while doing so. I've added some of my own content (No its not great ofc) But it is good. It's my own it's never before seen. which is what a player wants. So lets continue shall we? Yes indeed! We are VPS hosted to insure low downtime (If any at all only for updates) Which will be monitored everyday. So thank god for that! Welcome to your new home area. I've never seen it used in servers (Although I don't play alot) It's content packed with a load of shops. Everything you find will be free to the player... I've created a super user friendly interface under the task tab. There you can easily teleport around, obtain a new daily task. And of course as you can see above. Access different locations. There is a in depth help guide to Alterin. To help any player! It will also be udpated accordingly to the community. I loved this idea I came up with I feel like it will "handle" most of what you need. A lot of servers I see have pretty lame banks, I added players to login with some great outfits and better starting items. Nothing special here... I've added a cool login interface that changes to a new message upon every login. Thought it was neat. You can disable it under your settings... Which is also neat. good image hosting sites I'm always adding some new content or something different for the players. Although I'm ready to launch my beta version so I can get real player input on this. I've done some combat tweaking to some bosses and added a pretty cool path finding for NPCS. It was more mainly for summoning pets but I used it for this boss tweaking. Eh? Well what do you think? Just download that easy JAR file (Java is required) And just login and play straight away. No strings attached... There is a website (Sorta I'm finishing that up) You can click above or download right here Run Alterin 718 Updates
  2. Hello, I am Kyle. I joined RuneLocus to be apart of the community and hopefully learn some new things :D I have currently been working on a huge project I would like to call "Apocalypse", but more importantly I have also been super busy with college. Anyways, Thanks for having me!
  3. Blows moparscape out of the water!!
  4. Hey guys, most of you kinda know me, but to start the train of the older members maybe introducing themselves to the new population of Runelocus, I figure'd I would introduce myself to start it off. I'm currently a computer engineering student at Eastern Michigan University (Go eagles!) in Michigan, with a minor in neuropsychology. I'm a third-year student and I TA Psych 101 and Psych 205. (Intro to Psych, and Quantitative Methods in Psychology). I'm currently pursing a Masters! My hobbies include working on project cars, doing research papers (currently doing a paper on [url=https://news.brown.edu/articles/2015/02/attention]how the brain ignores distractions[/url] (it's a good read, you might be interested in it. ) smoking, and basically the entirety of reddit. I'm 22 currently, but will be turning 23 in Sept. I currently work at Apple software as a tier 3 support technician, I kinda detest my job, but the money's good, and it pays the bills. I also help with (kinda) with the innovation of runelocus. You could kinda say I'm staff without the crown - I'm in constant communication with the staff team about future updates. As for where I'm living, I live about 10 miles south of Detroit in a urban area called Downriver. I plan on moving to either California or Washington in the future, hopefully with my girlfriend Samar (pronounced Summer). Any questions? AMA (Ask me anything for those non-redditors out here)
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