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Found 4 results

  1. DevThomas


    Site - https://os-exile.org/mybb/ Client download - https://os-exile.org/mybb/forumdisplay.php?fid=8 - Highscores - Hourly Rewards -15+ Bosses -Newest osrs data -10 + minigames -No Lag -Awsome pvm -Updated daily - Rev caves -Lithkrin vault
  2. [CENTER]Hello! And welcome to SOAPK v4 where we hope you will find all of that excellent rsps fun you need and want [URL="http://adf.ly/kSlep"]Desktop client[/URL] [URL="http://sandsofalkahrid.webs.com/"]Website![/URL] [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/toplist/details-38435-SoaPK.html"]screenshots on our runelocus page![/URL] -NEX -KBD -TORMENTED DEMONS -CORPORAL BEAST -KALPHITE QUEEN -ALL GODSWAR BOSSES -BARRELCHEST BOSS -GIANT MOLE -AND MANY MORE besides pvm we have minigames such as -DUEL ARENA -BARROWS -PEST CONTROL -FIGHT PITS/CAVES -ASSAULT -DOMINION TOWER -AND MORE other then whats listed above let me list some of our items that we enjoy -all spirit shields -all godswords -all claws (currently working on a special set of chaotic claws just for you guys:D) -all sets of nex armour -all basic armours like bronze, rune, dragon, etc -ragefire, steadfast, and glaiven boots -polypore staff and many more that you will have to come see (oh did i mention all the chaotics?) With the grand opening of Soapk I walker sadly will not be there seeing as this is my week for finals in college, but never fear! trusty admins are here! with the admins you will find that they will be judging you, watching you, all to see if your fit for our ranks as a mod or bug tester, or what ever else may come in handy for our server. We currently do not have a website(I am working on it though) with due time I will have a support number which you can text/imsg[/CENTER]
  3. Latino

    Help me! Please

    Hello my name is Felipe i'm from Colombia and I am interested in setting up a server but in Spanish and I have not really clear on the following points! 1) As I translate? 2) Which version do you recommend and if someone passes me the best! 3) How do I get from a computer to edit maps and forms characters from other people let go (linux the other). 4) How come all I have a very bad information! I need help if anyone wants to join with me in this project will pay a server and I have mounted a website that remains is make the game helps. GREETINGS :cool:
  4. Hi people i want to host a server but if I did anyone here want to help? I would need a coder 2 admins and 2 mods Also i want to make a webclient and fourms If there is a coder who wants to make a 508 or 317 and can make a website and web client contact me!