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Found 18 results

  1. Hello Everyone! We are proud to come and invite you to join our newly released server Deltascape! http://deltascape.org There has been months of hard work and dedication put in to this server for our players to have the best experience possible! We have active players and a great community, with active staff and an ever working owner! We have all working 25 skills including Dungeoneering, Constructon & Summoning We also have Crashed Stars and Evil Trees 26 amazing fully working bosses with incredible loots such as: Chaotics, Drygors, Primal, Blowpipes, Twisted bow, Pernix, Torva, Virtus, Trickster, Battlemage,Vanguard, Primal, Sagittarian, Celestial, Odium Ward, Melediction Ward, Dragon Kiteshield and so so much more! Regular Giveaways! PS4 GIVEAWAY http://deltascape.org/forums/index.php?/topic/49-playstation-4-giveaway/ &MORE! Regular Updates 4 unique donor zones ::dzone (regular) ::lzone (legendary) ::ezone (extreme) ::uzone (uber) Staff are always online and willing to help! We are always looking for ways to improve and take player input seriously! We pride ourselves on keeping our players happy and wanting to play as much as possible. We are not a server who are donation orientated and would rather see you grind for items than pay for them to keep a stable eco system. Although, any donations are appreciated and put towards running and improving the server! So come and join today and have the experience of a lifetime!
  2. Hello, members of Runelocus! I'm here to show a project I've been working on for a few months. I'm new to the Runelocus community and I hope you guys will like this. KingScape will be a 718 Server loading 901 the most recent revision Which will include an adapted version of the Mining/Smithing 2.0 * Feature * * Work In Progress * * Media *
  3. PartyScape is a brand new 317 rsps with unique content. We have weekly updates and giveaways to keep our players excited. With a highly dedicated & professional staff team, we're quite motivated to provide you an ultimate game-play that has never been experienced before. PvM: Custom bosses (PartyPooper, Santas Helper) OSRS bosses (Zulrah, C.Elemental, Cerberus, Venenatis, Callisto etc.) Classic bosses(K.B.D, Corp etc) Minigames: FFA minigame Zombie slaughter Nomad’s requiem Custom Christmas event with rare prizes Barrows Revenant town Skilling: All working skills Shooting star Evil tree Other: Custom items Particles Player Owned Stores Ultimate and regular Iron-Man modes Boss pets Wildy wyrm Well of goodwill Duel arena Loyalty titles Flower poker & dicing Different donator zones with different donator benefits Highscores https://i.gyazo.com/fab725ee5ac0d030c346f223434b2f23.png
  4. I'm 23 and male, I'm new to the forums, looking for friends so I'll always be watching my inbox get full hmu.
  5. ¤ BLADE-RS ¤ Welcome to Blade, a new up-coming, fast growing RSPS. You can play for hours on and without getting bored. We are dedicated to bringing our players frequent quality updates, and making sure that they are in a safe friendly enviroment. We have an extremely helpful, and extremely friendly staff team which are always willing to help players with their problems and try and solve them in the most professional way possible. The team here at Blade assure you that playing this RSPS is one of the best choices you will make and once you start playing you will not turn back, so why not come enjoy some of our great bosses, minigames or enjoy endless hours of our other content! So what are you waiting for Play Now! - Features - Full Statius, Vesta and Korasi Over 100 pets Crystal monsters Ancient Warriors Working raid items Dicing Prestige System Mystery Box (Gambling minigame) Flawless Pking Working Bosses
  6. Hello everyone! Today we unveil our newest RSPS project, Lucidity! It is a server that we've put much work into over the past month or so, ranging from small bug fixes, to completely redoing home, shops, and skilling areas! We have many cool features implemented into the server as well like custom currency for doing almost anything on the server that you can spend at their respective shops! Skilling? Skill Points! Combat? PvM/Boss points! You even get some for just playing for extended periods of time! While we've put a lot of work into it and remained very nit-picky on what and how we wanted this server to feel like, we hope that some of you will consider playing along with us and help us improve. Its a very new thing and a small, tight knit community being built. So no over-saturation of players, and an economy that still needs to be established. We hope you can be a part of that with us. Here are some small things you can look forward to on Lucidity: - Fully functional skills, with working skill cape emotes! - Max capes of all variations! - Customization in your screen size (Fixed, Resizable, Fullscreen) - Ironman and Ultimate Ironman Modes! - Fully working bosses, wildy bosses, minigames, and special events! Such as Corpreal Beast, Callisto, Cerberus, Ancient Warriors, Barrows, and many, many more! - Pet drops from bosses and skilling! The rest you'll have to just see for yourself! Interested? Come join us now while 2XP is active ALL weekend! Go here to download our client!
  7. Website Play Now Discord Updates Welcome to our thread. Vernox, providing a server which is unique, smooth, and original. Emulating the OSRS Protocol as much as we can, with the private server 'feel'. Our community is growing via the power of word-of-mouth, and our loyal YouTubers/Streamers. Feel free to check it out, leave feedback, advice, anything you'd like really, we look forward to seeing you online!
  8. -Daily Updates -Daily Events -Dicing -A lot of Bosses(More than 23) -Prestiging (50+) -Custom teleporting commands/portals -Unique customs(More than 400!) -Donor ranks -Discord -active staff* -Worldwide community -Stable vpn -Dedicated host 99.5% uptime -Customs Minigames -Christmas Event -Sponsor's Rank -10-15 Active Players Daily ! -Customized Npc's As a PVM Server, our main focus is on Bossing. Currently we have more than 23 unique bosses! You can access them via the Portal at home. See you in-game!
  9. Hi there, I'm a DIYer by all means, and I'm not asking anyone to hold my hand. I'll figure out the port forwarding, and even which game VPS to go with, but, can you guys please direct me toward what RSPS core/client/console to run with? I really am only aiming for a much older version.. some cool stuff, but mostly this is just a sandbox for me for now. No more than 10-20 players at any given time. I wanted to really use this one, but im having troubles - is it because I didnt try to port-forward yet, or because it's too old/outdated/not going to work for some other reason? I think it's a 2011, 513?? I'm happy to take on one of these packages @ below https://www.1and1.com/game-server-hosting Can I run with 1 dedicated-core, or must I have minimum two cores or it'll lag? Please help me understand a bit.. Also, anyone know the likely SPECS of say a server like Runique? How many cores do they use to run theirs so nicely? Finally, if I'm living in China, and pretty much only care about my connection speed and gaming experience on the server, then which country should I attempt to rent the private host from to run it? USA, Germany, or Singapore? Please help me understand.. because i.e., my VPN here in China runs best when on USA, not Singapore,, weird, right? TLDR; First go at an RSPS, ready to invest the money into a good hosting service, want a good package to run with and unsure which old RS2 RSPP to "leech" on for now as a sandbox to have fun, and enjoy myself. I am not looking to monetize, this is my passion and I love Runescape. Thank you in advance!
  10. Caveira is an unique gaming experience which is based on the needs of the common Runescape player. We are an upcoming Runescape private server with lots of potential, as our developping team is selected based on skills and motivation.* With an amazing community, Caveira will succeed existing with a common goal: to become one of the biggest around.* Our experience will blow your mind with its amazing economy, bosses,* minigames and much, much more. Caveira is a 742 revisioned server, which means we are a quiet modern sourced private server. With our daily vote*system, we never seem to stop amusing our players. Besides that, we are economy-based, which means we have a variety of donation possibilites.* Join now: Download Client Images: And there is much, much more to discover. JOIN NOW! Website
  11. Skills - Compete against your friends and become the Master of All Skills. Achieve 99's in all stats or even become a Skiller. Game Modes - Become a normal account or take it to the Extreme and become an Ironman which limits your player's ability to trade or even use the bank as an Ultimate Ironman. Only South of Edgeville Bank [Home] - You can easily access all of the shops in only a few steps. The following Stores: - Ranging Shop - Melee Shop -Magic Shop - Donator Store 1 - Donator Store 2 - Donator Store 3 - Boss Point Store [Accumulate Boss Points though killing bosses] [1-15 Boss Pts/ Boss] - Trivia Point Store [Answer Random Questions for Points] [1st Place = 10 , 2nd Place = 6 , 3rd Place = 2] - Ironman Store [Buy Raw Supplies for Skilling] - Star Dust Shop [Mine the Crashed Star at Key Locations for Stardust spent in the Shop] [Level 80 Mining to Mine the Star] - Explorer Jack [Sells key items such as teletabs and Cannons] -Food Store [Sells food up to Manta Rays and all of your Necessary Potions] - Clothes Store [Fashion-Scape] Bosses - There are a Total of 24 Bosses in which you can find out what they drop by using the command ::drops NPC Drop Tables - This displays all of the possible drops from all of the NPC's in Sincity-Ps. You can use the search bar to find a specific drop in which will be indicated on which boss drops the desired item. Mini-Games - Bring your friends along and get yourself the Void set in Pest Control or even take on the Almighty TzKal-Zuk on the final wave to achieve your Infernal Cape. Some of the Mini-Games are being updated and fixed which are being a HUGE benefit to the Server. Custom Built Construction North of ::Home [Edgeville Bank] Used for: - Thieving - Altar [Changing Prayer and Spell Books] - Construction Player Owned Shops [POS] - Buy and Sell you unwanted items or items you need [In Edgeville Bank] | | V ::Gamble is Safe and Working from Scamming IMPORTANT NOTES - Donors can Access the ::dzone - Donors can access the Gambling Store [Dice-bag] - Read Rules Before Playing - We are having events such as Drop Parties, Goodiebags and Giveaways! When we reach Player Milestones to give back to the community for their Great Efforts to Play and Donate.
  12. http://www.tierpkz.eu Features Spawn PK Fullscreen & resizable mode perfect pathing All bosses + pets Weekend events Weekly Bonuses Welcome Bonus Blood Money & PK Points Construction Bounty Hunter Gear spawn table Teleport Menu New items Duel Arena Wilderness Bosses DOWNLOAD NOW! Welcome!
  13. New Server in BETA RuneFinity website: www.RuneFinity.com Looking for active players and Staff!! Brand New Runescape Private Server Revision 718 all skills working group dungeoneering custom bosses Runescape Quests and alot more!
  14. Hey @Everyone I've currently launched a RSPS called Project Eclipse. The server has been coded and worked on for weeks. I figured that since you all seem to be an avid RSPS players, and that we are in need of some solid Quality Assurance testing that you might be interested in participating in playing our new server Project Eclipse. Here's a list of some of our content: - Daily Updates - Custom Bosses: Lucien, Varago. - Fully functioning Auto-buy Grand Exchange - Exceptional Clan Content: As clans are a massive part of the server, there will be content like Clan Avatars, Clan Tags, Clan Tasks, Clan Achievements, Pre-existing clan battles and much more. - Unique Dicer Rank: A new Rank with thrilling new zones and places that dedicated towards the Dicer Rank. If you're interested then join the discord and forums below for more information. - 24/7 Uptime ProjectEclipse https://projecteclipse.ml/ https://discord.gg/sFGpeJ2 Direct Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p6muqqed4c6koem/Project_Eclipse_V1.1.jar?dl=1 Join us and become a part of a new, revolutionising server soon to climb amongst the top private servers.
  15. Project Eclipse is a brand new 667 Private Server that provides thrilling, clever and unique content, We are currently looking for staff and players to come and have an fantastic time! Some of our special content is: Lucien Custom bosses Dicer rank Fully functioning auto-buy Grand Exchange VPS (100% uptime) All skills working Unique Content Donator bosses Daily Updates -------------->LOOKING FOR STAFF.<----------------- Homepage: http://projecteclipse.ml/ Direct download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p6muqqed4c6koem/Project_Eclipse_V1.1.jar?dl=1 Join us on discord!: https://discord.gg/sFGpeJ2 Pictures of the server : https://gyazo.com/4476235e9a2910a6fe74cdfff3a0c1ba https://gyazo.com/1522060cea20e758f4fc9c06b24e5758 JOIN NOW !!!!
  16. Play Now - Website - Forums Update log coming 10/8/16 [/CODE][/SPOIL][/Center] Owner & Developer - Ryan Main Developer - Tyler Administrator - Satanical Server Support - Necroy Come give this new server a chance and tell us how you feel about it! We strive to bring the best for the community.