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Found 8 results

  1. someone please help me with port forwarding on team viewer ill pm you my id and pass
  2. After realizing my 10 year old cousin changed the password to my router, i quickly reset the damn thing. By doing so, nothing happened. It is a Wireless-N 150 If anybody knows how to bypass that, please help!
  3. I need help port forwarding my router which is a Netgear WNR 1000v2 If anybody could please help me, that would be great. I followed some tutorial, and I think I messed up at the "ipconfig /all" part. (Hopefully that's part of the tut, because it was in there" We'll be doing this via Teamviewer. Thanks if you can help.
  4. Ok i have made the thing on my router. Tcp. Correct address. I have allowed in firewall. Still nothing. Add skype can pay rsgp. Skype- Logan_garrett
  5. Ok.. runescape is now being back to blocked on my fucking netgear firewall.... my dad had it orginally blocked but for some reason the past few days an error poped up saying something about ip confused or something. "Your ip was confused with another Ip" something like that, but after a few days runescape went to back being blocked?... [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/35bxdo1.png[/IMG] could downloading an ip changer resolve the firewall problem?.... if so can someone link me an excellent ip changer that doesnt require admin pass to download because on my computer, it has two account. One admin ( My dads) and this one (mine) so everything i download that has to go through firewall it will require admin's pass. I am willing to pay rsgp if anyone could help me, because i really want to play runescape again.
  6. my partner just brought "Netgear Genie" and under "service Name" which option should we put??? [ATTACH=CONFIG]4163[/ATTACH]
  7. ©Zykev2 Tutorial Do Not use without permission! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Information Difficulty:2/10 Estimate Time to complete:5 minutes Assumed Knowledge:Some knowledge on how routers work Credits:90% Zykev2, 10% AmericanboyG (stereotypical) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ How to portforward with a Netgear WGR model note: THIS DOES NOT explain how to make expeptions in your firewall and have a no-ip account if not please refer to my "how to make a server section on the sticky!" http://**************/smf/index.php?showtopic=2187 note: I used Netgear WGR614v7 router for this tutorial. ________________________________________________________________ Step 1. Identifying IP 1) Go to Start > Accesories > Command prompt Other: Go to Start > Run > CMD 2) Next type in IPconfig and you should come up to a screen similar to this... ________________________________________________________________ Step 2. Identifying Passwords Unless you have changed your router password the Password will default be username: admin password: password username: admin password: admin username: password: password ________________________________________________________________ Step 3. Logging in. On any web browser type in your DEFAULT GATEWAY in the address bar (Should be or something similar) and log in with one of those passwords above in Step 2 or if you already know it your password. ________________________________________________________________ Step 4. Portforwarding/Porttriggering. Once you log on you should see your Netgear router homepage and then click Portforwarding/Porttriggering ________________________________________________________________ Step 5. Add custom service And you should see this screen (refer to picture below) at the part where it ask for the IP on the LAST box put the last # that was on your IP address in the command prompt so Mine for example is 2. ________________________________________________________________ Step 6. Allowing portforwarding through Now assuming that you have already allowed it through your windows firewall (The port and checked TCP) and its still not working it probably is a SPI firewall problem so we are going to do a few things First Click on Lan IP Setup Now click Add and it will pop up a screen like this (REFER PICTURE BELOW) and just add your IP Address from the command prompt (I.E mine: and netgear will do the rest. After that click Apply And click Wan Setup The settings should be EXACTLY LIKE THIS OR IT WONT BE SAFE AND WONT WORK Now update it and you should be portforwarded!!!!!!! Congratulations!