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Found 21 results

  1. I am new at coding and I'm looking to make a pre-eoc/osrs server. with some uniqueness of course, But I don't know much about coding, and I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me in the slightest. I wanna do some hands-on learning and get a server online within the next few months ^-^ Add me on Skype please: Live:thewidower96
  2. I'm starting a new 718 server, I'm needing Co-Owners/Admins/Mods you know an whole team!.. PM Me for my skype!
  3. Dev part doesn't have to be major need, since I can develop. I got this sexy 718 loading 753 source that is not leeched, and needs a VPS. I do not have a way to get a VPS. This is how it's planned out for the hoster. If you host, you'll get all donations sent to you as you're the hoster. The reason I want a hoster that can code is because you'll have co-owner position. Add my skype if you're intrested: lil_rj1994
  4. CmAc

    Needing help. :/

    I am getting frustrated. This account was an Admin but it was removed, compiled, and I restarted the server. It says it is still an admin and this annoying text keeps showing up in the chatbox. Questions are: *How do I remove that annoying text *How come it is saying this account is an admin. Picture: [ATTACH=CONFIG]8643[/ATTACH]
  5. hello. my name is kahvi, and i have made my own server with starterpack, but i wanna give the client link to my friends, so where can i get the link for my server's client. any help ?[COLOR="#FF0000"]thanks[/COLOR]
  6. NzVexare

    Noob needing help

    Hey guys I've been trying to make a private server and for some reason I'm having problems, when I try log in the client says the server is offline :( Here's my port forwarding: [ATTACH=CONFIG]6904[/ATTACH] Here's my compiler and run files with my jdk address (client is top, source bottom): [ATTACH=CONFIG]6905[/ATTACH] My no-ip(after I press ok everything's fine): [ATTACH=CONFIG]6906[/ATTACH] Please any help getting my server started would be very much appreciated :)
  7. Needing a website developer, somebody just to help me set up the forums and help take the stress of me running the rsps, need a reply asap, I've purchased a domain and host so it's all ready to go!
  8. I'm needing a vbulletin coder (website developer) somebody just to help me out with things and to take the stress of me running the actual RSPS, If you think you are eligible for this position please p.m. -Phayul
  9. Runeomatic

    Needing Coder

    I am in need of a good and experienced coder. I am starting to make a server that will be a [PI] based. I am willing to give you 40% donation and CO in game if you help. I am going to buy both a VPS and domain for the server. I am also going to buy a TOP 10 advertise for the server. Contact my skype if you want to talk more. skype - own.eli
  10. Hello, I need help whit my first 317 rsps. I have already created a client, setup a source and it's up and running and everything, I created a website i bougth a domain name. But i need a kind of co-owner whit java knowledge. Ive got html, php , css and c++ Knowledge, but java is new for me. Thanks,
  11. Siren

    Needing a bit of Help

    [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/33ww381.png[/IMG] This randomly appears and disconnect's people from the Server, I need help with this because it is really pissing me off.
  12. Hello, I am making a RSPS, and would like to invite a team to help. I have been pondering on this for quite sometime now, and just finally gave in. I really would like to make a RSPS, but there are a few problems( Just like any Private Server). I have zero experience with coding, but I can make a website. My role to the team would be the 'typing, advertising, helper,go getter'. Basically: I will be the one too: Get the resources you need, Get more coders, advertise for the website, donation system, website maker, and I do the interviews. I do all the other stuff so that you only have to do coding. I make everything else easy. If you want more info. about me, the server, the team, or how to apply. Then add me on skype. Skype: Lilwarner16 Thank you.
  13. I need one Partner That Codes 614 Dragonkk (like legacy source)! [ You & Me Share 50%/50% We Take From the 50%/50% and split to pay off for Dedicated Server (aka VPS )! I need Advertisers [ Advertisers Will Advertise my server and try to get as many players as We Possibly Can ]. MY INFO! Skype: divine_mihan MSN: [email][email protected][/email] Yahoo!: [email][email protected][/email] Please Repond Back :) I have the following things added to my server: Following Anti-Flood Dedicated server 50+ Players Global Drop Items ( if a person drops an item The other Player Will see it in Few minutes (1-3) please note that the item disapears afterwords)! Full working Like RS friendslist/ignorelist Prayer Leveling Working 97% Multi-Ice Barrage Blood Barrage Blood Blitz Ice Blitz Shadow Barrage Shadow Blitz Miasmic Barrage Miasmic Blitz Teleport Block Korasi Magic Based Protect Item (both Prayer books work.) Curses working 100% Like RS Currently working on: X-Log! Auto-Casts! All Spells! Most Of ALL! More Players! :D
  14. hey guys, i got a 317 delta server, and need help cause i havent coded in a while, i need help like knowing how to make things such as korasi etc.. hope you can help, thanks!
  15. So I want to edit the welcome screen stuff(message of the week, "Welcome To Runescape", ect.) where would I find that?
  16. Hi there, My name is Felix. I am one of the owners of the server PvPmasters. We are using the source insidiax. Though have some bugs that need fixing. We are willing to pay via paypal. So please give us a price. The bugs we are coming across are listed ; Dung Bugs: Getting stuck in wall, and other things. Castle Wars: On death, you go to fight pits. You loose items when game ends Once you get the flag, it goes for the rest of the game. Also need the timer to be visible. Other: Deadlocks Memleaks Our server was big in the past, and has started to take off again. Please reply to this post with a price. PS: We are also looking for a stable coder.
  17. I would like a blank client and source 562 and how would you make a server load a different cache For Example: 562 Loading 659
  18. I have this blank client and source and I changed the ip of the client and it gets to the point of where it says "Connected to Update Server" then just sits there.. I need help..
  19. I'm currently almost finished coding a 662 server. I need a hoster until I get a VPS (VPSLAND). You will get %40 of donations when I get vps up and running and will still be Co-Owner on forums and server. I already have forums up and running.. Add me on msn if interested. [email][email protected][/email]
  20. Hello, I am coding a Server at the moment... And now I am nearly done and would need a webmaster: What you should can: --Coding Html: Html for my Webclient layout I have the java codes but there is no design. --Coding PHP: You need to code php for the forum or you find another solve for an good forum. --Photoshop: It's not needed but would be cool... When you don't have photoshop it's okay... I will search another one for designe the banner etc. This are the basic what you need.... What is in it for you? At first when my server opens you got Webmaster rank. It looks like this: [IMG]http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/8233/webmasterv.jpg[/IMG] The second thing is you will have acess do the donater shop and all stuff that donater can too... Third thing is you will get the command ::yell, I think the most of here know what command this is... This is for donater only too... That's all... add my msn or post it here...The server will open up in 1-3 weeks msn: [email][email protected][/email] --Mark--