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Found 231 results

  1. Hey @Everyone I've currently launched a RSPS called Project Eclipse. The server has been coded and worked on for weeks. I figured that since you all seem to be an avid RSPS players, and that we are in need of some solid Quality Assurance testing that you might be interested in participating in playing our new server Project Eclipse. Here's a list of some of our content: - Daily Updates - Custom Bosses: Lucien, Varago. - Fully functioning Auto-buy Grand Exchange - Exceptional Clan Content: As clans are a massive part of the server, there will be content like Clan Avatars, Clan Tags, Clan Tasks, Clan Achievements, Pre-existing clan battles and much more. - Unique Dicer Rank: A new Rank with thrilling new zones and places that dedicated towards the Dicer Rank. If you're interested then join the discord and forums below for more information. - 24/7 Uptime ProjectEclipse https://projecteclipse.ml/ https://discord.gg/sFGpeJ2 Direct Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p6muqqed4c6koem/Project_Eclipse_V1.1.jar?dl=1 Join us and become a part of a new, revolutionising server soon to climb amongst the top private servers.
  2. I'm going to keep it short and sweet. I need an experienced and capable coder to develop a private server that is as close to OSRS as possible in every fashion (317 with no later items/models/animations). Without quests/diaries, and other extras that will be specified. I'm willing to pay for your work and we can discuss further through Skype. This server will be for personal use, and for friends as well. I will not open this server to the public. If you don't think you're fully capable of this work don't reply. If you do believe you can complete this work; leave a reply, I will PM you my Skype. Once added on Skype send me a PM specifying your username on RuneLocus. Payments will ONLY be made through PayPal.
  3. I NEED A PERSON WHO CAN CHANGE MY CACHE FROM 602 TO 474! Please contact me on skype "abdullahdabomb1337" or reply back here! A>S>A>P
  4. xxxdeathxxxx

    staff needed

    hi im xxxdeathxxxx im releasing a new server still not finished it and i need good coders to help me program the server :D:D:D:D:D
  5. Hi, just released a 667 RSPS, not got a website as of yet, I have the domain and hosting, but not got around to setting it up. I am looking for people to come test the server out, look for bugs and glitches. If you are proven as a loyal player you can become part of the staff team. I am also looking for a WebDev to be part of my team too. If you would like to join download the desktop client, if not add me on skype: Nattypj [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/7lx146u4u376xnw/SpectralscapeClientv2.jar?dl=0[/url]
  6. Hello guys, and today I am currently in search for dedicated and experience developers that could work with a RS 06 Remake, this has been online since 3 months now, and the player base is increasing. Advertisment Thread: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?103368-Project-2006[/url] Website: [url]http://project2006[/url]. Requirements: Maturity Creativity Time management skills Dedication and interest in the project Communication skills Additional Info: Creativity is a must for this position, as our goal will be to create a unique server. Dedication to the project is also required, as we are looking to establish a long term server in which the players can enjoy a fantastic gaming experience. Communication skills are important in any workplace, especially so when working in an online environment. As face to face communication may not be possible, regular communication through skype or other media will be required. This project will require a modest amount of time to begin, and daily work will be encouraged. If you feel you are qualified please do not hesitate to contact me. If you can code and you have the passion and desire to make a successful and flourishing server then look no further . Not all applicants will be selected but ALL candidates will be very carefully considered. So please do not hesitate to apply, you have the opportunity to be a part of something GREAT. Application is optional, but highly recommended unless you want to talk on skype as an alternative. I look forward to hearing from potential candidates. Skype: Trisidiax Application Form: Personal/Contact Information Name: Age: Skype: Available times for Contact: Skills and Qualifications RSPS Coding Experience: Java Coding Experience: Previous Projects: List all other relevant Qualifications: Additional Information Based on popular and current trends in popular and online culture, describe your idea of the next popular server:
  7. [CENTER][SIZE=7][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Tetra [/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER] Tetra is a server project, currently in development, that aims to provide a high quality, content-rich, and optimized Runescape private server experience. I won't waste your time harping about useless shit, so lets get on to the details. Revision Information: Tetra aims to provide content from all of the revisions of Runescape up to the 667 revision. Higher revision content, while disliked by some, is still a vital part of the Runescape experience today. Developers: •Nathan Looking for Co-Owner Expected time of completion: End of Decemember / early January Goals: •Optimized, professional, and clean code. •Content done correctly - incorrectly done code brings problems later on. •A content-rich server. •Close-as-possible to perfect PK'ing Current Progress: Clan System •Old Clan system removed •New clan system implemented •Logout support •Lootshore support •Clan kills support •In-clan rights/kick/demote/promote Tormented Demons •Redone •All proper effects according to RSWiki •Transformation masks Kalphite Queen •Complete Lair •Soldiers/Larva/Workers •Rope on entrance •Boss forms •Cocoon spawning Npcs/Accessories • Frost Dragons • Dwarf MultiCannon • BarrelChest Godwars •Kills handling •Bandos chamber •Saradomin chamber •Armadyl chamber •Zamorak chamber •Drops Curses •Old content removed •Handled in new class package under the combat package •Curse implementation and Curse Data •Curses switching off on usage of incompatible curses •Turmoil effects •SoulSplit (NPC/Player) •Sap Curses - in const. •Leech Curses (NPC/Player) •Deflect Curses (NPC/Player) •Berserker/Prot Item/Wrath - in const. PVP •Hand Cannon - in const. •Staff of Light + proper effects •Dragon defender Minigames • Fight Pits • Fight Caves • Barrows • Warrior Guild - in const. • Castle Wars - in const. Skills •Woodcutting •Prayer •Runecrafting •Cooking •Crafting •Firemaking •Fishing •Fletching •Herblore •Mining •Prayer •Slayer •Smithing •Thieving •Summoning Quests •Desert Treasure May add more [U]Looking for client developers [/U] [U] Add me on Skype Nathan.harding7 if you want to apply for developer either server or client don't mind c: [/U]
  8. f anyone wants to help develop with me, that would be great. I am looking for a well experienced developer, and will take donations 50-50. Essentially, you will be co owner of the server as well. Pm me on forums if you are interested.
  9. If anyone wants to help develop with me, that would be great. I am looking for a well experienced developer, and will take donations 50-50. Essentially, you will be co owner of the server as well. Pm me on forums if you are interested.
  10. Hello, I am looking to create a private server for me and my friends, and I would like to pay someone to make the server for me by following my directions. In addition, I would expect that this expert teaches me what they are doing, so that I will eventually be able to do it myself.
  11. Lost-Dynasty is 317 that is growing and loved constantly. Over the summer of our release in August, we had a high of 24 people. We had ads placed all over and got us growing strong. Unfortunately, due to school starting, that playerbase has dropped significantly and the developers had to quit to due their college work so we are seeking new, long term developers. We will discuss everything over Skype. If you are interested, PM me or post here!
  12. Hey guys i a on the way to release my server project black i need some beta testers to go around and find things i need to fix and to add please add my skype and i will get you set up with the things you need to join the server skype is projectblackowner
  13. Beta Testers needed. Can join by downloding the client: [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/qst26ljkcz2efwb/JarredClient.jar?[/url] (UPDATED) If been coding a PI recently and it is my first PI server coding. I would like some people to test it. If by chance you try it out, search for bugs and such. Sent this from to my email ( [email][email protected][/email] ): 1. Username: 2. Bug(s) Found: 3. Suggestion(s): 4. Other: Thank you.
  14. Harry'

    Team Needed

    I'm looking for a dedicated team for my server found here: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?101920-VitalityRSPS[/url] We currently have a banner on RuneLocus Toplist too. We gain quite a few players daily, but due to a lack of staff and coders, they often leave. What do we need? Programmers, both client and server side. GFX Advertisers Staff Creative Team(Thinks up what we should code next, how to increase playerbase etc etc) Community Manager I'm extremely loyal to people: if you take this job now and we get popular, I won't get rid of you just because we're popular. I always value any help, so I will always value anyone joining my team. Add my skype: "pastascape" if you're interested in any of the roles, I promise you it will be a great experience for everybody. We're heading for the top! :) You will need Skype for any of these roles, and programmers will need Dropbox.
  15. Subject: English I Honors Level of Difficulty: High School Question: Can someone summarize chapters 5 through 10, each chapter is 5 sentences? Also, can you answer these questions off of the worksheets? Deadline: Tomorrow or Thursday* Book: Lord of the Flies *Can be late 1 day if needed. ------------------------------ I understand I could just use SparkNotes but I am far too busy with other school work and personal problems to do it on such short notice. I would be very happy if you could completely the problems in complete sentences. ------------------------------ Chapter 2 Worksheet: [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1-6]#1-6[/URL] are finished. 7. What does Piggy realize about the little boy who had talked about the beastie? 8. Consider Ralph's announcement of the group's two priorities. Are these the two priorities you would choose? What other things do you think the group might need to concern themselves with? 9. One of the young boys expresses his fear of a beastie, while the others claim there is no such thing. What does this incident suggest about people and their fears in general? What things might we fear even when we are not faced with the dramatic situation these boys face? Why? 10. Piggy thinks that the first thing the group should have done was build shelters on the beach. Is this a valid point? Why or why not? ------------------------------ Chapter 4 Worksheet: 1. Why does Maurice feel guilty when he kicks sand into Percival's eyes? 2. When Roger throws a rock at Henry, why doesn't he aim to hit? 3. What effect does Jack's mask have on him? On Bill? On Sam and Jack? 4. What is Jack's response when Ralph first accuses him of letting the fire go out? 5. How does Ralph reassert his authority? 6. What is Ralph's reaction to Jack and the hunters' acting out the pig kill? What does he do? 7. Both Maurice and Roger torment the littluns, but they still feel guilty and are still conditioned by the civilization they knew before. How much time do you think has passed since the boys arrived on the island? Do you think a further passage of time will have any effect on their feelings of guilt and their previous conditioning? 8. Jack masks himself with clay and charcoal. What effect does this have on his behavior? What is the purpose of any mask, either real or imagined? Do all of us wear masks from time to time? Explain. 9. Watching the hunters dance and chant, Ralph feels envy and resentment. Why do you think he is feeling these emotions? Of what is he envious? What does he resent? ------------------------------ Thanks very much. I will have questions for chapters 5-7 but not until tomorrow afternoon. Have fun and happy homeworking!
  16. iancorn

    Developer Needed

    I am currently in the process of finishing a 317 server i just need some help from a developer, and yes i will pay this developer we will discuss payments personally add me on skype : ianfeo
  17. [B]Hey, I am currently seeking a development team for a RSPS Project if you are interested you can add me on skype which will be below this. If you want to be part of the team you have to know at least basic coding. I'm trying to make this server a great one for the players so if you want to be in please be serious about it but at same time we can have fun![/B] [B]Skype: holonss Email: [email][email protected][/email][/B]
  18. Coder and host needed for my private server. will get 50% of donations and co-owner status. i can code a little bit but not how i would like so this is why i'm making this.
  19. Hey guys. Recently I started on a RSPS alongside a few other members. We have a great team atm but we need a Web developer. A person who has full knowledge of html,php,css and other programming languages related to web development. I would like a person who can work with other member and contribute as much as possible. Please don't apply if you don't have enough knowledge. It'll be a waste of your and my time. If you are interested , please apply below with the following application format. [CODE] Name : Age : Skype : How much do you rate yourself in web development out of 10 : Tuts or guides you have contributed to Runelocus( links ) : Your previous work(s) : [/CODE]
  20. I am looking for voluntarily server testers for a huge 2006 Runescape remake, more info by contacting me, some knoweledge about 2006 runescape could be useful. Testers will receive some in-game benefits when server will be launched, which i hope to do as soon as possible. There is a lot of content, thousands of updates/changes already done, many bugs fixed and a lot, a lot of work put in this server, but to make it more perfect i need YOU, tester! Post your skype and i will add you, i may accept or refuse you as a tester, enough of talking... post or pm me with your skype if you are interested. [IMG]http://s18.postimg.org/793o7bjkp/image.png[/IMG]
  21. The purpose of this thread is to hopefully find a good experienced partner whom I can build a server with. Unfortunately, my computer is incapable of hosting, but I do bring certain things to the table. I am experienced in creating and maintaining RSPS, I am a mature player and I know how to run one. Also, I will be the main source of funds for the RSPS, so you do not have to worry about putting in money. The revision isn't 100% decided, so we can dispute it, but I would like a 317 that runs a higher revision. Anyways, message me your skype or leave it in a comment and we'll get to talking :gg:
  22. I WILL BE PAYING FOR ALL SERVICES I am looking for professional people to join a dev team. I've been wanting to start a rsps for awhile, and now that i have some income, i can actually start funding one. I want people who are serious about the project, and who can get stuff done. Currently i need one or two EXPERIENCED coders and a web designer. I haven't found a source yet, i'd rather choose that when i find the coders to see what they are most comfortable with. Send me a message on here, or reply to the thread with your skype name, and include previous work that you have coded.
  23. [B]Hello everyone[/B], first of all this is my first post but ive been hanging around for a little while mostly checking out all the awesome downloads that you people release and I thought that you might indulge helping me with a couple things, Thanks in advance and no hard feelings if you dont want to help me out, I understand typing out explanations can be a bit tedius to say the least So let me get started I downloaded this "blank" 317 server and client intending to start fresh and mess around learning the basics and eventually design my own server. Anyways ive run into some problems so if anyone could link me to a tutorial or give me some advice on any of these areas or really anything that you think someone new to this community and this stuff should know please let me know. so without furthur ado Things that I need help with [LIST] [*]spawning and placing npc's [*]npc dialouge [*]npc drops [*]npc movment [*]the addition of commands (tele etc) [*]any help on creating original areas to somehow add to the game [*] [/LIST] Thanks a bunch if you help me out :)
  24. tendos51

    help needed

    i can't install windows8.1 on my pc.... it requires more resolation. now how can i fix it? can anybody give me a tip?
  25. Good evening, Alright, let's get straight to it. Me and a couple of friends recently came up with a great idea, this idea was to open a forum like elitepvpers and ragezone etc. Although this would be different in many ways and have original, unique content. We came up with the idea of naming the forum 'Global Gaming Development Community', in short 'GlobalGDC'. So we went ahead and bought our domain along with a DDOS protected host - [url=http://globalgdc.com]GDC | YOU ARE US[/url] [SIZE=2][i](its online)[/i][/SIZE] Now. Because of the lack of experience with vBulletin we have in our team, I'm looking two individuals that would like to join me on this epic adventure. These two people must have plenty of experience with vBulletin and know what they're doing. If you're interested, do not hesitate to add me on Skype and we can go from there - [b]sovereign.me[/b]