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Found 1 result

  1. This project is abandoned So yeah... I suppose this is to keep me busy while I wait on my laptop. A 'small' project. A legitimate economy. Framework: Independent because the Grand Exchange is in no way depending on RSPS code. Communication between Grand Exchange and the world(s) in question happens via a defined protocol socket Customizable behavior for the economy Integrated database (Apache Derby) Possibly JSON for website-related integration (I don't know about this yet, it'll be big enough as is) Side-note: Please inform me if using Derby is a good idea. Maybe [MENTION=1045]Emily[/MENTION] can tell me :)? Maybe you do not see the point of this, so here's a scenario. >> Consider an RSPS called economyscape; they have 10 worlds running on different servers and ofcourse have a global grand exchange. Now, you could run a central MySQL database and then seperate instances of Grand Exchanges in each local server OR you could make a central Grand Exchange that processes all transactions and maintains the economy for all these worlds simply with a few methods that communicate with the GE server with a custom defined protocol. << Ofcourse the GE server needs to be secure against false transactions (not issued by the world in question) but I am not going to focus on that for now. I have some things in mind but I first want to make sure I can actually make this. If someone feels like they can help with MySQL queries, feel free as I'm not a particular MySQL guru. I'm not considering this a serious project, it's more like a thing to do when I'm bored so don't be mad if I don't finish this. Anyways, I will post updates soon :} Changelog: (date = dd/mm) 24/08 - created database model (see reference #1) 23/08 - started project [/CODE]