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Found 23 results

  1. I can't active Deflect summoning with protect from melee at the same time or ranged or mage.. I think this is the code public void Deflect(int damage, int i, int attackStyle) { boolean deflectPlayer = (attackStyle == 0 && PlayerHandler.players[i].curseActive[9]) || (attackStyle == 1 && PlayerHandler.players[i].curseActive[8]) || (attackStyle == 2 && PlayerHandler.players[i].curseActive[7]); int[] gfx = {2230, 2229, 2228, 2228}; if (damage > 0 && deflectPlayer) { int deflect = (damage < 10) ? 1 : (int)(damage / 10); c.getCombat().appendHit(c, deflect, 0, 3, false, 0); c.gfx0(gfx[attackStyle]); c.startAnimation(12573); } }
  2. hi guys can anybody help me with adding multiple group ranks on ipb forums ? i added but it only shows 1 , can someone post like a steps to add multiple group rank ?? like all of them visible on the players profile ?
  3. Hi there! I am offering services to Host RSPS servers. From 317-718 RSPS Are Allowed. Along with Remote File Storage. VPS Is An Option for Higher end servers. [B][U]Contact Justin[/U][/B] message me for my Email Bandwidth is very high and never down as i own my own node within my service provider. Over 100Mbps Down and 30 Mbps Up. Your Cache And server will be uploaded to my file server And be run from there. [CENTER]The Server Stats I7 3.2Ghz CPU (x64) 4/4 core 8Gb of DDR3 800 Bus Hardwired Lan With Firewall Security is always on high alert and always monitored! Secondary Servers for low use requirements. I Have Many of these!!! 1.2 ghz (x86) 512 Mb ram Win XPE Server SP1 Hardwired Lan With Firewall Security is low, But monitored.[/CENTER] Most RSPS Servers i wont charge for if i get Special Rights Within the RSPS. Just Contact me with Info on the RSPS. Vote, Hiscores, And any other secondary options will have to be discussed with me and well figure it out. I do code Java, CSS, Java, PHP, and Python and a little more so i can always help out with new ideas and Projects as well. As well im a Cisco Trained Network Admin and A professional Computer Technician Any Inquires Contact Justin Message me for my Email
  4. How do I enter more ranks to it? I currently can't use it as an admin/owner case WARMING_FLAME: if (!player.isExtremeDonator()) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You need to be Extreme donator to use this pet."); return false; }
  5. add this as a class in skills [COLOR=Red]but rename the packaging and imports[/COLOR] [code] package org.rs2server.entity.players.skills.runecrafting; import org.rs2server.Config; import org.rs2server.entity.players.Client; /** * EC * @author Zack/Optimum * */ public class Runecrafting { /** * Rune essence id */ public final static int RUNE_ESS = 1436; /** * This method handles and crafts the runes * @param the player * @param Level required to do the craftRunes * @param The item to add - Runes * @param The amount of runes to add * @param The experience to add * @param Tiara required to do */ public void craftRunes( Client player, int levReq, int itemToAdd, int amountToAdd, int xpToAdd, int tiara, int divide){ int setAmount = player.getItems().getItemAmount(RUNE_ESS); if(!player.getItems().playerHasItem(RUNE_ESS)){ player.sendMessage("You need a rune essence to do this."); return; } for(int i = 0; i < setAmount; i++){ if(!(player.playerEquipment[player.playerHat] == tiara)){ player.sendMessage("You need a " + player.getItems().getItemName(tiara) +" to do this!"); return; } if(player.playerLevel[player.playerRunecrafting] < levReq){ player.sendMessage("You need a Runecrafting level of " + levReq + " to do this."); return; } int level = player.getPA().getLevelForXP(player.playerXP[20]); int totalAmount = amountToAdd * (level / divide); player.getPA().addSkillXP(xpToAdd * Config.RUNECRAFTING_EXPERIENCE, player.playerRunecrafting); player.getItems().getItemAmount(RUNE_ESS); player.getItems().deleteItem(RUNE_ESS, 28); player.getItems().addItem(itemToAdd, totalAmount); } } } [/code] now in actioHandler above firstClickObjects add this [code] Runecrafting rc = new Runecrafting(); [/code] now below firstClickObject add these [code] case 2478: rc.craftRunes(c, 1, 556, 1, 4, 5527, 10); break; case 2479: rc.craftRunes(c, 2, 558, 1, 5, 5529, 14); break; case 2480: rc.craftRunes(c, 5, 555, 1, 6, 5531, 19); break; case 2581: rc.craftRunes(c, 9, 557, 1, 7, 5535, 26); break; case 2582: rc.craftRunes(c, 14, 554, 1, 8, 5537, 35); break; case 2583: rc.craftRunes(c, 20, 559, 1, 9, 5533, 46); break; case 2584: rc.craftRunes(c, 27, 564, 1, 10, 5539, 59); break; case 2585: rc.craftRunes(c, 35, 562, 1, 11, 5543, 72); break; case 2586: rc.craftRunes(c, 44, 561, 1, 12, 5541, 91); break; case 2587: rc.craftRunes(c, 54, 563, 1, 14, 5545, 100); break; case 2588: rc.craftRunes(c, 65, 560, 1, 15, 5547, 100); break; case 2589: rc.craftRunes(c, 77, 565, 1, 16, 5549, 100); break; [/code] thats you done keep in mind, i have not tested a few things, so tell me how everything works, any bugs etc tell me and ill fix
  6. says it in the question, please help really need one i just need it to click on them, thanks!
  7. Hey, I was setting up a multiworld server that had multiple instances running on the same computer. I had set it up in a way that there's one port.. like the gate that gives all world entries and then there's a predefined port range that specifies for example 10 ports to be used by instances. Can I in some way tell the client on which port and IP a world is? Does this already happen like this or do I have to make it custom?
  8. [HTML]if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("npc") && player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("admin_tyler")) { try { World.spawnNPC(Integer.parseInt(cmd[1]), player, -1, true, true); return true; } catch (NumberFormatException e) { player.getPackets().sendPanelBoxMessage( "Use: ::npc id(Integer)"); } return true; } if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("npc") && player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("duc")) { try { World.spawnNPC(Integer.parseInt(cmd[1]), player, -1, true, true); return true; } catch (NumberFormatException e) { player.getPackets().sendPanelBoxMessage( "Use: ::npc id(Integer)"); } return true; }[/HTML] That's how i normally do it I know you can do it like !! but their straight up and down something like that im not sure does anyone know how to make multiple people on one command without give seperate commands to each person.
  9. So, i have given up on any hope of there being a 508 revision that is stable enough to hold 50+ people.. I want to create multiple worlds to contemplate. How is this done?
  10. Server: 714 The mean goal is to put multiple banks in a row. This is my code atm: World.spawnObject(new WorldObject(22819, 10, 1, 2332, 3679 , 0), true);//bank World.spawnObject(new WorldObject(22819, 10, 1, 2332, 3680 , 0), true);//bank World.spawnObject(new WorldObject(22819, 10, 1, 2332, 3681 , 0), true);//bank Like you can see i only changed the "Y"' The problem is I can see my first bank but all the banks that would follow are just gone. But I know i made something because I cant walk in the area. It's blocked but cant see it... Does anyone has a solution, please post! -Pure Grap-
  11. [SIZE=4][B]THERE IS NO PREFIX, THIS WILL WORK ON ALL SERVER REVISIONS AND ON ALL SERVER AND CLENTS[/B][/SIZE] Quick tutorial here, simply because I haven't seen anything like it on Runelocus. [B]Prerequisite(s):[/B] • Hopefully you have your server running from port 43594. • Have a working server and client. Step 1: Right click your server source, and click "Copy". Paste your server on your desktop, and call it something like "(server name) World 2" Step 2: Open "World 2" and navigate to "Client.java" unless you configurations are in a separate file, sometimes "Config.java", or "Configuration.java". It is almost always "Client.java" however. Step 3: Press control F and search for "43594", unless you have otherwise changed your port. Step 4: Change it to "43595", save, close, compile. Your done with the source. Step 5: Copy your client folder (needs .java files!), call it "World 2 Client" or something similar. Open "Client.java" unless configurations are otherwise specified and control F for "43594", change it to "43595". Save, close, compile. Your done with your client. Step 5: Jar your client and upload for webclient use, or leave in a folder, it doesn't matter. Step 6: Portforward on 43595, the exact same way you did for 43594. Step 7: Run both servers. The ports won't interfere, therefore both servers will run with both clients only connecting to the worlds you specify. (e.g. world 1, and world 2). Enjoy! From here, you can make one source PK, or one Eco.. whatever you desire! Or if you just have massive player count, a way to make the server less laggy and packed! :)
  12. Hi, I would like to know, if anyone knows, how to make NPCs use different attack styles on Dementhium 639. I tried NDE Editor and selected ranged and mage but it only does ranged. Example: I'm trying to make TzTok-Jad use ranged and mage, so I selected ranged and mage, BUT HE ONLY RANGES!!!! :( Please help!!!
  13. 1. Is there a way that I can change how a NPC looks like while it is in combat? During a certain phase, say like it has like 1/3 of it's HP, it will change to another NPC. Basically, updating how it looks. I know one way is to delete the NPC and spawn it again. Is there another alternative? I looked through the NPC class and the variable that defines a NPC is the npcType. I tried changing the npcType while it is in combat, but the image stays the same. 2. Is there a way to have two GFX occur at the same time or as close to each other as possible? Like when Tormented Demons has it's shield up and attacking at the same time.
  14. Hi, I'll start out by introducing myself and then list what I'm going to need help with! Name - Garrett Age - 19 Coding Experience - I used to code back around I'd say 2008-2009. Somewhere in that time range. I haven't coded in years, so I'm looking to start coding again! MSN - [email][email protected][/email] Skype - master.lop The Server: The server will be a PI based server. The base - [url]http://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php/topic,542788.msg3978096.html#msg3978096[/url] I will be editing it a little bit at a time! What I'm going to need for the server/forums: A Coder/Development Team (Someone or multiple people to help me code the server) - [Currently None] A Forum Guru (Someone who can help me setup the forums) - [Currently None] Suggester(s) (Someone or multiple people to help suggest ideas to implement into the server as well as help me pick out a name for the server) - [Currently None] Beta Tester(s) (someone or multiple people to help play the server and submit bugs and things like that) - [Currently None] Application: 1. What position are you applying for? 2. Why do you want to become this position? 3. Will you stay with the server once it's finished? Also if you want to, you can PM me or add me on MSN or Skype - Contact details located above.
  15. Hey, So I want to add objects which bring up a dialogue providing multiple teleport selections. I have a general idea of the code, I just can't get it perfected and I need a small amount of help. Not really much else to say.. :rolleyes: Thanks.
  16. CmAc

    Adding Multiple Worlds

    Hey guys I need help adding my World 2 into the server list with World one so it runs off the same client. I have everything so I can run two worlds but just need world 1 and 2 so that they show on the same server list. I am running a 562 loading 659
  17. I'm tired of starting new threads, because I feel like 'tard. (I am a 'tard for these questions..) 1. Help me add shops. ('tard) 2. I added objects to the ground (mining rocks) and the rocks only let me mine the iron and coal rocks.. WHY. 3. My npc def editor doesn't work. WHY. [url]http://gyazo.com/ee7d75397cbdbee464c1f8e5bf7945c5.png[/url] 4. These items in the PK shop are bought with PK Tokens. It says you buy them with GP because it has the GP symbol next to it.. yet you still buy it with the same amount of PK tokens.. how do I make it show as my PK token? [url]http://gyazo.com/5cb6d3d90ac3097711eef1d3fb9f1d64.png[/url] 5. The people at GWD can attack through the wall before you even get inside, how can I fix that? If you know any of these answers, please reply with the number to the answer.. Thanks for any help!
  18. DJ`

    multiple errors

    i am going to make this brief, no pictures. i upgraded computers, i was using a very old one with xp, now i am on windows 7 and can't get any clients or servers to load. if anyone can help me i will pay rsgp thanks!
  19. I'm currently playing around with coding a 317 private server. I've done a lot of things and surprised myself in how quick the server was growing. So, I've been looking on how to do a few of these things to make the server that much better. 1.) Integrate a few systems with slayer. -I know how to implement the points system and stuff with slayer, even make a store so the points can be used, but the problem is that my server doesn't use a task system in it's slayer, it's pretty much kill these specific monsters and get slayer xp. Where can I find source codes to implement slayer tasks? 2.) Integrate Readable Books -I want to be able to make tutorials and things inform players on certain things via a readable in-game book. Much like in real runescape.
  20. Hey guys its 4ces just a quick question to see if anyone could help me out. I want to make my home teleport Have multiple options to tele people places, almost like multiple homes i guess and actually teleport to different locations when each option is selected. I found a few things but im a bit unclear on how i would go about doing this as well as making each option teleport differently. Help would be very apreciated, thanks - 4ces :)
  21. I've noticed that sometimes when someone dcs or something, and then log back in, they may have a duplicate. I have no idea how to fix this nor have I seen a tutorial or snippet. If you would be kind enough to enlighten me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hey everyone. I'm trying to use a new client for my source, the FormationX v3 client. I've got a few things that I need fixing, and a few things that I'm not really sure as to how to do, and I'm willing to pay if you can get them working right. I'm don't need someone to do all of these at once. If you can only do one or two, I'll pay you to help me with those! HitSplats/HP Bar - Hit splats aren't showing and the HP bars aren't changing when you attack something, or someone. Wilderness Ditch - The wild starts to far up, and the ditch does have an option to let you cross it. New Items - All new items are labeled as unarmed when I wield them. Full Screen - The full screen icon goes where the option button was, so I can't open it to change my details. I would like there to be a new tab (where the music tab should go), that lets you edit your options. Icon Issues - When I ::yell, or use a clan chat, I have a messed up donator icon next to my name instead of the gold mod crown that I had it displaying before. Banking - You can't use the bank booths. I would also like the Deposit Carried Items tab, and search tabs to work if possible. Equipment Tab - Two issues. First, the Experience lock button is where the donation button was. When I click it, it just freezes, so I need to make it work as the experience lock again. Second, there's a Items on Death button, where the old experience lock was. I need it to show the items on death. Last, I need a button to show donator options. It would be cool if a new tab could be made. NPC Animations - Some animations on the new NPC's are messed up. I just want to know how to change them, and how to find the right animations for the certain NPCs. NpcConstants.cfg - It doesn't work correctly. I'm assuming that the NpcConstants is the things that a certain NPC always drops. If I'm right, then it doesn't work correctly. My dragons don't drop bones. Nothing drops bones, or any other item that they should drop 100% of the time. I know this is a good amount of work, so I'm willing to pay a good amount for it. Send me a message, or post on here if you want to try. I'm NOT going first! I'll send you the source and client. After everything is done, you can show me, and a middle man, on teamviewer. If everything is okay, then I'll send the money to the middle man, and you'll send the source and client to him. He'll send you the money, and me the source and client. Then we live out our lives as happy people. :) Sincerely, TimeBroken
  23. Hi everyone, me and my friends have a 562 server, and we want to have multiple worlds. Right now we are on an rs2hd source. I see the worldlist.java, but when I add a 3rd world as a different port, the client glitches out and stops connecting to ANY server. Even when I switch back to world 1, (After I attempted to connect to world 3) it gives me "Error connecting to server". (My servers are on, and this does NOT happen if you do not change the world when you first start up the client.) Is there any way to make the worldlist work? I found this thing on a different forum (Don't wanna get banned so not saying which one) That has worldlist and the "Create Account" button working. It works through mysql. When I try to do it, there is no runserver.bat or anything even looking like it, I even searched for JAR files. Nothing. And also when I try to imput the mysql code into my database, I get an error too. All I want is multiple worlds! Please help! :confused: :confused: