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Found 2 results

  1. Spoiler for Signature code: Code: [URL="https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-server/projects/667308-168-zenyte-crafted-perfection.html"][IMG]https://zenyte.com/assets/images/zenyte-support.png[/IMG][/URL]
  2. ItsEntrix

    Entrix 562

    Some backstory, I started this server a few years back, I originally built it on RS2HD, but I was spending most of my time fixing the broken framework, rather than coding content. I came across Ostava 562 a week or two back, so I decided to make the change. I'm not going to give some huge list of features that I aim to accomplish just yet, I will add to the list over time, but at the moment my main priority is getting the web server integrated into the server. I want Entrix to be more like a "hub" than anything, our client now accepts multiple servers that we set up, which can be themed for anything, and I have some great plans. I'm going to be working towards making two types of servers before we release; A PVP server and a last man standing styled server, this will allow me to flush out any main bugs with the server and I will be working on our eco servers in the mean-time, which will be Free and Members(obviously with less restrictions than runescape). Client Multi World Support - [ ] Load worlds via api request(so we dont have to put mysql details in the client -.-) - [x] When selecting a world, change the client title - [x] Fix logging into a world - [x] Fix connecting to a world - [x] Load worlds via MySQL Server Multi World Support - [ ] Store private messages on web server - [ ] Prevent user from logging into another world, if they're already logged into one world(check web server) - [x] Friends list needs to pulled from the web server - [ ] When adding/removing a friend it needs to send an api request to the server - [x] Pass server id as arg to set the world on server load up - [x] Load World & Worlds list from api when starting server - [x] Send private messages between worlds Server - [ ] When a player kills a boss, create an activity log - [ ] When a player gets a "rare" drop, create an activity log - [ ] Spawn: - [x] Move home to a different location - [x] Add NPC which has all locations - [ ] Add NPC to access all shops - [x] On level up, add an activity log - [x] On login, add an activity log - [x] Implement Activity Log support - [x] On login or disconnect, send api request to web server to start/end session(so we can track game time and online/offline status). - [x] Implement class to make api requests to web server with oauth token - [x] Check for account registered with web server Website - [ ] Section to view your playing sessions - How long you played for, daily/monthly/weekly, which worlds you played on, with graphs - [ ] Section to chat with friends(will need to send messages ingame too) - [ ] Section to view/manage your contacts(friends/ignores) - [ ] Section to view levels/xp gained per day/week/month - [ ] Section to view your levels/xp - [ ] Table which holds a players levels and xp - [x] Able to log "sessions" when a player connects/disconnects to the server, api endpoint to handle a session start and end. I will post some previews as soon as I have something actually decent to show Media: