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Found 2 results

  1. ItsEntrix

    Entrix 562

    Some backstory, I started this server a few years back, I originally built it on RS2HD, but I was spending most of my time fixing the broken framework, rather than coding content. I came across Ostava 562 a week or two back, so I decided to make the change. I'm not going to give some huge list of features that I aim to accomplish just yet, I will add to the list over time, but at the moment my main priority is getting the web server integrated into the server. I want Entrix to be more like a "hub" than anything, our client now accepts multiple servers that we set up, which can be themed for anything, and I have some great plans. I'm going to be working towards making two types of servers before we release; A PVP server and a last man standing styled server, this will allow me to flush out any main bugs with the server and I will be working on our eco servers in the mean-time, which will be Free and Members(obviously with less restrictions than runescape). Client Multi World Support - [ ] Load worlds via api request(so we dont have to put mysql details in the client -.-) - [x] When selecting a world, change the client title - [x] Fix logging into a world - [x] Fix connecting to a world - [x] Load worlds via MySQL Server Multi World Support - [ ] Store private messages on web server - [ ] Prevent user from logging into another world, if they're already logged into one world(check web server) - [x] Friends list needs to pulled from the web server - [ ] When adding/removing a friend it needs to send an api request to the server - [x] Pass server id as arg to set the world on server load up - [x] Load World & Worlds list from api when starting server - [x] Send private messages between worlds Server - [ ] When a player kills a boss, create an activity log - [ ] When a player gets a "rare" drop, create an activity log - [ ] Spawn: - [x] Move home to a different location - [x] Add NPC which has all locations - [ ] Add NPC to access all shops - [x] On level up, add an activity log - [x] On login, add an activity log - [x] Implement Activity Log support - [x] On login or disconnect, send api request to web server to start/end session(so we can track game time and online/offline status). - [x] Implement class to make api requests to web server with oauth token - [x] Check for account registered with web server Website - [ ] Section to view your playing sessions - How long you played for, daily/monthly/weekly, which worlds you played on, with graphs - [ ] Section to chat with friends(will need to send messages ingame too) - [ ] Section to view/manage your contacts(friends/ignores) - [ ] Section to view levels/xp gained per day/week/month - [ ] Section to view your levels/xp - [ ] Table which holds a players levels and xp - [x] Able to log "sessions" when a player connects/disconnects to the server, api endpoint to handle a session start and end. I will post some previews as soon as I have something actually decent to show Media:
  2. Zenyte is a pure OSRS private server currently targeting revision #156. Zenyte has been developed from the ground up to build a stable and extensive framework that will allow us to properly implement an unrivaled amount of OSRS's features; as developers, we pay attention to details. We know that RSPS veterans are looking for an accurate, sustainable emulation of OSRS's economy and gameplay. As players ourselves, we know the value of the grind that comes with competing to hold the top spot. Zenyte will feature unique methods for community integration that will foster competition, allowing new players to have an equal chance to earn their glory against veterans. Here at Zenyte, we will never jeopardize the quality of your content to cut corners. Noele - Security; website and content developer Jaedmo - Community manager Kris - Core and content developer Tommeh - Core and content developer More media will be added very soon. Don't forget to join our discord to keep up with the latest updates and news. Our discord community is already 50+ strong and we're regularly involved and talking with members. You guys are the reason we do all of this