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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Runelocus, I am the muffin man. I am the CEO of Masked Us hosting, I've came here to spread my knowledge, wisdom with you. I've also come here to post my hosting company advertisement but I will be active here at the same time. Regards, Muffin Man
  2. Off Topic: ok so i looked into hyperion for about three seconds..then realised that it confused the shit outta me and ran back to project insanity as fast as i fucking could.. even though there's SO MUCH WRONG with my PI version..whatever at least i understand it.. On Topic: Okay, just curious..what are the coords for INSIDE fight caves in like the middle... also how would i make it so when u click on a certian cave it teles u to those coords instead of saying "fight caves have been temporarily disabled due to bugs"?
  3. Pyro Sauce

    [PI] BIG problem

    Okay, so i spent a good...10 minutes making fight caves arrays so it would go from one bird all the way to jad...yea that was fun..anyhow I'm getting a BIG problem when i test iit out..the monsters wont show up sometimes..i believe they are walking through the walls and getting lost..how on earth would i go about fixing this?
  4. Pyro Sauce

    [PI] Autocasting

    My autocasting is broken, when you click on the spell u want to auto cast it does nothing...absolutely nothing, doesn't even exit the choose a spell screen... its for BOTH spellbooks off topic: also what are the coords for jad..no one will answer my other post
  5. Pyro Sauce

    [PI] location

    Whats the coords of fight CAVES? i know pits but idk caves
  6. I'm running a Pi base that has surprisingly few items and monsters.. i want to put d claws and spirit shields in it but i have never added new items to a server before so im kinda lost here...
  7. Pyro Sauce

    Owner only items

    I saw a ton of guides for donator only items..and ofc none of them worked cos i have PI and nothing works for PI.. but im wonderin how to make Owner only items...like say i wanted brass necklace to be owner only and ags to by admin only...actually thats exactly what i want.. can someone teach me how to make that happen?
  8. delete