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Found 21 results

  1. Really exciting when watching the movie series Fast & Furious. It's a big pity a main actor died. :( Will there be session 8?
  2. just wanted to see runelocus's opinion on scariest movies ever seen. mine personally i have no idea considering the fact that most aren't scary, but what do you think?
  3. Olympus has fallen or White House Down? Tell us what you think.
  4. For me every time a trailer comes on tv, it brightens my day LOL My last movie was G.I. Joe: Retaliation 2013 [ATTACH=CONFIG]7829[/ATTACH]
  5. My favorite movies are Seven Pounds and Gran Torino. I personally think they're the best movies ever made. >.< How about you guys?
  6. [video=youtube;Ff-IXDd77yc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff-IXDd77yc[/video] Warning: Unrated/Uncut!
  7. My favorite movie Roommates.Roommates is a superb thriller movie.I like the character of Sara and Tracy in this movie so much. But its story regarding Brandon's nightmares.The movie seems too good.This is my all time favorite movie....... ------------------------ watch [URL=http://www.livewatchmovies.com/]stream free movies online[/URL] for free
  8. My favorite movie is prolly Seven Pounds because it has a really point on it and it 'connects with you'. I encourage anyone to go watch it, just try to find it on Google or buy a DVD. What about you guys?
  9. I thought this was pretty interesting [video=youtube;uAm-kbzT7xw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAm-kbzT7xw&feature=related[/video]
  10. [IMG]http://www.etunlimited.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Total-Recall-1-690x1024.jpg[/IMG] Total Recall is an approaching 2012 U . s . science fiction action film, centered on the 1966 quick story "We Can Bear in mind It for You Wholesale" by Philip K. Dick. As opposed to the authentic 1990 film, the plan of this new version is lacking in a vacation to Mars and contains solid political overtones. In add-on, the film also integrates Western and Eastern has a bearing on with each other, due to the fact that the two nation states, New Shanghai and Euroamerica, are combating for political capability. [URL=http://watchtotalrecallonline.metroblog.com/]Watch Total Recall Online[/URL] | [URL=http://watchthebabymakersonline.metroblog.com/]Watch The Babymakers Online[/URL] | [URL=http://watchdiaryofawimpykid2012.metroblog.com/]Watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days Online[/URL]
  11. Dean

    Subaru Legacy Movie

  12. what is the weirdest movie you have ever seen mine was Rubber it's about a tire that comes alive and kills people here is the official website [url]http://www.rubberthemovie.com/[/url] and trailer - [video=youtube;6G5pyFhmAqE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G5pyFhmAqE[/video]
  13. Boston Spaceship the Model too. This I created in C4d. I only used 1 image as reference and drew out the Guitar shape. Based on the famous Boston Spaceship that graced the album covers of Boston in the 70's -80's. This Video I plan to maybe finish off a story plot that I had in mind. But first, I am working on a Boston vs Aerosmith concept. I already made 2 more Spaceship guitars and 1 is already set up for battle.Video will be completed in a few days. Hope you enjoy. [video=youtube;dnqqV5rGXW4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnqqV5rGXW4&feature=related[/video] Visit Youtube Channel: [URL="http://www.youtube.com/user/Thunderstruck0videos?feature=mhee"]Link[/URL]
  14. Really you have to see this movie its so effing awesome heres the trailer [video=youtube;YWSdm4K-9_0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWSdm4K-9_0[/video]
  15. Zykev2

    Hunger Games Movie

    For those who have read the books "Hunger Games" they are in the making of a new movie which comes out March 23, 2012. I'm actually pretty glad I'll definitely watch the movie I've read Hunger games + Catching Fire. But I have no interest in reading Mocking Jay. What do you guys think of the movie trailer? Have you read the books? [video=youtube;p-5ANq4sAL0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-5ANq4sAL0&feature=topvideos_music[/video]
  16. Hey guys, I want to download a few movies without going over my bandwidth limit (I don't know the exact limit). Annywayyy... Do any of you know a site which has compressed movies available to download, maybe .rar or .zip. Thanks
  17. I was trying to make a lyric video, and I want to do something like this, on WLMM (Windows Live Movie Maker) [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ9ymEhOSfo[/url] See, more lyrics add, but stays on the same page, how do you do that on WLMM? [U][COLOR="#FF0000"]YES I KNOW I'M A LAME FOR USING THIS, YES I KNOW I'M A NOOB, BUT CAN YOU HELP ME, AND FLAME IF YOU WANT PLEASE[/COLOR][/U]
  18. Anyone know where I can watch this free online? I'v searched for weeks.. can't find it.
  19. Mercenary

    Good movie?

    Does anyone know a good movie for me to watch? Science fiction - action - comedy - hot scenes are allowed. ;)
  20. Hello, Anyone got any idea's where I can watch this free? Online or download I don't mind. Been searching everywhere.
  21. The WIZ

    Contagion Movie

    Seems like a nice movie, i'm going to watch this and advertise with a sign, Join Contagion awesome 562 loading 659! [video=youtube;4sYSyuuLk5g]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sYSyuuLk5g[/video]