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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, I don't exactly know where to post this. But here we go. Lately I have a problem with my mouse options when playing an RSPS. I'll try to explain the problem; A few weeks ago I tried to make my own RSPS. I downloaded some things and maybe somehow some settings were changed. Also lately I see a lot of RSP servers with optional mouse options. Maybe the problem lies there. What ever server I play. I can't right click anything. (Right click bank, withdrawel x items) etc. (Attack npc with left click), (Right click "examine" object") all doesn't work. When I do (Right click "examine object" or try to right click on a player) my character moves over there. In stead of having the option examine, trade or follow. When I try to change the mouse options it doesn't respond to my either left click or right click. Mouse works fine with regular progrems on my laptop. Anything works fine, except the RSP servers. Last server I've played today I cound't even left or right click on an npc. Does anyone know what the problem is? I appreciate your time for reading my post, Thank you. Best regards, Tyro 25
  2. How would you make a mouse listener handle an overlay image? I'm making some interfaces for a 2d game and I don't know enough about the MouseListener class to condor up a solution. The mouse handler class is compiled with empty methods in the class. Also, with these virtual key codes -- VK_NUMPAD7 0x67 VK_BACK 0x08 VK_NUMPAD8 0x68 VK_TAB 0x09 VK_NUMPAD9 0x69 VK_RETURN 0x0D VK_MULTIPLY 0x6A VK_SHIFT 0x10 VK_ADD 0x6B VK_CONTROL 0x11 VK_SEPARATOR 0x6C VK_MENU 0x12 VK_SUBTRACT 0x6D VK_PAUSE 0x13 VK_DECIMAL 0x6E VK_CAPITAL 0x14 VK_DIVIDE 0x6F VK_ESCAPE 0x1B VK_F1 0x70 VK_SPACE 0x20 VK_F2 0x71 VK_END 0x23 VK_F3 0x72 VK_HOME 0x24 VK_F4 0x73 VK_LEFT 0x25 VK_F5 0x74 VK_UP 0x26 VK_F6 0x75 VK_RIGHT 0x27 VK_F7 0x76 VK_DOWN 0x28 VK_F8 0x77 VK_PRINT 0x2A VK_F9 0x78 VK_SNAPSHOT 0x2C VK_F10 0x79 VK_INSERT 0x2D VK_F11 0x7A VK_DELETE 0x2E VK_F12 0x7B VK_LWIN 0x5B VK_NUMLOCK 0x90 VK_RWIN 0x5C VK_SCROLL 0x91 VK_NUMPAD0 0x60 VK_LSHIFT 0xA0 VK_NUMPAD1 0x61 VK_RSHIFT 0xA1 VK_NUMPAD2 0x62 VK_LCONTROL 0xA2 VK_NUMPAD3 0x63 VK_RCONTROL 0xA3 VK_NUMPAD4 0x64 VK_LMENU 0xA4 VK_NUMPAD5 0x65 VK_RMENU 0xA5 VK_NUMPAD6 0x66 -- would it be very hard to just write my own keyboard class or should I just utilize the java API?
  3. tab problem when rolling with my mouse on the chatbox tabs i get a kick this happend since i changed the 562 sprites into 667 an ehlp would be appericated,!
  4. when ever i jar my client and open it and raise my mouse over the screen the mouse goes invisible, i think its because my 317 has the real runescape cursers on it and that makes it invisible so can some1 help me.
  5. Hash

    Mouse problem

    It's a problem who recently started with my mouse. When I click once, it often double-click, even if I don't want to. My mouse is a Dell one.
  6. Sethy

    Mouse Digipaint

    L0l, I saw all the hype of digipainting in this section recently so I gave it a go using my mouse. I plan on getting a tablet soon. :3 [img]http://i.imgur.com/yiUCM.png[/img] It's damn near impossible to implement eyelashes with a mouse.
  7. 2kbarrows

    Need a mouse

    I want a nice clawgrip mouse. No palm's. Something around 20 euros, cheap international shipping. I checked SteelSeries, but most of them cost a lot. If you happen to find a nice one, please tell me. Thanks.
  8. Well seeing as my mouse is packing up (Even countless others who have the mouse I have had problems with the exact problem I'm having) I decided to get a new mouse, what do You guys think? :o [URL="https://www.box.co.uk/Cooler_Master_CM_Storm_Inferno_Laser_Wir_1005327.html"]https://www.box.co.uk/Cooler_Master_CM_Storm_Inferno_Laser_Wir_1005327.h tml [/URL]This will go well with my new PC specs I'm getting :) (Not that it would make it better, just convenient) P.S. It's wired in case You don't know. [B]Specs:[/B] 8GB RAM 1600 MHz DDR3 i5 quad core 2.80GHz ATI HD 5570 1GB GPU [video=youtube;s97h5ywPu0M]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s97h5ywPu0M[/video]
  9. Ok what does it do? When you overclock what does it actually do to your mouse I dont understand?
  10. the remote mouse isnt in the same spot as where my mouse is?
  11. Legionkiller

    New mouse

    As my Razer Salmosa is dying on me, I'm going to need a new mouse... :p Does any of you have a suggestion of a good mouse to buy? Budget would be around €100 ($120). Edit: Been looking around for a bit and I came across these; [url]http://cyborggaming.com/prod/rat7.htm[/url] [url]http://store.razerzone.com/store/razerusa/en_US/pd/productID.231103000/categoryId.35208800[/url] [url]http://www.roccat.org/Products/Gaming-Mice/ROCCAT-Kone-/[/url] Any opinions?