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Found 24 results

  1. Avast

    Model and Map Tool?

    Hi, forgive me this might be a really stupid question but I've been trying to figure it out for a few hours now and rather then keep wasting time I thought I'd ask... I've been trying to find the inventory model for "Dragon Token" with little luck could someone explain to me a way to do this or link me to a tool I'm using a ruse source/client as a base. As well I've been exploring the base I'm using I noticed the lava at wilderness altar doesn't show up on the map and the swampy water seems to missing textures or the water itself, so if someone could explain me this or link me to a map tool as well it would be very appreciated.
  2. Hi, i got a duel arena issue, when im entering the duel arena i see the battleaxe icon but i when im right clicking on a person there is no 'challange' option. Anybody knows how to fix this? Il also give the names of my files from Duel Arena: Duelarena.java DuelControler.java DuelRules.java Thanks for answer, would be appriciated.
  3. Hello, I got a linux (centos) vps today. Sadly if I run my source on the vps, the contents of the shops in-game are missing. When I ran it before on my own computer, the shops were just working. I got no errors while running my source on the vps. Further it is just working fine. I hope someone can reply the fix here. If you can't, I can provide you my source zipped and if you want you can fix it for me and give the source back. I hope you can help me!
  4. Anyone know where I can find the images for these three tabs ? middle one is donator options button.. appreciate it. [img]http://i.imgur.com/JjRRYbd.png[/img]
  5. So everytime you get killed in pvp your character dies but, the coords you died at you get put underground and you stay there and you got 0hp and can still type, you dont get teleported home or anything, you cant do anything even when you relog your character is still there, ive tried teleing home but that doesnt even work, only thing that works is restarting server! btw its a 2011 remake. If you guys can help me i would appreciate it! :) happy new years!
  6. I've been trying for a while tonight to get my client compiler to run for the rune locus starter 317. Every time it runs I am prompted with 100 errors. I've tried every post for a fix on here that I could find in the past few hours and nothing has worked. I can actually run my server and play the game but every time I make a code change it will not update since it does not compile. Running the compile.bat on the client side the top of my CMD log states: src\Animable_Sub3.java:5: error: cannot find symbol final class Animable_Sub3 extends Animable { ^ symbol: class Animable src\Model.java:6: error: cannot find symbol public final class Model extends Animable { I've looked through the Animable_Sub3.java in Eclipse trying to find a missing bracket but I do not see one. What else can I try?
  7. hey i am busy making a donorshop what's going pretty good (diddn't think it ever shall work out :P ) but there is one problem now that is when you look in the "char file" look at this. [CODE]DonorPoints 0[/CODE] and normally is must be [CODE]DonorPoints = 0[/CODE] but somehow the " = " missing ? now what i did coded? player.java [CODE]KC, DC, recoil = 0, DonorPoints, ag1, puremaster, ag2, ag3, ag4, ag5, ag6, headIconHints, dbowDelay = 0, pure, saveDelay, altarPrayed = 0, playerKilled, pkPoints, wcLevelReq, totalPlayerDamageDealt, killedBy, lastChatId = 1, vestaDelay = 0, privateChat, friendSlot = 0, SolProtect = 0, dialogueId, fishingLevelReq, processPackets = 0, randomCoffin, newLocation, CSLS = 0, lastNpcAttacked = 0, specEffect, specBarId, processTimer, attackLevelReq, fletchingLevelReq, Donatorreq, defenceLevelReq, dclaw1, dclaw2, dclaw3, dclaw4, strengthLevelReq, rangeLevelReq, magicLevelReq, followId, skullTimer, votingPoints, nextChat = 0, talkingNpc = -1, dialogueAction = 0, autocastId, followDistance, followId2, barrageCount = 0, delayedDamage = 0, delayedDamage2 = 0, pcPoints, isDonator, WildTimer = 0, magePoints = 0,[/CODE] and than. playersave.java [CODE]characterfile.write("DonorPoints = ", 0, 12); characterfile.write(Integer.toString(p.DonorPoints), 0, Integer.toString(p.DonorPoints).length()); characterfile.newLine();][/CODE] also in playersave.java [CODE]} else if (token.equals("DonorPoints")) { p.DonorPoints = Integer.parseInt(token2);[/CODE] than we my frend shopass.java [CODE]} if (c.myShopId == 72) { handleOtherShop(itemID); return false;[/CODE] and, [CODE] } else if(c.myShopId == 72) { if (c.DonorPoints >= TotPrice2) { if (c.getItems().freeSlots() > 0) { buyDelay = System.currentTimeMillis(); c.DonorPoints -= TotPrice2; c.getItems().addItem(itemID, 1); Server.shopHandler.ShopItemsN[c.myShopId][fromSlot] -= 1; Server.shopHandler.ShopItemsDelay[c.myShopId][fromSlot] = 0; if ((fromSlot + 1) > Server.shopHandler.ShopItemsStandard[c.myShopId]) { Server.shopHandler.ShopItems[c.myShopId][fromSlot] = 0; } } else { c.sendMessage("You don't have enough space in your inventory."); break; } } else { c.sendMessage("You don't have enough Donator Points."); break; }[/CODE] now the shop ask for donorpoints and aslong price = 0 that is says like i added barrows stuff on no price but before it whas coins, so it whas like 200k for ahrim staff now 0 donorpoints that is says to. and i added dragon claws on a price of 700 (just rondom to test things out XD ) and i cant buy that so that's a good thing but someone if i chance [CODE]DonorPoints 0[/CODE] into [CODE]DonorPoints 9999[/CODE] it wont work since it must look like. [CODE]Donorpoints = 9999[/CODE] if someone could help shall be nice
  8. TexasRagerRS

    Missing ints?

    I'm getting this error: [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/2usg7ww.jpg[/IMG] I've been told that the problem is missing ints, and those ints can be found in the updateHitData Method, but i'm not sure where? Anyways, here's the Method: [CODE]public final void method446() { smallXYIndex = 0; anInt1542 = 0; } public final void updateHitData(int markType, int damage, int loopCycle, int icon, int focusPlayer, int focusNPC) { for(int i1 = 0; i1 < 4; i1++) if(hitsLoopCycle[i1] <= loopCycle) { hitMarkFocusPlayer[i1] = focusPlayer; hitMarkFocusNPC[i1] = focusNPC; hitmarkIcon[i1] = icon; hitmarkMove[i1] = 5; hitmarkTrans[i1] = 230; hitMarkDamage[i1] = damage * (!client.newDamage || damage <= 0 ? 1 : 10); if(client.newDamage && damage > 0) hitMarkDamage[i1] += (new Random()).nextInt(9); hitMarkTypes[i1] = markType; hitsLoopCycle[i1] = loopCycle + 70; return; } }[/CODE]
  9. Chaser1080

    Missing Symbol

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]8127[/ATTACH] So im getting that error in my Slayer.java [CODE]package com.dimension.model.players.skills.slayer; import com.dimension.model.players.Client; /** * Slayer.java * * [MENTION=52317]auth[/MENTION]or * * */ public class Slayer { private Client c; public Slayer(Client c) { this.c = c; } public void giveTask() { [COLOR="#FF0000"]SlayerNpcs.assignLow(c);[/COLOR] } }[/CODE] I cant seem to figure out the missing Symbol
  10. I was just reading a tut on how to edit the spell book teleports so its a custom place you teleport but i seem to be missing Clickingmost.java ?? help please
  11. [img]http://puu.sh/2aS4i[/img] My friend sent me his server to host. Before I switched the IPs, everything was there. After, things are the screenshot on login. I'm aware that its and that's because there's a few things he wanted me to fix. I'm a novice at Java and I'm using Eclipse. Is this a cache error? I had to add a matrixcache (one he told me to use) when I downloaded his server-side files.
  12. When I run my source it tells me im missing JUM And to please install JRE or JDK? Help please. Nexus source btw.
  13. Hello the title says it all, i have a picture below. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6907[/ATTACH]
  14. ok i have have tried many times to try and fix this by my self and still not working right i have zip .rar compressed to archive but when it auto downloads its always is missing 2 files im using dropbox dont know if that makes a diff or not, if any1 could help me out that would be great. its an alhassa-scape source loading 659 thank you to any1 that helps
  15. Hello, When I try to examine an NPC, I always get this error in the command. [WorldPacketsDecoder] Missing packet 92, expected size: 3, actual size: 3 the packet in packetLoader were already added. I also added private final static int NPC_EXAMINE_PACKET = 92; I added the case else if (packetId == NPC_EXAMINE_PACKET){ //do stuff } But it's like if it doesn't care about it... Nothing to do, still the same error. Note: I am compiling.
  16. axter

    Missing interfaces?

    After packing a 718 cache, i'm missing some interfaces. i'm almost finished making the GrandExchange but i cant to sell because i don't have interface 107.. anyone know how to get this interface back?
  17. ok im using lethium 667/681 and at edgeville part of the map is missing i dont have a clue why if any 1 knows please help:cool:
  18. [CODE][COLOR=#ff0000]}[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff0000]}[/COLOR] else if (def.getName().toLowerCase().equals("altar")) [COLOR=#ff0000]{[/COLOR] if (itemUsed == 13734 || itemUsed == 13754) [COLOR=#ff0000]{[/COLOR] if (player.getSkills().getLevel(Skills.PRAYER) < 85) [COLOR=#ff0000]{[/COLOR] Dialogue dial = new Dialogue(); dial.setType(DialogueType.DISPLAY_BOX); dial.getMessage().add("You need a prayer level of 85 to bless this shield."); dial.getActions().add(OptionAction.create(ActionType.CLOSE_DIALOGUE)); dial.send(player); return; [COLOR=#ff0000]}[/COLOR] if (!player.getInventory().contains(13734)) [COLOR=#ff0000]{[/COLOR] player.sendMessage("You do not have a spirit shield to bless."); return; [COLOR=#ff0000]} [/COLOR]else if (!player.getInventory().contains(13754)) [COLOR=#ff0000]{[/COLOR] player.sendMessage("You need holy elixir to bless a spirit shield."); return; [COLOR=#ff0000]}[/COLOR] player.getSkills().addExperience(Skills.PRAYER, 1500); player.animate(Animation.create(645)); player.getInventory().getContainer().remove(new Item(13734)); player.getInventory().getContainer().remove(new Item(13754)); player.getInventory().addItem(new Item(13736)); player.sendMessage("You bless the spirit shield."); return; } else if (itemUsed == 536) { player.sendMessage("You pray at the gods"); player.getInventory().getContainer().remove(new Item(536)); player.getSkills().addExperience(Skills.PRAYER, 650); player.getInventory().refresh(); return; } else if (itemUsed == 532) { player.sendMessage("You pray at the gods"); player.getInventory().getContainer().remove(new Item(532)); player.getSkills().addExperience(Skills.PRAYER, 270); player.getInventory().refresh(); return; } else if (itemUsed == 526) { player.sendMessage("You pray at the gods"); player.getInventory().getContainer().remove(new Item(526)); player.getSkills().addExperience(Skills.PRAYER, 150); return; } else if (itemUsed == 18830) { player.sendMessage("You pray at the gods"); player.getInventory().getContainer().remove(new Item(18830)); player.getSkills().addExperience(Skills.PRAYER, 1000); player.getInventory().refresh(); return; } else if (itemUsed == 17674) { player.sendMessage("You pray at the gods"); player.getInventory().getContainer().remove(new Item(17674)); player.getSkills().addExperience(Skills.PRAYER, 270); player.getInventory().refresh(); return; } } } }[/CODE]
  19. hey guys, im starting a new project insanity server, i've always coded delta so its a little different, but my server is missing all of the basic codes such as pickup, ban, mute, mypos, xtele, teleto,teletome, and pretty much all the other basics, i would appreciate it if somebody could please post the codes. Thanks!
  20. Whenever I try to compile my client, I get these errors; [CODE]Class203.java:20: error: missing return statement } ^ Class203.java:31: error: missing return statement } ^ Note: Some input files use or override a deprecated API. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details. Note: Some input files use unchecked or unsafe operations. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details. 2 errors Press any key to continue . . .[/CODE] Yes, I know the Note:'s aren't errors, I am talking about the missing return statement. So, if anyone knows a fix, please help me out and leave a comment below. Also, if you need the class203.java code, just say so and I will post it. ~TheSickSign
  21. Dragonakk 657client help Hey guys do I downloaded dragonakk 657 client and i played it through cloudin server everything is working fine but lumbridge and grand exchange and falador are like missing when i went there its like an empty white floor no buildings
  22. OK so once i cross a point going to Gnome agilty or somewhere over there it all turns Black.... i really need help idk what i did the rest of the map works find and people play my server so that's not good so i need help
  23. Instead of the server starting it says a bunch of [Fatality]'s such as: [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.TreeUnmarshaller .convert(TreeUnmarshaller.java:88) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.AbstractReferenc eUnmarshaller.convert(AbstractReferenceUnmarshaller.java:55) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.TreeUnmarshaller .convertAnother(TreeUnmarshaller.java:75) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.TreeUnmarshaller .convertAnother(TreeUnmarshaller.java:59) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.collection s.AbstractCollectionConverter.readItem(AbstractCollectionConverter.java:77) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.collection s.CollectionConverter.populateCollection(CollectionConverter.java:68) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.collection s.CollectionConverter.unmarshal(CollectionConverter.java:61) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.TreeUnmarshaller .convert(TreeUnmarshaller.java:81) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.AbstractReferenc eUnmarshaller.convert(AbstractReferenceUnmarshaller.java:55) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.TreeUnmarshaller .convertAnother(TreeUnmarshaller.java:75) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.TreeUnmarshaller .convertAnother(TreeUnmarshaller.java:59) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.TreeUnmarshaller .start(TreeUnmarshaller.java:142) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.core.AbstractTreeMars hallingStrategy.unmarshal(AbstractTreeMarshallingStrategy.java:33) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.XStream.unmarshal(XSt ream.java:907) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.XStream.unmarshal(XSt ream.java:893) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.thoughtworks.xstream.XStream.fromXML(XStre am.java:845) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.rs2hd.model.World.setEngine(World.java:375 ) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.rs2hd.GameEngine.<init>(GameEngine.java:15 2) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.rs2hd.Server.<init>(Server.java:75) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: com.rs2hd.Main$1.run(Main.java:35) [2011/09/03 21:10:20] [Fatality]: java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  24. I port forwarded, I downloaded JDK edited the paths and i'm just trying to connect to for now? Does anyone know whats going on? How would i fix it? Is it because I am using JKD 1.7.0?