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Found 3 results

  1. [CENTER][SIZE=3]Hello, I'm Thee Lion. I've seen hundreds of dead download links for releases here on the website. I made this thread so that members can access active mirrors, backups and reupload links. [/SIZE] [SIZE=5]Active Download Links: [SIZE=4][URL="https://mega.nz/#!BUxT0TIJ!ws8qn-JZLmKXPSCPrBIlPZGS3ZQIKjQYFebQfVgg1RM"]Download[/URL] Matrix 718 [URL="https://mega.nz/#!RcgnBAYL!bfVRnwS92HylQX38yp6RbapXYQi1RTWuznK0L8Lo0wg"]Download[/URL] 803 Cache [URL="https://mega.nz/#!ochEmJqa!xMiOP_4laHGBousBGe4XsXX7kh3sCOAVy3_J2RZ3ymU"]Download[/URL] Fixed 667 Cache [URL="https://mega.nz/#!lBJwULSD!1Db7SL5I_bQmqy7a-s7wovJiSFZgis143aOIJyEUWps"]Download[/URL] ChronicScape AIO v4.5 + Tools [/SIZE] [/SIZE][SIZE=5]Want a backup of your file?[/SIZE] [SIZE=3][U][B]Post below the original download link[/B][/U] and I will upload it to my drive.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
  2. [center][IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/2ivzpsp.png[/img] [url=http://rspsmirrors.tk]website[/url] | [url=http://rspsmirrors.x10.mx/contact.html]contact[/url][/center] [b]What we're about[/b] More and more downloads are now becoming expired or being removed by Jagex. If we are not careful we will lose most of the good server downloads due to this escalating problem. You must admit, it's annoying to find the download you want only to discover that "the file you requested is no longer available". And then you wait for days in hope someone else will upload for you. Well now you don't have to worry. I'll keep an archive of every single download that is submitted to me or backed up by myself, and in return you will never have to worry about the server download link going down again. uppit, mediafire, rapidshare etc. have proven to be unrealiable, so I believe a dedicated file sharing site for RSPS is essential. [b]How it works[/b] People can now submit there server to me and I'll create a mirror on my site. The website is just a reference, the actual downloads for the servers are hosted by myself on my home server to avoid any problems. That way I can just drag and drop the files into a folder instead of uploading them to a webserver. I will be browsing the download sections for the best servers, archiving them and then going around all the others. All server downloads come with an information page that displays credits and general information. If, for whatever reason, you wish to have your server removed then all you have to do is contact me and it will be removed immediately. [b]What can the community do to help?[/b] If you have a server, client or cache that has been expired via the download link, it would be much appreciated if you could upload it and send it to me via [url=http://rspsmirrors.orgfree.com/contact.html]this link[/url]. Or if you'd like your download permanently backed up you can contact me via the same link and follow the instructions. I do understand the implications of running such a site, and if worse comes to worse I shall just change the link and make it private. I've seen a lot of good downloads become lost due to link expiry and Jagex. With RSPS Mirrors I can guarantee a permanent, direct download to your files. [b]Safety[/b] All files are scanned with [url=https://www.virustotal.com/]virustotal.com[/url] and [url=http://www.malwarebytes.org/]malwarebytes.org[/url] to ensure no dodgy files get through. Some of you may not understand the importance of this, or even the point, but I cannot watch all the good servers disappear. If they did, what would we have left? PI?
  3. Please comment on this as i think it should be added or fixed. Client Mirrors (Should be "Links" but Nvm): -You should be able to add a name for each links. Like instead of showing link, It should say whats the user submits as a Name link. For example: [url]http://www.********.com/webclient.php[/url] >> "Webclient" - Might want to change the name "Client Mirrors" to "Links" because they aren't submitting just the urls to client or webclient. Yes you can put the link in the Description but I believe this would look neater. Screenshots: - Allow screenshots to be displayed from another site because some images are not being uploaded due to the fact the file size too big. People are uploading from Image hosting sites because they can't here so I believe this should be added.