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Found 7 results

  1. I added the ascension crossbow to my 718 RSPS. I literally copied everything from the chaotic crossbow and used it for the ascension crossbow. But when I attack with the ascension crossbow, it does the proper animation but it hits with melee. This means that you can't use it from a distance. How do I make the custom item use ranged instead of melee? Thanks.
  2. [code]if (GoodDistance(EnemyX, EnemyY, absX, absY, 3) == true) { inCombat = true; lastCombat = System.currentTimeMillis(); if(EntangleDelay > 0 && !GoodDistance(EnemyX, EnemyY, absX, absY, 1)) { return false; }[/code] Change this to [code] if (GoodDistance(EnemyX, EnemyY, absX, absY, 1) == true) { inCombat = true; lastCombat = System.currentTimeMillis(); if(EntangleDelay > 0 && !GoodDistance(EnemyX, EnemyY, absX, absY, 1)) { return false; }[/code] [B]What this does[/B] In delta without this fix, if you froze someone and went within 3 spaces of them, it would auto attack even when frozen, but changing the '3' to a '1' fixes this because it will only auto-attack if they're within 1 square, and if they're not and the player is frozen, it will simply just not attack them. This helps to make player killing easier.
  3. Hello guys, I've been working on the original matrix base for several months now. I've fixed many issues and bugs over that period of time. Now i have come across a major issue especially for hybridders. When both players are frozen diagonally from each other and switch to melee combating you can then fight diagonally until one of the players are unfrozen. I am not asking to be spoon fed with some snippet or anything like that i have tried multiple times to fix the issue myself, tried to search for answers all across rune-server, Google, Bing etc.. i have seen a few threads with people trying to solve the same issue but cannot find the least bit of information on solving this problem correctly. would anyone with a greater knowledge of java have any tips or hints on how to go about resolving this in the matrix base? i would be willing to offer cash/rep/thanks as a reward to help me figure this out. I appreciate your time if you have read my post and would be willing to provide a little assistance. I know alot of other people need a little boost aswell.
  4. [code] /* * int hitModifier: * increases by the postive difference between the * npcs attack bonuses and the players defence bonuses * it then increases by the positive difference between the * npcs attack level and the players defence level * it is then decreased by the players combat level * it is then increased by the npcs strength level then divided by ten * * the final hit is then based on * if lastHit isnt initial * if lasthit is greater then threequarters of the npcs max hit * there is a 50% chance it will hit 25% less then its max hit * else if lasthit is less then a quarter of the npcs max hit * there is a 50% chance that it will hit 25% more then its max hit * else * there will be a random chance of hitting its max hit * else * there will be a random chance of hitting its max hit * */ public int calculateNpcHit(Player player){ int = 0; for(int i = 0; i <=2; i++){ hitModifier += getBonuses()[i] > player.playerBonus[i+5] ? getBonuses()[i] - player.playerBonus[i+5] : 0; } hitModifier += getStats()[0] > player.playerLevel[1] ? getStats()[0] - player.playerLevel[1] : 0; hitModifier -= hitModifier > player.combatLevel ? player.combatLevel : hitModifier; int maxHit = (hitModifier + getStats()[2]) / 10; int hit = 0; hit = lastHit > -1 ? lastHit > (maxHit * .75) && (rand.nextInt(10) >= 5) ? (int) (maxHit * .75) : lastHit < (maxHit * .25) && (rand.nextInt(10) >= 5) ? (int) (maxHit + (maxHit * .10)) : Misc.random(maxHit ) : Misc.random(maxHit ); System.out.println("HitMod: " + hitModifier + ", max: " + maxHit + ", last: " + lastHit + ", hit: " + hit); lastHit = hit; return hit; } [/code] for melee combat only, calculation actually makes sense unlike most servers npc hit calculations, actually takes into account players defence bonuses, notice you'll have to figure out how to give npcs stats and bonuses, i'm not going to tell you how to do that as its pretty easy also added some sort of adrenaline effect, if the npc is hitting low it will have a chance to hit higher then normal, and vice versa
  5. Okey so im trying to make some bosses that ive made multi, be able to attack with mage and melee. I can't figgure it out so could some1 help me please? Im talking bout bosses like fergotten warriour (npc = 10530). If you need more information answer here. Also if you wanna help me and make sure i succes in it, add my skype. I got teamviewer aswell. skype = nielskeeeeeeeen Source = deathlypvpz V4 (PI, revision 317)
  6. Hi my chaotic crossbow uses melee instead of range and im not sure on how to fix this. Can anyone help?
  7. Title says it all, help please! Also their animations are weird they move and morph into like a Z shaped stringy thing when attacking, how can I make them use magic?!