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Found 55 results

  1. https://gyazo.com/56c21be176616bba16229297cd57ca72 FLAME ME IF NEED BE LOL BUT I HAVE ALREADY GONE THROUGH MAP ARCHIVE KEYS AND DELETED THE UNPACKED MCX JUST SO YOU KNOW. Im hella puzzled idk how to solve the issue if anyone could help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Avast

    Model and Map Tool?

    Hi, forgive me this might be a really stupid question but I've been trying to figure it out for a few hours now and rather then keep wasting time I thought I'd ask... I've been trying to find the inventory model for "Dragon Token" with little luck could someone explain to me a way to do this or link me to a tool I'm using a ruse source/client as a base. As well I've been exploring the base I'm using I noticed the lava at wilderness altar doesn't show up on the map and the swampy water seems to missing textures or the water itself, so if someone could explain me this or link me to a map tool as well it would be very appreciated.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for their correct configs and how they'd work if anyone figured those out? Daemonheim map's interfaceId: 942 Smuggler shop's interfaceId: 956 Daemonheim map's blank when using it in a dungeon. (configs related?) You can't click nor right-click on the smuggler shop's interface. (also configs related?) Thanks in advance.
  4. [B]I am using a 718 client/source loading 745[/B] I've Tried multiple caches from customs to blank to Complete caches. But they all had this map data I am trying to make it like original RS when you go to the tormented demons and trying to do quest just like RS [img]http://i.imgur.com/nok9E0H.png[/img] This is really Driving me insane The map makes you go to coords [code][B]x:3257 y:9517 h:2[/B][/code] I don't know if you are supposed to go to Height 2 with the cords but if i don't then i can't move or walk but when i do the height 2 i can move just in a certain length then the floor is black/ non existent plus it looks like 317 map old/ blocky + the npc looks like 317 as well. I want to to look like this. [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/30cvhfm.png[/IMG] Better looking, higher detail + correct map data. [video=youtube;B8FWh65JKB4]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8FWh65JKB4[/video] Video of it as well. If anyone can help me out that would be great.
  5. I found this in the rs3 current cache [IMG]http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/17/1429904352-leaked-lodestone.png[/IMG] that show a tiranwwn map with news icons locations possibility prifddinas clan? [B]NOTE:[/B]is in a very recent update (i think aquarium update) edit: image id: 24946
  6. Hi there, I was wondering if it was possible to make full copy's of the selected regions from the map. As example. if you start the minigame Fightcaves, Then it copy's a certain part of the map, and makes it private for that player till the controler ends. Which will destroy the copy'd plane, so there won't be 10000 copy's of that map left in the world. anyways. is it possible to make region copy's without a controler? so that it stays forever for that player? something like construction, The house that you buy comes with a certain ground. which is a copy'd plane from the map. like in a controler i got a huge part of the alkharid desert copy'd but only till the controler ends. [CODE] boundChuncks = RegionBuilder.findEmptyChunkBound(24, 24); RegionBuilder.copyAllPlanesMap(403, 343, boundChuncks[0], boundChuncks[1], 24);[/CODE] is it possible to make it last forever? just like these coordinates. [QUOTE]2143 4902 0 - dumped region from draynor[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]2344 4583 0 - dumped region from isafdar[/QUOTE] These dumped maps stay there forever, is it possible to do the same?
  7. xRealityx

    Map Is Fucked

    Question, can I rip someones map if mine is black all the time? Castle wars is black, kalphite is black. Objects are misplaced.
  8. Anyone have or know where to get it? I have one but doesnt load the cache right. And its for 317 only, not 718. Thanks :) Before you say it too, i have looked everywhere and cant find a link.
  9. Hello, I have been having an issue with my server where players would go into places such as draynor village, lumbridge mining area, seers village, and the client goes blackscreen on them. Any idea why this source does it? It is rune-evo v3 btw
  10. How do i fix all those freaking nulls ....? [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/6FJSZJT.png[/IMG] Thanks, ThaDealerz Im using rune-evo source/cache ,matrix client
  11. calypto

    Map Data

    Does anyone have the unpacked map data for the taverly dungeon region? I can't find them anywhere. My cache is a 659. I took some 667 keys but none of them were for taverly dungeon (well if the were they didn't fix the problem). Basically my problem is that parts of the map are just black where there should be stuff. Like the river of lava in taverly next to the chaos dwarfs has the edges but the middle of it is missing the lava texture. And yes I deleted the packed data and let the server repack it on start-up but nothing has worked so far. I don't even know how to find the id of a region, I have just been trying all the keys at once and none seem to affect that area.
  12. [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF0000"]Hey all members on Rune-Server i have tried to fix this myself for the past 3 days and i cant cannot seen to fix it so i am asking for help or info on how to fix it thanks. some of my maps have gray triangles or whatever all i want to do its fix them i bet its something really easy as well haha here is a picture to show what i mean. i used ::noclip to get a better picture of my problem [/COLOR][/SIZE] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/13/0e4a.png/][IMG]http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/8007/0e4a.png[/IMG][/URL]
  13. I'm looking for a working world map interface and I also need a better home with working dialogues etc. Most of the NPC"s on my server are not using dialogues properly. I'm willing to pay $5.00 for this. Skype: gripper.rl Email: [email][email protected][/email] Thanks.
  14. [MENTION=27793]Lukedawesome[/MENTION] On your old server you disabled the minimap and made it only accessible by using an item(newcomermap). You also made it so when you die, you loose your newcomermap and your minimap is removed. I'm sure I can figure out how to do this, I just have no idea where to start.
  15. ballack1

    Collision map

    Ey! I'm using a source that's using collision map for clipping. I was wondering if I add a custom place such as Godwars on 317..How could I add that to the collision map? Because clipping in GWD doesn't work. P.S, Source is Rune-Legacy(PI)
  16. [FONT=georgia][COLOR=#800080][SIZE=4]Okay.. everyone knows the world map. The desert is in the Southeast, Lumby right next to that, and so on. Its always the same. I know there is a way to create whole new areas, but I don't know what I need to do that. Obviously, I would need a programme like Blender. But then what else? For example, you see the black area underneath Mobilising Armies?[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/m67LWNM.png[/IMG] [FONT=georgia][COLOR=#800080][SIZE=4]What if I wanted to create land where that black is? What if I wanted to extend it outwards, and create a new city? What would I need to do that? I'm dead serious about this, and if someone could tell me what I need to accomplish this, I will try it. Also, how would I change a single combat area into a multi combat area, such as Varrock? And, how might I create an Instanced version of Lumbridge for a quest, and then make that instanced area multi combat? [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT] [COLOR=#800080][SIZE=4][FONT=georgia]I really appreciate any answers I can get. I understand that there will be people who don't know how, or think that this is impossible. All I ask is that someone give me their thoughts and Ideas. And hopefully, someone will know exactly how to accomplish this, and share that knowledge.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  17. CalebPCB

    Map Editor

    Is there anymap editors that work for 718+?
  18. Found some pretty cool chill places that i never seen before but thought you guys may want to see them for yourselves: Both of these are above the planet of Runescape: 1347 5217 0 : [IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/2qibhxs.png[/IMG] 1379 4927 0 : [IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/29on28l.png[/IMG] Lummy thieving quest map 4762 5893 0 Some cool random spots: 1375 6621 0 : [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/j5f7yd.png[/IMG] 1371 5916 0 : [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/10g086e.png[/IMG] 1388 4587 0 1298 4492 0 (Adding pics for the random spots pictures and Above RS pics) I got bored and started just teleporting along a certain number bounds like 1375x 6600y 0h and just went up and down with the digits until i found some pretty neat stuff
  19. does anyone have the right configs for the world map? i can't seem to get it started. :/
  20. milf hunter

    562 World Map

    I haven't been able to get the 562 world map for a while, could use some help.
  21. H0rDeR

    Map Data

    hey so this is my world atm and ive searched for map data to fix it but cant find any can some one give any suggestions on ways to fix? here is a pic so you know what i meen [ATTACH=CONFIG]7112[/ATTACH] forgot to metion this is for a 718 matrix based client
  22. hi runelocus i was editing my map with map editor i was making a new building and i need to add a wall to it i couldn't find how to do this with the map editor can anyone help me with that please that would be so great :)
  23. 2pac

    Black map

    What is the matter when i log on my server and everything is black. Objects and npc are showing but else is black
  24. calypto

    Map Incomplete

    Okay so I searched this but the answers confused me. I'm using a 562 loading 659 but areas of the maps don't show up in some places (i have noticed its mostly near lava). Example: [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/5obmo3.png[/IMG] I read it has something to do with the mapdata folder...duh... anyone know how to fix? (source is alhassa-scape)
  25. Animation gif of what I make with the map editor. 100% credits to me. It's just a sample, I also made a client engine to read the map and draw it accordingly. I think it's pretty good for 1 day of work. [IMG]http://codiction.com/bme.gif[/IMG] It creates tiles of 50 x 50 pixels [code][start-vars] name:JustAnotherMap width:25 height:25 [end-vars] [start-mapdata] 0,0:sky 0,50:sky 0,100:sky 0,150:sky 0,200:sky 0,250:sky 0,300:sky 0,350:sky 0,400:sky 0,450:sky 0,500:sky 0,550:sky 0,600:sky 0,650:sky 0,700:sky 0,750:sky 0,800:sky 0,850:sky 0,900:sky 0,950:sky 0,1000:sky 0,1050:sky 0,1100:sky 0,1150:sky 0,1200:sky 50,0:sky 50,50:sky 50,100:sky 50,150:sky 50,200:sky 50,250:sky 50,300:sky 50,350:sky 50,400:sky 50,450:sky 50,500:sky 50,550:sky 50,600:sky 50,650:sky 50,700:sky 50,750:sky 50,800:sky 50,850:sky 50,900:sky 50,950:sky 50,1000:sky 50,1050:sky 50,1100:sky 50,1150:sky 50,1200:sky 100,0:sky 100,50:sky 100,100:sky 100,150:sky 100,200:sky 100,250:sky 100,300:sky 100,350:sky 100,400:sky 100,450:sky 100,500:sky 100,550:sky 100,600:sky 100,650:sky 100,700:sky 100,750:sky 100,800:sky 100,850:sky 100,900:sky 100,950:sky 100,1000:sky 100,1050:sky 100,1100:sky 100,1150:sky 100,1200:sky 150,0:sky 150,50:sky 150,100:sky 150,150:sky 150,200:sky 150,250:sky 150,300:sky 150,350:sky 150,400:sky 150,450:sky 150,500:sky 150,550:sky 150,600:sky 150,650:sky 150,700:sky 150,750:sky 150,800:sky 150,850:sky 150,900:sky 150,950:sky 150,1000:sky 150,1050:sky 150,1100:sky 150,1150:sky 150,1200:sky 200,0:sky 200,50:sky 200,100:sky 200,150:sky 200,200:sky 200,250:sky 200,300:sky 200,350:sky 200,400:sky 200,450:sky 200,500:sky 200,550:sky 200,600:sky 200,650:sky 200,700:sky 200,750:sky 200,800:sky 200,850:sky 200,900:sky 200,950:sky 200,1000:sky 200,1050:sky 200,1100:sky 200,1150:sky 200,1200:sky 250,0:sky 250,50:sky 250,100:sky 250,150:sky 250,200:sky 250,250:sky 250,300:sky 250,350:sky 250,400:sky 250,450:sky 250,500:sky 250,550:sky 250,600:sky 250,650:sky 250,700:sky 250,750:sky 250,800:sky 250,850:sky 250,900:sky 250,950:sky 250,1000:sky 250,1050:sky 250,1100:sky 250,1150:sky 250,1200:sky 300,0:sky 300,50:sky 300,100:sky 300,150:sky 300,200:sky 300,250:sky 300,300:sky 300,350:sky 300,400:sky 300,450:sky 300,500:sky 300,550:sky 300,600:sky 300,650:sky 300,700:sky 300,750:sky 300,800:sky 300,850:sky 300,900:sky 300,950:sky 300,1000:sky 300,1050:sky 300,1100:sky 300,1150:sky 300,1200:sky 350,0:sky 350,50:sky 350,100:sky 350,150:sky 350,200:sky 350,250:sky 350,300:sky 350,350:sky 350,400:sky 350,450:sky 350,500:sky 350,550:sky 350,600:sky 350,650:sky 350,700:sky 350,750:sky 350,800:sky 350,850:sky 350,900:sky 350,950:sky 350,1000:sky 350,1050:sky 350,1100:sky 350,1150:sky 350,1200:sky 400,0:sky 400,50:sky 400,100:sky 400,150:sky 400,200:sky 400,250:sky 400,300:sky 400,350:sky 400,400:sky 400,450:sky 400,500:sky 400,550:sky 400,600:sky 400,650:sky 400,700:sky 400,750:sky 400,800:sky 400,850:sky 400,900:sky 400,950:sky 400,1000:sky 400,1050:sky 400,1100:sky 400,1150:sky 400,1200:sky 450,0:sky 450,50:sky 450,100:sky 450,150:sky 450,200:sky 450,250:sky 450,300:sky 450,350:sky 450,400:sky 450,450:sky 450,500:sky 450,550:sky 450,600:sky 450,650:sky 450,700:sky 450,750:sky 450,800:sky 450,850:sky 450,900:sky 450,950:sky 450,1000:sky 450,1050:sky 450,1100:sky 450,1150:sky 450,1200:sky 500,0:sky 500,50:sky 500,100:sky 500,150:sky 500,200:sky 500,250:sky 500,300:sky 500,350:sky 500,400:sky 500,450:sky 500,500:sky 500,550:sky 500,600:sky 500,650:sky 500,700:sky 500,750:sky 500,800:sky 500,850:sky 500,900:sky 500,950:sky 500,1000:sky 500,1050:sky 500,1100:sky 500,1150:sky 500,1200:sky 550,0:sky 550,50:sky 550,100:sky 550,150:sky 550,200:sky 550,250:sky 550,300:sky 550,350:sky 550,400:sky 550,450:sky 550,500:sky 550,550:sky 550,600:sky 550,650:sky 550,700:sky 550,750:sky 550,800:sky 550,850:sky 550,900:sky 550,950:sky 550,1000:sky 550,1050:sky 550,1100:sky 550,1150:sky 550,1200:sky 600,0:sky 600,50:sky 600,100:sky 600,150:sky 600,200:sky 600,250:sky 600,300:sky 600,350:sky 600,400:sky 600,450:sky 600,500:sky 600,550:sky 600,600:sky 600,650:sky 600,700:sky 600,750:sky 600,800:sky 600,850:sky 600,900:sky 600,950:sky 600,1000:sky 600,1050:sky 600,1100:sky 600,1150:sky 600,1200:sky 650,0:sky 650,50:sky 650,100:sky 650,150:sky 650,200:sky 650,250:sky 650,300:sky 650,350:sky 650,400:sky 650,450:sky 650,500:sky 650,550:sky 650,600:sky 650,650:sky 650,700:sky 650,750:sky 650,800:sky 650,850:sky 650,900:sky 650,950:sky 650,1000:sky 650,1050:sky 650,1100:sky 650,1150:sky 650,1200:sky 700,0:sky 700,50:sky 700,100:sky 700,150:sky 700,200:sky 700,250:sky 700,300:sky 700,350:sky 700,400:sky 700,450:sky 700,500:sky 700,550:sky 700,600:sky 700,650:sky 700,700:sky 700,750:sky 700,800:sky 700,850:sky 700,900:sky 700,950:sky 700,1000:sky 700,1050:sky 700,1100:sky 700,1150:sky 700,1200:sky 750,0:sky 750,50:sky 750,100:sky 750,150:sky 750,200:sky 750,250:sky 750,300:sky 750,350:sky 750,400:sky 750,450:sky 750,500:sky 750,550:sky 750,600:sky 750,650:sky 750,700:sky 750,750:sky 750,800:sky 750,850:sky 750,900:sky 750,950:sky 750,1000:sky 750,1050:sky 750,1100:sky 750,1150:sky 750,1200:sky 800,0:sky 800,50:sky 800,100:sky 800,150:sky 800,200:sky 800,250:sky 800,300:sky 800,350:sky 800,400:sky 800,450:sky 800,500:sky 800,550:sky 800,600:sky 800,650:sky 800,700:sky 800,750:sky 800,800:sky 800,850:sky 800,900:sky 800,950:sky 800,1000:sky 800,1050:sky 800,1100:sky 800,1150:sky 800,1200:sky 850,0:sky 850,50:sky 850,100:sky 850,150:sky 850,200:sky 850,250:sky 850,300:sky 850,350:sky 850,400:sky 850,450:sky 850,500:sky 850,550:sky 850,600:sky 850,650:sky 850,700:sky 850,750:sky 850,800:sky 850,850:sky 850,900:sky 850,950:sky 850,1000:sky 850,1050:sky 850,1100:sky 850,1150:sky 850,1200:sky 900,0:sky 900,50:sky 900,100:sky 900,150:sky 900,200:sky 900,250:sky 900,300:sky 900,350:sky 900,400:sky 900,450:sky 900,500:sky 900,550:sky 900,600:sky 900,650:sky 900,700:sky 900,750:sky 900,800:sky 900,850:sky 900,900:sky 900,950:sky 900,1000:sky 900,1050:sky 900,1100:sky 900,1150:sky 900,1200:sky 950,0:sky 950,50:sky 950,100:sky 950,150:sky 950,200:sky 950,250:sky 950,300:sky 950,350:sky 950,400:sky 950,450:sky 950,500:sky 950,550:sky 950,600:sky 950,650:sky 950,700:sky 950,750:sky 950,800:sky 950,850:sky 950,900:sky 950,950:sky 950,1000:sky 950,1050:sky 950,1100:sky 950,1150:sky 950,1200:sky 1000,0:sky 1000,50:sky 1000,100:sky 1000,150:sky 1000,200:sky 1000,250:sky 1000,300:sky 1000,350:sky 1000,400:sky 1000,450:sky 1000,500:sky 1000,550:sky 1000,600:sky 1000,650:sky 1000,700:sky 1000,750:sky 1000,800:sky 1000,850:sky 1000,900:sky 1000,950:sky 1000,1000:sky 1000,1050:sky 1000,1100:sky 1000,1150:sky 1000,1200:sky 1050,0:sky 1050,50:sky 1050,100:sky 1050,150:sky 1050,200:sky 1050,250:sky 1050,300:sky 1050,350:sky 1050,400:sky 1050,450:sky 1050,500:sky 1050,550:sky 1050,600:sky 1050,650:sky 1050,700:sky 1050,750:sky 1050,800:sky 1050,850:sky 1050,900:sky 1050,950:sky 1050,1000:sky 1050,1050:sky 1050,1100:sky 1050,1150:sky 1050,1200:sky 1100,0:sky 1100,50:sky 1100,100:sky 1100,150:sky 1100,200:sky 1100,250:sky 1100,300:sky 1100,350:sky 1100,400:sky 1100,450:sky 1100,500:sky 1100,550:sky 1100,600:sky 1100,650:sky 1100,700:sky 1100,750:sky 1100,800:sky 1100,850:sky 1100,900:sky 1100,950:sky 1100,1000:sky 1100,1050:sky 1100,1100:sky 1100,1150:sky 1100,1200:sky 1150,0:sky 1150,50:sky 1150,100:sky 1150,150:sky 1150,200:sky 1150,250:sky 1150,300:sky 1150,350:sky 1150,400:sky 1150,450:sky 1150,500:sky 1150,550:sky 1150,600:sky 1150,650:sky 1150,700:sky 1150,750:sky 1150,800:sky 1150,850:sky 1150,900:sky 1150,950:sky 1150,1000:sky 1150,1050:sky 1150,1100:sky 1150,1150:sky 1150,1200:sky 1200,0:sky 1200,50:sky 1200,100:sky 1200,150:sky 1200,200:sky 1200,250:sky 1200,300:sky 1200,350:sky 1200,400:sky 1200,450:sky 1200,500:sky 1200,550:sky 1200,600:sky 1200,650:sky 1200,700:sky 1200,750:sky 1200,800:sky 1200,850:sky 1200,900:sky 1200,950:sky 1200,1000:sky 1200,1050:sky 1200,1100:sky 1200,1150:sky 1200,1200:sky 0,450:grass 50,450:grass 100,450:grass 150,450:grass 150,450:grass 250,450:grass 200,450:grass 300,450:grass 350,450:grass 400,450:grass 450,450:grass 500,450:grass 550,450:grass 600,450:grass [end-mapdata] [/code] If you'd like to know how I made this, I can teach you how to make it yourself and how a (2D, simple) game is made.