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Found 9 results

  1. If your page has a lot of Text, Pictures, Or other things that take up a lot of space, I would suggest you use this code. This will make it easy for other Members to find certain Areas and topics on that page. [HTML]<h1 id="Nameit">Topic 1</h1> <a href="#Nameit">Topic 1</a>[/HTML] Doing it like that will Put a Link To the certain area of the page that Starts with Topic 1.
  2. hi i need help in about all of it and would like if someone could help me get it all set up ?
  3. I want to make a certain place wilderness, (not multi) so I can have hybrid tournies. I'v been working on this source for quite some times and only got 7 things left to do. Help's appreciated.
  4. okay so i was hopeing some1 could help me cause i just did like 4 hours of editting a new home for my rsps. I'm hoping someone who knows more than me could read the error and maybe teamview me or tell me what to do if they recognize it. I recognize it but i cannot find the error in my files :(. My Compiler CMD thingy [COLOR="#FF0000"]says: TRINITY-PVP client.java:6238: ERROR: '<' expected object<int x, int y, int typeID, int orientation, int tileobjecttype>{ //Make Global objects ^ 1 error FINISHED! Press any key to continue . . .[/COLOR] okay and when i try to edit it now (without fixing this error) i am not able to add anything. hope you guys can help!!! THANKS!~ Future RSPS Owner Jake
  5. hey guys i really wanna put my server online but i got noidea if u wanna help me we can connect true team viewer and also i will pay u rsgp or with co with u get 50% of wat server makes
  6. Need extreme help right now please i need help makeing a private server! Please read!! I downloaded a source made a no-ip.org checked status it sais online, and now i need to know how do i get it on a website get it to huh someone just please help.
  7. i dont have a clue how to do this on my server and i really need this so if you couls plz help me out thanks and with a easy tut thanks
  8. I added The Portal and it teleports you this is the code: case 6282: if (player.donator == 1); player.tele(2867, 9955, 0); player.sm("Welcome to the Donator Zone."); break; The Problem is normal players can use :(
  9. any can help me plzz i need a pro :) like emily aha yeh plzz help we can connect by team viewer ill make a u a co owner :) plzzz help ty